Sizzling Sirens
Sizzling Sirens 1504 Sizzling Sirens The aptly named Sizzling Sirens offers fully exclusive episodes starring the most gorgeous of ladies bringing themselves to some of the most earth shattering orgasms using their favorite toys and digi
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Sizzling Sirens

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Sizzling Sirens

Short Review

The aptly named Sizzling Sirens offers fully exclusive episodes starring the most gorgeous of ladies bringing themselves to some of the most earth shattering orgasms using their favorite toys and digits and the best part is they're available in stunning HD quality. There's only a handful of episodes at the moment but where they lack in quantity they more than make up for it with quality.

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I would have to admit solo masturbation and toy porn would have to be one of my favorite types of porn around, usually because the girls are so damn hot and with good reason too because who the hell could get off to some ugly chick pleasuring himself? Well maybe there are a fair few out there but yeah my point is these kind of sites are usually packed with eye candy and the same can be said for Sizzling Sirens. Another great thing about this kind of content is that you won't be seeing some random dude having his way with the beautiful ladies, personally I just find it so much hotter watching a girl get herself off, and they usually have the best orgasms this way as they know their own bodies and knows exactly what feels good for them resulting in toe curling orgasms.

The one thing I was fairly disappointed with is that there isn't much variety to their line up of gorgeous ladies, each one is just as stunningly hot as the next but personally I appreciate variety in the cast of ladies as the site current stars blondes and brunettes only which is a bit of a disappointment but at least they're all so fucking hot! Also I will give them a bit of slack on variety because they don't really have much room to work with as there are only 19 episodes. Here's hoping their future updates include some hot Asians and black hotties, also some spicy Latina ladies would be awesome as well.

All 19 models star in their very own episode which run for a good 15 minutes each. Now I can't really gauge how well they are doing on content numbers simply because none of the episodes have any dates on them so I can't give you a solid answer on how active the site is on updates, plus I can't really tell you how long the site has been around for but given the awesome site presentation and ridiculously high quality of the video content I'm sure the site hasn't been around for that long. It's really disappointing how some sites don't include date information as it's one of the most crucial pieces of information a member needs, personally I would like to know if the site I just joined is still being updated or not. I usually assume that sites that don't include date information haven't been updated in a while otherwise why would they be hiding the dates right? This is certainly a bad thing especially seeing as the site only does have 19 episodes for members to go through. On the brighter side of things the content is exclusive so you won't be finding them any where else on the net, but a massive boost to their content numbers is certainly a must.

Although the site may have some major short comings as far as quantity goes, when it comes to quality they certainly haven't pulled any punches as the episodes come in drool worthy HD quality, so the quality of the High definitioin porn videos are certainly the site's trump card. First let me get the video and download options out of the way first. The only video format on offer is wmv for both downloadable and streamed videos, the episodes are only available to stream in full scenes with the option of short segments left out altogether. The same goes for the downloadable videos and seeing as some of the HD videos can get up to 400MBs up you'll certainly want to have a pretty hefty internet connection otherwise you'll be downloading for quite sometime, it would have been a lot more convenient if they included the short segments. The highest quality available which is obviously the HD videos clock in at (4000kbps @ 1280x720) making these vids some of the best I've seen around, also I should mention that the downloadable videos do not have any DRM restrictions so they're as good as yours once you have them on your hard drive.

Along with the mouth watering video content the episodes also come with a single photo gallery which consists of up to 150 gorgeous images each. The quality of the photos is superb you can't get much clearer than the photos available here and not only that the colors look so damn nice it's as though you're standing right next to the model, and to top it all off they also measure in quite well at (1280x853 pixels). So it should be pretty obvious by now how impressed I am with the photo content (very impressed) though I still hold the video content in higher regards as they're just way too juicy to be true. Seriously though quality buffs are going to bust a nut over the great looking content on this site.

Obviously the developers knew that members weren't going to be overly pleased with only 19 episodes to go through and with no information on future updates I wouldn't blame members for feeling a little on the down side. However the developers have made sure that once members inevitably run out of content they have tons of other porn to keep them busy. See Sizzling Sirens is a part of a network which strongly focuses on providing HD quality content so it's certainly a network quality buffs will certainly want to look in to.

Nav, Design & Features

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There's a whole heap of information on the tour pages about their HD porn videos, I swear the word HD appears 5 times, and that's just in the top banner! Well I won't blame them because it is the main reason why you'll want to join the site plus they really want potential customers to know just how great looking the videos are and with good reason too. As always the tour pages are littered with gorgeous sample pictures taken from some of the picture galleries available within. There are sample trailers available for members however I feel they don't do the actual content any justice, they look nice don't get me wrong but compared to the HD content they look like eye sores. All in all the tour pages will certainly reel in the quality buffs, and the gorgeous ladies will certainly attract quite the crowd.

The site presentation of Sizzling Sirens is outstanding, the colors are nice and bright but never get straining on the eyes, every thing is nicely spaced out, in fact the main members area is pretty much identical in layout to the tour pages with only a few minor changes like the navigation menu for instance. Seeing as all the featured content can pretty much be accessed straight off the main members area you probably won't be using the navigation menu much at all, this menu is situated below the top banner and includes links which will allow you access to the bonus content including the exclusive bonus HD sites, bonus video feeds, and third party services like online personals, and live web girls, but seeing as they are third party services you'll have to fork out some extra cash if you want to take advantage of them.

Like I said earlier the main members area pretty much looks the same as the tour pages, as you scroll down the page you'll come across the episodes. Each episode takes up a portion of the main members area, this portion consists of one large picture of the model, four smaller pictures, and links to the movie section and picture gallery. Upon clicking on anyone of these links I just mentioned will take you to the main media section of your chosen episode, at the top of the media section you'll notice the same pictures of the episode which you would have seen on the main members area along with a description and a rating system. Below this area is where you'll find the streaming and download links for the different qualities of the movie. The bottom section of the media page is where you'll come across the episode's picture gallery where all the pictures are presented via thumbnail links.

Accessing content from the bonus sites has never been easier, you'll know what I mean after I explain it in a little more detail, I thought I would just say that straight up because it really is that fucking easy. First off you'll have to utilize the link within the top navigation menu marked "bonus sites". After doing so you will be taken to a page which is packed with tons of thumbnails. The thumbnails I just mentioned are links which will take you straight to the episodes on the other sites, all the thumbnails are organized under their respective sites so you can pretty much just access the content off other sites straight from this page which is something I've never seen done before and is quite convenient if I do say so myself.



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If you believe in the saying quality over quantity then you're certainly going to go nuts over this site because quality is king. Too bad for the content numbers though and given that there's no information on future updates it may be awhile till we see fresh new content but with all those bonus sites at your disposal there's other porn to keep you busy whilst members wait for new content on this site. At the end of the day the quality of the content is the main reason to join this site.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot episodes
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Incredibly high video quality
  • + Picture content looks great
  • + Access to great bonus sites
  • + Site looks awesome
  • + Easy to navigate
  • - A little low on content