Cheating With Latina Maids
Cheating With Latina Maids 1181 Cheating With Latina Maids Latina house maids they're loyal, they're hard working and most of the time they're damn sexy, but just how far will they go for a little bit of extra cash.
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Cheating With Latina Maids

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Cheating With Latina Maids

Short Review

Latina house maids they're loyal, they're hard working and most of the time they're damn sexy, but just how far will they go for a little bit of extra cash? By the looks of this site they'll go all the way and back! come see the horny Latina house maids on this site earn some extra cash by fucking for it!

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In my eyes Latina women have always been the epitome of sexiness, they've usually got gorgeous asses flawless brown skin, full pouty lips and a seductive look that only these spicy Latina women posses. Now could you imagine one of these hot women working for you, and obeying your every order? Damn it'd be a big old cock tease. Well the men on this site couldn't take it anymore and took the liberty of ploughing their delicious maids for your enjoyment. As per usual their entire line up of Latina women are gorgeous, and I couldn't pick out a single dud among then. The Latina women on offer come in all shapes and sizes and different ages but they all have one thing in common, they've all got beautiful brown skin and that seductive look I was telling you about.

Currently they've got an impressive 93 episodes on offer, and you'll appreciate the wide range of options they've got to suit all types of customers whether they have a blistering fast connection or are still chugging along with dial-up. All the scenes can be downloaded or streamed and are available in short chapters or full scenes, they've included 3 different video formats including mpg, wmv, and mp4, having the mp4s on offer is great as members can enjoy porn on the move by loading them up on their iPods. Overall the quality of the videos is decent, they may not look top notch when you blow them up to a full screen but they're still viewable and arousing as all hell.

Now if your looking for quality then the picture galleries won't disappoint. Oh I should probably mention that all the episodes come with screen captures but I had a quick look through them and to be honest a lot of them sucked balls as they were way too blurry, so it's a damn good thing that they've also included some great high res photos. Ok so unlike the screen captures the actual photo content is pretty damn amazing. All up there's a decent 92 individual galleries available, each one filled with pictures that are so damn good you'll need plastic to cover your keyboard from your drool, seriously though these pictures are immaculate.

Just when you think they couldn't possibly give you anymore they've gone ahead and given their members full access to their entire network, which consists of 22 scorching hot niche sites which are just as good if not better than this one. These sites cover categories like anal, Asian, interracial, ebony babes, fetishes and many more great niches, you can take my word for it that there's something here for just about everyone, truly a great network to join!

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If your anything like me and like your Latina women then your going to be drooling waterfalls once you load up the tour pages of this site. The tour pages are covered with pictures of hot Latina babes with their butts sticking out as if to say slam my hot ass! and to top things off they've even provided some short teasers to get those potential customers begging for more, you won't be able to resist joining up once you lay eyes on this tour page.

After logging in you'll be taken to the main members page, the first thing you'll notice is the eye catching banner and a navigation menu situated just beneath it. This menu includes links to their video collection, picture content, and the awesome collection of bonus niche sites. Below the navigation menu you'll find info on the latest update, and just below is the update section for the entire network as a whole so you can also keep up to date with whats going on with all the other sites, without having to visiting them individually.

Now the Video section is fairly self explanatory, each scene is represented by a thumbnail and information on when the DVD was uploaded. The thumbnails are links to the main downloads page where you can access the various video files and the screen captures. The pictures section is laid out in a similar manner, each picture gallery is presented by a small thumbnail, to access the main gallery for the set simply click on this thumbnail and you'll be taken straight there.

Towards the very bottom of the main members page is where you will find the various links to all the bonus sites in the form of small thumbnails of their site banners, simply clicking on these thumbnails will take you straight to that site's main members area without the need of having to re-enter your password. Well that's pretty much all I can say about the site mechanics as you can tell it's all very straight forward and simple enough for any internet newbie to figure out.



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I can honestly say that this is one of the better Latina sites I've seen, the content looks great, there's a decent amount of it and to top things off there's an awesome network of bonus sites to check out. I also want to state that I've had the pleasure of reviewing a lot of the sites on this network and I've gotta say I've yet to be disappointed, truly an awesome network to join and is worth every cent!

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot Latina maids
  • + Great content
  • + Decent amount of vids
  • + Access to 22 great bonus sites
  • + Easy to navigate