Dick In Dash Out
Dick In Dash Out 2556 Dick In Dash Out Dick In Dash Out is an exclusive reality style site offering HD videos and photos of nasty hardcore action starring sexy young babes who love hooking up with strangers.
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Dick In Dash Out

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Dick In Dash Out

Short Review

Dick In Dash Out is an exclusive reality style site offering HD videos and photos of nasty hardcore action starring sexy young babes who love hooking up with strangers! Despite the -quickie- theme which is presented on the tour, the site offers more of a general reality style hardcore porn collection than anything specifically quickie-oriented, but don't let that deter you because this one comes with a great bonus package!

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The name Dick In Dash Out definitely brings to mind speed, and the tour pages for this exclusive collection focus a lot on the speed factor making specific statements like "less talk, more fucking," "we dont waste time talking to porn whores" and "hardcore sex scenes that avoid all the boring interviews and slow teaser garbage." There seems to be a pretty big disconnect between the statements made on the tour and the actual scenes I found inside. Instead of short, quickie fuck-sessions, I found more typical reality style scenes which run 30-35 minutes on average and usually have anywhere from 5-12 minutes' worth of nothing BUT talking and chit-chat, mostly taking place in the context of a street pick-up situation which seems to be the direct opposite of the claims. It's easy enough to skip the talk and go straight to the action by fast forwarding, but it did seem odd that the inside didn't match the outside here.

Dick In Dash Out offers a core collection of 12 high def video & photo combo sets which are exclusive to the site, plus a large collection of over 3000 hardcore clips from a few hundred different DVD titles. Though these DVD clips are often available at the same size as the exclusive HD videos, 1280x720 pixels, the bitrates are lower and the overall quality just isn't up to par with the exclusive materials, so I really consider this non-exclusive part of the offering as bonus content. In addition to the 12 HD videos at Dick In Dash Out, three are over 50 additional HD video and photo combo sets for the available bonus sites. These HD flicks are 1280x720 pixels with bitrates of over 7000 kbps, and they truly are among the best looking, and most perfectly crystal-clear porn flicks I've ever seen.

Determining the update schedule here at Dick In Dash Out is a bit tricky since only the upcoming updates have any sort of date stamp, and it's only made worse by mistakes in the members' area. The members' area page for Dick In Dash Out displays a link to a trailer for the next coming update, but the date listed for it to be added to the site had already passed a month before I visited without the scene ever being added. Later, while I was browsing the bonus sites, I discovered the missing update on the network hub page In fact, though just 10 scenes are listed on the Dick In Dash Out page, some further digging turned up another scene I didn't even know was missing bringing the total to 12. The two additional scenes can be accessed via the Reality Pass HD members' area. Since it had been a month without the mistake being fixed before, I wouldn't be surprised to see more scenes pop up in the network listing but not the individual site's listing.

Nav, Design & Features

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The Dick In Dash Out tour pages are nice and fresh looking with a white background and bright, shiny purple buttons and yellow highlights, but as I mentioned, things tend to focus on the "quickie" and "less talk" aspects which just really aren't present here. On the up side, you can preview several of the scenes, download a video trailer, and get a look at the actual display size of the HD porn videos.

Dick In Dash Out has quite a few ads and up-sells in the members' area including at least four which are listed on the menu right along side the various content areas of the site. As I mentioned before, the materials here aren't always listed where they should be, and in addition to that problem, the search tool doesn't always function properly either. When searching for names of stars I had already seen on the site, I often returned zero results. Furthermore, the non-exclusive portion of the collection is divided into many different categories which can only be searched one at a time using a tag system.

In theory, all of the exclusive materials from each site should be listed on that site and on the Reality Pass HD page as well, but that's not always the case, and the network page offers virtually no scene information at all. Non-exclusive scenes repeat on all included sites. Both exclusive and non-exclusive photos are offered for download in ZIP files, and video options are similar for the exclusive and non-exclusive scenes as well, although the sizes and bitrates differ. Most of the flicks are available in two different quality WMV format files, Flash streaming, MOV and MP4.



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Dick In Dash Out offers a collection of exclusive reality style hardcore porn which, quite frankly, wouldn't stand out at all to me if not for the HD quality of the videos, but that being said, these flicks truly are flawless. The exclusive portion of the collection is quite small, and with sites out there offering 5000 full DVD scenes at a third of the price of Dick In Dash Out, it's hard to be too impressed by the DVD collection. If you join up with Dick In Dash Out, do so for the HD movies.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive, true HD videos
  • + More HD sites and bonus DVD vids offered
  • + Good vid options and ZIP files for pics
  • - True HD collection is very small
  • - Some problems and too many ads in members' area