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Project Filth 3090 Project Filth Project Filth looks to be the kind of site which offers a myriad of porn which falls under the general hardcore category.
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Project Filth

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Project Filth

Short Review

Project Filth looks to be the kind of site which offers a myriad of porn which falls under the general hardcore category. Yup there's a nice array of naughty going ons members can enjoy on this site ranging from all out hardcore romps to steamy blowjob performances and everything in between. Project Filth offers exclusive episodes of decent quality including both videos and a nice collection of photos as a side dish.

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  • Quality: 0/15
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Fetish and hardcore porn mixed together to make one damn kinky cocktail of a site! There's nothing nice and sensual going on here on Project Filth as it's all nasty, hot, and filthy! So what exactly does Project Filth have on offer you ask? Well for the most part I suppose you could say that the site is a general hardcore site, it features a myriad of scorching hot scenes which can get quite brutal involving intense face fucking scenes, anal action, and everything a hardcore fan could ask for. The site also includes kinky fetish scenes such as smoking, pissing, bdsm, and plenty more kinky acts of sexuality. Basically it's a wet dream cum true for both hardcore and fetish fans.

Project Filth is quite a new site having only been up and running since the start of 2009 with the first episode uploaded on the 1st of January. When the site was still brand new it was rapidly filled with new content on a daily basis, nowadays the site is still being updated quite regularly with the odd day where an upload doesn't occur. Given the fact that all the updates are exclusive to the site, having updates occur on a daily basis is a great effort in my books. At the time of writing this review there were 112 full length episodes which run for an average of 25 minutes each. If they keep up the daily updates this site is certainly going to grow in to quite the monster in no time.

Videos are available for members to stream off the site in flv format and download in both wmv and mp4 formats and the great thing is that they have no DRM restrictions, so essentially members can keep the episodes for as long as they wish without having to delete them after a certain amount of time. The only video option I felt they could have included is being able to download the episodes in short segments to make things more convenient on members who want to save bandwidth. Quality wise the videos are well above average with encoding rates of (1400kbps @ 640x480) this goes for both the downloadable wmvs and the streamed flash videos. The mp4 version has a much lower resolution at 320x240 but given the fact that they were specifically designed to be played on smaller screens I could understand why they have such low resolutions, besides they look great on iPods and PSPs.

Most of the episodes come complete with a nice set of photos which contain approximately 90 images on average. The quality of the pictures is immaculate the clarity of the images is really high and the colors are quite rich to say the very least. The only thing I could point out is that the lighting can get a little off at times but other than that the pictures are awesome. Other than looking great they also size up quite well with dimensions of up to (1200x800 pixels). They are certainly a worthy addition to the great video content on offer.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

With a picture of a cute brunette getting her mouth stretched wide apart in the top banner of the tour pages you can tell straight away that this site is going to be a little hectic to say the very least. The great thing about the tour pages is that it is pretty much the main members area and potential customers can go through the entire archive of updates. Having this option open for non-members gives them the chance to see exactly what they will be parting with their hard earned money for which is always a plus.

Within the homepage you will immediately be presented with the upcoming update in the form of a thumbnail link and a detailed description, along with a link to the trailer. Below the upcoming update are more thumbnail links to trailers for the next 3 updates. Further down the homepage you'll come along the latest updates which are also presented in thumbnail form. Members can view the entire archive of updates by using the link within the top navigation menu, the same can be said for the photo gallery, and the models section as there are links within the navigation menu which will allow you to access these sections.

The episode archive spans over 6 indexed pages with up to 20 episodes per page. Each episode is represented via thumbnail link which features a thumbnail taken from the video footage. Along with the thumbnails there is information on how long the scene runs for, when the scene was uploaded, and the title of the scene. Clicking on the thumbnails I mentioned will take you to the main videos section for that particular episode, from here you will be presented with the various download and streaming links. You can also choose to add a comment about the episode to let other members know just how hot or not the episode is.

The photos section basically has the same layout as the episodes section so that's pretty much self explanatory given that the picture galleries work just like any other picture gallery you may have used before. The models section is quite handy for members who have their favorite models. This section is filled with thumbnails of the models which are linked to sections that consist of all the content that particular model has starred in.

Overall I am quite pleased with the site, not only is it a breeze to use thanks to the user friendly interface but it also looks great with a color scheme of red and black which is very easy on the eyes. So yeah the site does very well as far as features and navigation goes, because there was not a single thing I could point out to complain about.



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A must see for those of you who are in to all things hardcore and kinky! Yup Project Filth has certainly impressed me with the excellent quality of the videos and rapid exclusive updates, seriously though you get a new episode every day how good is that! The site passes with flying colors when it comes to site navigation and site presentation. A great site all around, definitely worth a look.

Pros & Cons

  • + Decent quality videos
  • + Great looking photos
  • + Very active on updates
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Great site presentation
  • + Nice mix of fetish and hardcore porn
  • + Easy to navigate