Vivid Parodies
Vivid Parodies 5289 Vivid Parodies Vivid Parodies is a brand-new collection from world-famous porn studio Vivid that features some of their latest parody releases.
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Vivid Parodies

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Vivid Parodies

Short Review

Vivid Parodies is a brand-new collection from world-famous porn studio Vivid that features some of their latest parody releases. From Elvis Presley to comic book superheroes, all kinds of characters, famous figures, and Hollywood movies are reproduced here with an XXX slant. These high budget flicks star some of your favorite hot porn babes and are funny and entertaining in addition to being sexy.

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The Vivid Parodies collection is actually a brand-new section found inside the Vivid main members area. This particular collection just launched in November of 2011, and so far there are just six full-length DVD titles available here. Unfortunately, nothing here is dated and I'm not sure when the next parody related update will be. Luckily, members get access to the rest of the main Vivid collection with over 1000 videos and photos sets to peruse.

The six parody films that are available here so far cover such recognizable characters and films as Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk, Scream, Superman, Elvis, and Batman. I was particularly entertained by the Batman XXX film which is a parody not of them were recently released Hollywood blockbuster but rather of the 1960s TV television style Batman with sexy blonde Lexi Belle starring as Batgirl. I thought the costumes and sets for this one stood out in particular, although all of the films here seem to be fairly high budget and a lot of attention is paid to things like costumes and settings for the action. All six of the parodies available here so far offer the full-length footage taken from the DVD release that runs 100 minutes or more.

Probably the most disappointing aspect of the Vivid Parodies collection is the fact that all of these flicks are offered for streaming only without a single downloadable parity available anywhere. Flash streaming is provided for each full-length movie or scene, and you can choose from two different quality levels. The higher of the two quality levels worked well for full-screen viewing, although these are definitely not as crisp and clear as they would be in high-quality downloadable files.

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The nicely designed tour pages for Vivid Parodies do a good job of reviewing all six of the parody films available here so far. There's also quite a bit of information about the other materials that are included as a bonus with your membership. Strangely, unlike virtually every single other tour page I've ever seen before, this one doesn't offer a login link. You'll actually need to visit the main Vivid website in order to login here.

Once you've logged into the Vivid site, you'll see a link to the Vivid Parodies collection displayed prominently on the main navigation menu. The design for this section is quite awkward and it can be a little bit difficult to tell where the materials for one scene starts and another begins. Pay careful attention to the blue bars with text that show you where the various sections of the page and then begin.



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On its own, Vivid Parodies is a bit too small and lacking in for update information to recommend, but it's actually a pretty nice addition to the main Vivid collection. I think I understand why these guys don't offer these scenes for download with so much free porn being traded all over the net, but it's still a problem. If you don't mind the streaming only nature of things, this one offers a very entertaining collection.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive parody porn films
  • + included
  • - Small collection
  • - Not sure when parody updates happen
  • - Flash streaming only, no downloads