Wet Booty Brazil
Wet Booty Brazil 2865 Wet Booty Brazil Now there's only one thing hotter than a round Brazilian ass, and that's a wet Brazilian ass.
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Wet Booty Brazil

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Wet Booty Brazil

Short Review

Now there's only one thing hotter than a round Brazilian ass, and that's a wet Brazilian ass! All the lovely Brazilian women on this site get their asses oiled down to look nice and shiny before they endure a hot ramming in some of the most arousing hardcore episodes to date! This brand new site offers 100% exclusive content plus a massive collection of bonus sites, so if you're looking for tasty oiled up Brazilian ass and a bargain all in the one hit! There's no better site to join!

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Being a fan of both Latina and round asses I was quite enthusiastic on having the privilege of reviewing this site, but when I found out that all the tasty round asses were to be oiled in the episodes I just about creamed my pants because I can't help but be aroused and hypnotized by a shiny round ass and I'm sure you guys are on the same wave length as me because your reading this review after all right? So do the Brazilian women on this site deliver when it comes to chunky round asses? They sure do! In fact I'd even go as far as saying that most of them could give bubble butt ebony babes a run for their money.

There's not a whole lot of back story behind the episodes as the horny individuals pretty much meet up and screw. At the start of the latina porn episodes though you'll be treated with a cock teasing strip performed by the lovely Latina women, obviously much emphasis goes to their tasty round asses as they oil them up. Once all the formalities have come to an end members can enjoy a plethora of hot acts of sex from sensual blowjobs, hardcore pussy ploughing, and there's a generous amount of anal action to be seen as well. Basically the episodes are very hot indeed and are as hardcore as can get.

Wet Booty Brazil is a brand new site fresh off the production line. With an opening collection of 32 episodes to begin with there's already a decent amount of content members already have access to, but that's hardly where it finishes as the developers have promised to keep the site alive with fresh new content every 2 weeks. Now that's quite an awesome effort given the fact that all the episodes are exclusive to the site. So in retrospect even though the site doesn't have a massive collection of episodes just yet it's still doing quite well for a site which has just recently been launched plus with new additions every 2 weeks things will certainly start to pick up.

Quality of the videos on offer is great, not only that members also have quite a few video options to keep their porn viewing experience as convenient as possible. Members have 3 video formats to choose from including wmv, mpegs, and mp4. There's the option of streaming your videos within the browser in wmv format, or downloading the episodes straight to your hard drive and with no DRM restrictions holding the videos back members can keep their episodes for as long as they want. It's nice to see that the developers have also included mp4 files so that members can choose to watch their videos on portable devices. Here's a list of the encoding rates the various formats are available in, and if you don't get all the numbers just know that the videos look damn fine!

wmv: (2500kbps @ 720x500) download
mpeg:(1100kbps @ 500x360) download
mp4: (600kbps @ 320x240) download
wmv: (800kbps @ 560x410) streamed

It looks as though Wet Booty Brazil is a video intensive site as there aren't any pictures on offer other than the screen shots which represent the episodes though you can't really classify them as proper picture content. Either way I'm sure members will be more than happy with the video content on offer, plus there's a massive amount of bonus sites members gain access to and they don't have to pay a single cent to take advantage of these. See Wet Booty Brazil is a part of the Wild Pass network which currently consists of an astonishing 50 exclusive sites! That's right members have 50 sites at their finger tips each one covering a different category. With that in mind members will be able to enjoy a diverse porn experience for a long time to come given that most of the sites are still being updated regularly.

Nav, Design & Features

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Potential customers can practically see their own reflection as they make their way to the tour pages thanks to all the shiny Brazilian booty. That's right your eyes will be fed till they burst with awesomely hot sample pictures taken from various episodes, and if you're anything like me I'm sure you'll be sold right from the get go because the asses you'll see are just so damn tasty. In addition to the sample pictures potential members are also given the luxury of checking out sample clips so they can get a sneak peek on what the latina videos look like in full swing. Keep in mind however that the sample videos haven't been encoded in the highest quality available, and are nothing compared to the gorgeous members videos.

The members area is riddled with a wealth of links which will allow you to access the content on all the exclusive sites, of course the Wet Booty Brazil link is found towards the top of the members area for easy access. Located below the site banner there are specs on the DVD archive you gain access to including how many DVDs there are on offer, this is just another bonus in addition to the 50 exclusive bonus sites members have access to. The bottom half of the members area consists of all the links to the 50 bonus sites, once you click on these banner links you will immediately be taken to the members area of the site you chose.

As of now the main content area of Wet Booty Brazil is organized over 3 indexed pages where the episodes are archived from latest to oldest. Each episode takes up a portion of these pages, within this portion there are 7 high quality pictures which are screen shots taken from the episode to give members a fair indication on what kind of butt ploughing action they will be in for. There's also information in regards to the episode specs such as the length of the episode, the starring model's name, and the title of the episode. Below the pictures is where the download and stream links are situated, clicking on these will automatically start your download, if you were to choose the streaming option a new window will appear in where the episode will proceed to stream.

Well that's all that can be said as far as the site navigation goes, as you can probably tell by now it's quite an easy site to navigate and further more the entire network is a breeze to browse thanks to the main members area of the Wild Pass network as it includes all the necessary links to jump from site to site with much ease. Site presentation on Wet Booty Brazil and the entire network for that matter is great, everything is nicely spread out across the pages, and the layout and designs look modern and professional. Overall I had no qualms with how the site works and looks.



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I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the content available on this site thanks to the incredibly beautiful Brazilian babes and their wet round booties. The hardcore sex is intense, the introductions are a huge cock tease, and best of all the quality of the videos is awesome. So far content numbers are quite good but give the site more time and I'm sure we'll see Wet Booty Brazil turn in to a monster of a site. In retrospect this is a site Latina and big butt lovers alike should check out.

Pros & Cons

  • + Beautiful round shiny asses!
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Regular updates
  • + Access to 50 bonus sites
  • + Videos look great
  • + Site is easy to navigate and looks great