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Mixed X 7682 Mixed X Launched in October of the year 2020, Mixed X is a website for premium porn that is up on the rise.
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Mixed X

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Mixed X

Short Review

Launched in October of the year 2020, Mixed X is a website for premium porn that is up on the rise. It has an insane update frequency, so you can expect to find a new upload on the platform every few days. The quality of the videos is also great at Full HD 1080p resolution with each new release. Also, with each new release comes a set of phenomenal professional photos, as well as a collection of screencaps from the video itself. Stream and download everything on Mixed X for just $15 a month.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

Mixed X is a newcomer in the field of premium porn websites. It was launched in October 2020, and it has yet to reach its full potential. Because of this, the price is a bit cheaper than the competitors for now. You can expect to find high-end pornography here, with great storylines, plots, as well as phenomenal resolution.

The resolution of the videos always comes in at Full HD 1080p. You can stream and download the videos on Mixed X in that resolution, but you have also got the option of 480p and 720p. These are better for users who have slower internet speeds and do not want to have their porn stash take up most of their hard drive memory.

Each new release comes with a professional photo set which can sometimes contain dozens upon dozens of photos. These are separate from the screencaps, of which there are many with each new release. So, whether you like to enjoy your porn stationary or in a video format, you will be able to do all of that with Mixed X.

Another thing to look out for when it comes to all the content on Mixed X is the frequency at which new releases come out. This is one of the better premium porn sites as far as the frequency of uploads is concerned since it has a new video uploaded every few days. However, right now it does not have that many videos for you to explore through in total. As of the writing of this review Mixed X only sports 20 videos at their disposal, which is not that much.

Still, the variety of the content is something to behold. There are many different plots to enjoy here, but the overarching conclusion theme is sophisticated porn featuring two actors. It is usually a female pornstar with a male actor, but some scenes feature lesbian action too. You will also find plenty of interracial content, which is always nice.

By far the strangest thing about Mixed X is the empty blog section. It has only one blog post as of the writing of this review and it seems to be a test. Hopefully, this gets updated soon enough.

The price of Mixed X is lower than the competition. At $25 you can get the monthly membership. There is also a discounted first month option which costs a measly $15. Then you are also presented with the three-month plan as well as the annual membership plan. There is also a $3 trial option that will allow you to see what Mixed X has to offer you in the time span of three days. This is more than enough time for you to figure out whether this website is meant for you or not.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

There are many things to consider when getting your membership on Mixed X. You need to think about the design of the website since you are going to be paying a premium price. So, does Mixed X offer the premium feel that most people expect with premium porn sites? Not exactly. The website feels a bit cluttered and all over the place. It just feels a bit old-fashioned. This could easily be addressed at least a little bit through more padding between the video thumbnails, and no borders when you hover over those same thumbnails.

However, they should keep the hover preview of the video where you move your cursor left and right to see screenshots from different segments of the video. This is quite nice, and it is a feature that should stay. Among other great features are the expected sorting mechanisms which allow you to sort the videos according to their release date, their popularity, as well as their name.

It is easy to navigate this website, and anyone who has used any porn site before will be able to figure everything out within a few seconds of using the place. You have all the sections that you would expect, and they work flawlessly. The only section which is a bit suspect is the blog section, which is completely empty now, apart from the test blog. This is probably something that Mixed X will work on and figure out soon enough. All in all, Mixed X is quick, easy to use, but feels somewhat outdated.



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MixedX might not be the platform with the most content as of the writing of this review, but its high upload frequency will change that quickly. Every few days you will find a brand-new release on Mixed X. These videos are not only great as far as the quality is concerned, but the plot and story are usually nice too. The site is easy to navigate so you will easily be able to find whatever it is you are looking for. Each release also comes with its photo set as well as a collection of screencaps.

Pros & Cons

  • + High-end premium porn
  • + Full HD 1080p videos
  • + Frequent video releases
  • + Professional photos
  • + Detailed video descriptions
  • - Not that many videos yet
  • - Design is a bit old-fashioned