High Def Interracial
High Def Interracial 535 High Def Interracial Have you ever joined a site, which promised to bring you DVD quality footage, then find out after you've paid the membership fee that you've been fooled, and the only videos your provided with look li
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High Def Interracial

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High Def Interracial

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Have you ever joined a site, which promised to bring you DVD quality footage, then find out after you've paid the membership fee that you've been fooled, and the only videos your provided with look like crap? Well then this site, is the one you were originally after, as all the interracial videos within are of HD quality.

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You can expect to see a mix of interracial and reverse interracial scenes on this site, and it's good to see that they've mixed things up, as a lot of interracial sites forget to include reverse interracial scenes. Now to those of you who have never heard of the concept "Reverse Interracial" it's a sex act where the girl is black rather than the guy being black, it's always good to see those hot black babes getting along so well, with well hung white dudes.

All of the episodes on this site have been split into short chapters, this way around the file sizes are smaller, and members can choose to skip the foreplay sections, and dive straight into the hardcore fucking if they want. To make the task of downloading a little easier on members who are on slow connections, they've provided lower quality versions of all their episodes. The difference in quality is subtle, and the plus side is that the files are significantly smaller, which in turn makes things a lot more convenient for their members, and to those of you with blistering fast internet speeds, you'll be glad to know that there is the option of streaming the entire movie, straight off the site.

Quality of their movies really isn't a concern here, as they all look absolutely gorgeous, at times you may find that the motion gets a little jumpy, but this happens very rarely, and when it does happen, it's real subtle, and shouldn't be considered a problem.

There aren't any featured photo galleries available on this site, but they have provided their members with a plethora of websites, which are dedicated to providing picture content only, so you can be sure that the pictures provided on these sites are top notch. All up there are 18 of these sites to choose from, all of which have their own dedicated niche. It's a damn shame they didn't have any featured pictures, I was looking forward to seeing some HD quality pics.

As a bonus the members have been granted full access to a further 8 porn orientated websites. These sites don't provide any HD content which is kind of a bummer. Anyway these sites cover a number of different categories including, Milf, 18-19, Lesbians, Threesomes, and crazy sex toys. These kind of boosts the memberships value, but like I said, these sites only provide non-HD videos, so don't expect to be seeing any on these sites.

That's pretty much all there is as far as content goes, they have provided some very high quality interracial videos, and as far as HD sites go, they've provided a decent amount. Sure the membership fee may be a little higher than some other sites, but I reckon the HD videos are worth every cent.

Nav, Design & Features

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When you first arrive on their tour pages, you instantly know that the content on this site is going to be of high quality, as the pictures provided on the tour pages look fucking amazing, and you can define every little detail, like pubic hair, and individual eye lashes. Potential customers can treat themselves to an HD teaser, just to get a taste of things to come, and if the teaser doesn't suck you in then I don't know what will.

All their media can be accessed from the homepage, which really is all over the place at the moment, making things rather confusing, as there's no real structure and no prominent video section, which had me looking around for a bit trying to find their featured content, which I eventually found towards the middle of the homepage. The navigational menu which you'll find just under the top banner, is somewhat obsolete, as all of the media can be accessed from the homepage. The only thing which this menu will be used for, is to get to the bonus content, such as video feeds and photo galleries. You can also access live sex chat, and the sex shop from this menu.

The top half of the homepage consists of propaganda, promoting their HD quality vids, and the ability to be able to download their vids straight on to PSPs and iPods. Underneath these pictures, you'll come across the thumbnail links to the HD live feed sites, a button which will take you directly to the newest updates, and a users poll asking random questions.

Scrolling further down the page you'll come across thumbnail links to their latest updates, which look to be the only interracial videos at the moment. Just bellow are the links to the non-HD niche sites, which members have full access to. Clicking on one of these links, will take you directly to the content area of that particular site, from there you can download away like there's no tomorrow. It's good to see that they've eliminated the process of having to re-enter your password every time you enter one of their sites, as this would have been a very tedious and annoying task after a while.

Towards the bottom half of the homepage you'll come across their Super HD vids, keep in mind that these aren't interracial scenes, just below these is where you'll find their entire collection of interracial scenes. Each scene is represented via a small thumbnail of the starring models face. Clicking on any one of these thumbnails, will take you to that scene's main downloads page, where you can access the various download links to the different chapters, and video qualities. Clicking on the links provided will automatically take you to a streaming page. In order to download the vids you must right click on the link, situated just beneath the streaming screen, and choose the save link as option, from there you can start downloading the video files.

Well that's pretty much it as far as the site mechanics go. I wasn't very impressed with the layout of the site, as it can be quite confusing to new members, and you feel like your guessing whether the content your watching is featured or not, as there's no real video section, cause all their media is scattered down the length of the homepage, which does have it's advantages, but unfortunately it just makes the site look too cluttered and unprofessional, don't get me wrong the site does look kind of pretty, it's just the layout which makes things a little confusing.



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Well there's no better way to watch porn, than watching it in HD, and this site delivers when it comes to HD content, if your a big fan of interracial sex and you can afford to fork out $39.95 a month then by all means join up now, as this site is worth every single cent. They could do with a renovation though, cause the layout is a little all over the place at the moment.

Pros & Cons

  • + High Definition porn
  • + Hot interracial sex
  • + Girls are gorgeous
  • + Access to multiple sites
  • - Layout is messy