She Will Cheat
She Will Cheat 7233 She Will Cheat She Will Cheat is a cuckold site that sits within the Metro network of five sites, and all of them are included in the membership.
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She Will Cheat

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Short Review

She Will Cheat is a cuckold site that sits within the Metro network of five sites, and all of them are included in the membership. In these videos, pornstars appear as frustrated housewives in exclusive videos that can be streamed in HD, but the downloads are not included; you have to pay extra for those. There’s not too much male humiliation within the scenes, it’s mainly Milfs with a hunky guy or with another girl, but the action is hardcore, and the videos are good quality.

  • Trial: $1.00
  • Monthly: $24.99
  • 3 Months: $49.99
  • 1 Year: $99.99
81/100 0
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  • Exclusivity: 5/5
  • Updates: 4/5
  • Originality: 7/10
  • Quality: 14/15
  • Speed: 13/15
  • Quantity: 12/15

This is one of those sites where, once you have seen the tour and logged in, everything changes, and you find yourself within another site. In this case, it’s called Metro, and it holds five premium sites, with She Will Cheat included. Along with this cuckold sex site you have Deviant Hardcore, Family Hookups, Girl Grind, and Kinky Spa. Together, they hold over 1,006 movies, and they each take a separate theme. You have dark and deviant, kinky sex, family taboo, lesbian porn, massage porn, and the cuckold element where there are 241 movies. The membership also gets you the model index, but there are no galleries, and as I said in the intro, there are no downloads. You can add an extra $29.99 to your account if you want to download the content, and if you do, you can download everything from all five sites.

She Will Cheat begins its movies with a scenario. A wife has gone to a counsellor to discuss her troubled marriage, or she is with a friend discussing the same. From there, and after some decent acting and nice lead-ins, things begin to get heavy, and we’re taken through a progression of hardcore, from BJs to cum shots, with a variety of girls and guys, but usually only with two models in each scene. The camera focuses on all the important parts. Him licking out her pussy, and she gobbling down his dick. Them banging together with close-ups of the penetration, and him dumping his load on her. It's classy porn-studio porn with classic, older models, and a range of 30-something guys, and all the videos are great quality.

There are top models at work here. Charlotte Sins appears in one of the more recent videos, Gianna Grey in another, and some girls come back to make more than on scene; Adira Allure is an example. There is a model index, and it lists an amazing 14,352 girls. There’s a filter to use, but it returns no male models, which leaves you wondering how so many girls get packed into five sites. The answer is, they don't. these models come from an even bigger range of sites, including Why Not Bi, and Sexy Hub, plus other sites from Brazzers, but you can't access these unless you add them to your library of sites, in which case, you will, again, have to pay extra. I was unable to filter the models by site for some reason, but those I looked at came with links to the locked and unlocked videos, and had some stats and a few details attached.

The She Will Cheat videos are there for streaming, and they come with four resolutions. You can view on models and tablets, because the site is compatible, and take a 360p version of the streams, or you can go higher, to 480p, 720p, and the full HD at 1080p. Other sites may hold 4K HD movies, but I didn't see any here, and they might only be for downloading, once you've paid up, and if the scene carries an Ultra HD version. The scenes run for around 25 to 35 minutes, most of which is taken up with the porn element rather than the setups, and the quality is good.

Along with male models and workable filters, the other thing that’s missing is images. Rather, there aren’t any, so it's not as if they were there and have now gone. I did a quick check of the other sites and also found they had no galleries. In fact, apart from the movies from your five sites, there’s not much else to look at, take or do within this Metro membership. You will see a Library link in the menu, and this simply shows you which sites you can access. In this case, it’s Metro (with five collections), and the rest are locked, but there are ways to unlock them with discounted memberships if you follow the trail.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 4/5
  • Navigation Ease: 8/10
  • Features: 7/10

The model index filter probably didn't work because there were no guys for it to find, and otherwise, the filter system works well. You can rearrange the content in various ways, see it in date order, or by what’s most popular, and you can search for models by name. there is also a list of categories within the filters, and these help you organise the kind of porn you want to see from all five sites. There were no linked tags on the video viewing pages, so the category list is the way to go, though there’s also a generic search box for your keywords. Search results are returned quickly, and pages open smoothly, so you've got no technical worries.

Members can also rate videos with a like/dislike, add them to a favourites area and set them aside for later, but there is nowhere to leave comments. Video descriptions are simple, and the pages hold links to the model’s entry in the index, so you can see if she's appeared in anything else. More importantly, upload dates are shown on video pages, and you can see from them that She Will Cheat is currently updating once per week. Other sites are too, so the longer you stay as a member, the more porn you will get over time.

To get to any of it will cost you $24.99 per month for the streaming-only access. There is also a three-month membership at $49.99, but the way to save money is to take the annual sign-up at $99.99 which works out the same as $8.33 per month. You also have the offer of a two-day trial at $1.00, but if not cancelled, this comes back at $39.99 per month, and the initial trial is limited. Adding downloads to your membership costs a further $29.99 every 30 days. Watch out for a cross-sale that’s already selected on the payment page.

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She Will Cheat is one of five sites in the Metro network, and one membership gets you access to all. This site focuses on older women, moms and Milfs cheating on their husbands; or, basically, having sex with male (and female) models who the story tells us are not their husbands. It's simple in that respect, but also very good quality, excellent porn and you have a range of professional models. Updates are weekly, and the membership is streaming-only.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive content
  • + HD and mobile
  • + Five sites included
  • + Good quality cuckold porn
  • - Streaming only
  • - Downloads cost extra
  • - Limited trial
  • - Cross sale