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Purzel Videos 6141 Purzel Videos It's all about hot and young German girls at Purzel. This site has a collection of hardcore videos, from DVDs, and some of these come with galleries.
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Purzel Videos

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Purzel Videos

Short Review

It's all about hot and young German girls at Purzel. This site has a collection of hardcore videos, from DVDs, and some of these come with galleries. The girls are 18 and upwards, but mainly stay around the younger 20s and late teens, the action is hard and fast, and the quality is fine. As far as I could make out this was streaming only and there are no downloads to be taken. There is a model index, navigation is easy, but were not sure about updates as the scene are not dated.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

I counted 130 scenes when I was in the site, 20 per index page and all found from the Scenes tab in the very top menu. Each scene had two sizes for streaming, in Flash, at 750 x 576 and at 960 x 540, these were labelled as SD high and low. Movies run for various lengths of time and you are able to jump through the scene with the timeline slider if you want to get straight into the action. Not every movie came with a gallery of photos though and some of the Photos links I saw led to pages not found errors, so that's something to watch out for. Some videos have sets of screen caps beneath them which you can view but which do not enlarge.

You can click to the DVDs area if you want to find the scenes collected together under such titles as, Gypsy Girls Drunken Hard Fuck, or Anal Qual, or Party. And those titles might give you a rough idea of some of the action that takes pace in these, what I assume are, exclusive movies. Exclusive to the site perhaps but they may also be for sale. It's hard to say as there's very little information here.

But, back to the action: there's a lot of threesomes and gang-bangs, a lot of younger girls getting drunk and older, rougher guys having their way with them. Kind of butch street-wise guys in a German way, who have big cocks and slim bodies and who know that heir girls like to be fingered and bottle fed, like to take two cocks at once and like a bit of rough sex from time to time. Dont expect anything erotic and dreamy, or sensual even, not here at Purzel, it's hardcore with even the solos being pretty hard, the way some of these girls work their pussies has to be seen to be believed. There were 27 DVDs here running for around two hours each, these were dated and dates ranged from 2007 to just recently (May 2013), so that gives us hope that the site is updating.

A strange thing: on the way in to the site I first landed at a page that said Bonus Sites. Actually this is a list of sites presumably run by the same company. You click the one you signed up for. While in the members' area I again saw links to these sites and wondered if they were in fact bonuses. They are not; you have to sign up separately to them.

So, for your content you have 130 full length scenes taken from 27 full length DVDs. You have two types of stream, a high and a low version but no downloads. The content looks like it is being updated but were not sure how regularly, and the quality is generally good. The action is hard and fast, a mix of solo, toy play, duos, threesomes and more and sometimes it's a bit trailer trash rough, if you see what I mean. Nice though, wild and noisy and with plenty of creampie, facials and slutty girls getting royally banged by hard and big dicks. Oh, and all from Germany as well.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

You should be fine with the navigation here, apart from perhaps not being able to find galleries, apart from the non-enlarging ones on the video viewing pages. There are no separate areas for galleries and you only find them, or not, from their links in the video viewing pages, and when I tried these links I found there were pages missing. But otherwise, the navigation was simple. There's a small top menu to take you to the videos, DVDs, and the model index, with links off to cam and dating sites as well.

The model index shows you, mainly, good sized pics of the girls and there were 133 of them, and they mainly came with only the basic stats. But they did have links to their scenes. You can also search and sort the models, and the videos here. There are options at the top of the index pages to look by rates, views and titles, you can filter by name or by tag and also by date. That's all very handy. There is also a Porn Now link which seems to bring you a random selection if you can't make up your mind what you want to see.

The videos, on their viewing pages, come with tag words so you can find other, similar scenes, and there are visual links for recommended scenes. There are also stats for scene telling you how many views and likes each one has. You are able to like scene using the symbol above the viewing screen. These with the synopsis of each scene, make up your viewing pages.

It's all pretty simple and basic in this members' area, you shouldn't get lost or confused, it all, more or less, worked fine and I had no problems. You can change the language of the site from English to German as well.



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A nice little collection of German porn in a very easy to use member area where you only get to stream. That's one of the unusual things about Purzel, the other being that the images don't enlarge, and their gallery pages cannot be found. But it does look like the site is adding more, original DVDs as it goes along and so the numbers here should be growing. The porn is all about 18 you young girls and some rough and ready looking guys, in solo, duo and group sex scenes.

Pros & Cons

  • + German porn
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Good looking models
  • + Model index
  • - Not a lot of info
  • - Stream only
  • - Not sure about updates
  • - No bonuses
  • - Gallery errors