Latin Booty Girls
Latin Booty Girls 6064 Latin Booty Girls Name of this site should pretty much give you all the info you need to know just what to expect from it.
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Latin Booty Girls

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Latin Booty Girls

Short Review

Name of this site should pretty much give you all the info you need to know just what to expect from it. Latin Booty Girls is a hot collection of latina porn with sexy teens and babes whose asses are out of this world. Note - this does not mean extra large asses - this just means hot and sexy asses that look amazing on top of a cock. Despite the name, the site is not about anal sex, just about admiring these hot bottoms in action. The site is a part of IncrediblePass network.

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  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

I sure hope you like Latina babes, because this is a site dedicated exclusively to them. To be more specific - not just any Latina girls, but Latina girls whose behinds can make a man drool even before they take their panties off. From tight looking teen chicks to matures whose asses are still firm and smooth - this is a collection that's definitely going to help you feel loved, especially when the girls go wild.

Site is a hardcore one on one porn site, featuring Latina girls having sex. Updates come once per week, which is a pretty good deal considering how most sites in this porn network update bi-weekly or even less often than that. There's a decent sized archive of published scenes already available for download, but more are being added and everything is up to date.

Well, not really. I mean, updates come when expected, but scenes quality is not up-to-date at all. The quality seen on Latin Booty Girls is something I have expected to see on medium to low quality sites almost 10 years ago, and it simply does not cut it today. Even with a modest 21inch PC screen you'll have graphical anomalies, and there's not even a whiff of HD quality around the content of the site - and this goes for both photo sets and video content.

Decent update pace and low quality may make this a decent solution for getting porn on a budget... if the membership fee wasn't so damn high! I've seen better deals on top rated networks, and while longer membership options come with a discount, I am still not satisfied with a price tag I see on Latin Booty Girls. Add to that the fact that IncrediblePass porn network has had a history of defrauding members with hidden cross sales combined with a slow and unresponsive customer support, and you can see why I would find this particular aspect of the site lacking.

Speaking of network membership, you get full access to 15 more porn sites dedicated to various porn kinks, from coed sex sites to midget sex dedicated sites - it's a wide range of kinks and fetishes that slightly improves the deal, but I would still be much happier if the price tag was about $10 less per month, it's about where I place the value of this site.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

Just like the video quality, site quality is also somewhere far below what it's supposed to be. While it is true that even some of the high quality porn sites are still kind of lacking when it comes to slick site design, Latin Booty Girls is just stuck in the last century - pure HTML code, tables, lines and everything. A good Word Press site theme is about $50, and HTML themes for stand alone sites can be at around $100, it is not THAT expensive to make your site at least look good if the quality of the content does not make it stand aside from the rest of what the porn world has to offer. The navigation options are pretty minimalistic - you get to see movie updates, photo updates, model list and that's it from the regular navigation bar. There is a drop-down menu allowing you to navigate through the IncrediblePass network. Hopping from site to site is just a matter of clicking your mouse button twice, and I have seen a lot less elegant network integration.

Individual scene features are a bit disappointing, and match the low quality of the videos themselves. Very short description, two download options (WMV and MP4) and that's about it. No different quality settings, some scenes don't allow for download of zipped photo archives - this is all lacking.

Another thing missing is a decent search tool. Archives on Latin Booty Girls are large enough to merit some sort of filtering and navigation tool, but there's nothing there to fulfill that role.



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All in all, I can't say I'm happy about Latin Booty Girls. On the other hand, this is most likely one of the best sites in the IncrediblePass network (which says more about the network itself than about the site). If you feel like you really need a different site with Latin themed porn, and you don't mind a high price tag for a low quality content, than, by all means, go ahead. I think I would look for another site of this particular niche - there are better sites out there.

Pros & Cons

  • + Regular updates
  • + Exclusive Latina content
  • + Network membership
  • - Too expensive
  • - Problems with IncrediblePass network
  • - Very low quality of the videos