Four Finger Club
Four Finger Club 541 Four Finger Club The girls at Four Finger can really take a handfull, getting their pussies stretched to the limit doesn't phase them what so ever.
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Four Finger Club

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Four Finger Club

Short Review

The girls at Four Finger can really take a handfull, getting their pussies stretched to the limit doesn't phase them what so ever. In fact they won't settle with only one object up their snatch, no they want at least four things jammed up there, come watch these girls get their little pussies stretched to the limit.

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Damn I love this kind of content, gorgeous girls gathering in groups of three our four, probing and licking each other to the point of extacy. If your the kind of guy or girl, who appreciates, lesbian porn, then your going to go nuts over the content provided on this site. There's a wide mix of lesbians starring on this site, ranging from blondes, brunettes, exotic Asians, fieary redheads, and of course, gorgoues blondes. So there's definately no shortage of different flavors.

Like I said before this site is all about, muff licking and probing, the kind of scenes you can expect to see, are what you would call, "lesbian gangbang" scenes. There are a few scenes which only star two ladies, but you'll also come across scenes with three or more, and those kind of scenes really heat up your screen, what with all that firm flesh and arrousing moans of extacy, you'd be hard pressed keeping your wang down, or your juices flowing.

So far there are 217 episodes, bursting with female love juices. All of the episodes, have been split into equally sized chapters, and are also available to download in full scenes. Providing the short chapters has two advantages, for one, the file sizes are a lot smaller, than the full scene, which in turn makes the task of downloading the files, a little more convenient, for members who are on slow connections, and secondly, members can choose to skip the foreplay segments, if they wish to dive straight into the rapid probing and licking.

Each of the episodes are avilable in three different qualities, each one tailored towards a certain bracket of connection speeds. The biggest and best in quality among the different versions, are the "Microsoft Fast-Motion" vids, obviously these are more suited towards members with high connection speeds. Where as the other two versions are inferior in quality, but are significantly smaller in file size, therefore making them ideal for members who are on slow connections.

Quality of their vids is pretty standard, they are slighty grainy, through their default sized screens, watching them through a full screen, is when you'll start to notice the pixelation and distortion, my only recommendation, is to watch them through a smaller screen. Though I should state that I didn't have time to watch all 217 episodes, as much as I'd like to, I just didn't have the time, and knowing that the quality varies through out the different scenes, my rating may not be 100% correct with all their vids, as I'm pretty sure you'll come across some great looking vids. But your also more than likely to come across vids which look crap.

All of the episodes on offer come with a set of pictures. These pictures are of decent quality, and looks like they would have been taken the same time they shot the video footage, as the location, and girls remain the same. It's good to see that they put in the effort to take these shots, and didn't resort to using only video captures.

Now 217 videos, for a network site is pretty impressive, but the porn doesn't end there, because the developers have been nice enough to allow their members, full access to all the other sites on their network. Currently there are 12 of these sites to choose from, all of which are designated to a particular niche, some of these niches include, cumshots, anal, Latinas, squirting, and big titties. These definately boost the value of their membership, and knowing that these sites are just as good, if not better, than this one, should really give their members a sense of security, in that they'll never have to worry about running out of porn.

The sound of 217 lesbian episodes, should appeal to just about anyone, heck even I was tempted to join this site, but I had the luxury of checking the site out for free HAHA! only to scope it out for your guys of course! Anyway if your a big fan of lesbian scenes, and you need more than two ladies in a lesbian scene, then I stronly recommend you check the site out.

Nav, Design & Features

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It'll be the tour pages of this site, which will suck you straight in, as there are gorgeous pictures, neatly spread down the page, portraying hot lustful, lesbians at play. Not to mention the fact that non-members, can treat themselves to a hot teaser, to get the feel of things to come.

As you load up the main members area, you'll first notice the eye catching top banner, and a drop down menu labeled select a model. This drop down menu lists all their starring models names, which is very handy if you know the name of the particular pornstar your looking for. Otherwise it's pretty useless. Just under the site banner, is the latest update section. In this section you will find, a thumbnail which represents the episode, and a short description, on what the episode involves.

All of their video and picture content can be accessed from this page. The bottom half of the main members area, is where you will find the links, to the various episodes. This area contains 10 episodes, to make your way to the next 10, is as easy as using the navigation menu, which can be found just underneath the episodes, all up there are 22 pages, to look through. The episodes are presented via a small thumbnail of a video capture taken from the episode, to the right of these thumbnails, are the links for both the movie and picture galleries.

Each episode has it's own video downloads page. At the top of this page is a short description about the episode, a rating system if you wish to rate the episode, and of course the numerous links, which allow you to access the download links for the various videos of the episode. The picture gallery sections are pretty much identical to the vid sections, the only difference is instead of having download links, you have picture links, they've even included the option of downloading the whole set of pictures in a zip file, which is always convenient. Anyway I'm sure most of you know how a picture gallery works hehe.

Anyway lets go back to the main members area. Towards the very bottom of this page, you'll come across the thumbnail links, which direct you to the other sites on the New Sensations network. These thumbnail links strongly portray, the designated niche of the site. Clicking on anyone of these thumbnails, will automatically take you straight to that site's members are, where you can proceed to download as much of the content as you will. There are still networks out there which require you to re-enter your login, everytime you enter one of their sites, so I make sure that I mention this when it comes to network sites, and beleive me having to re-enter your password everytime, becomes very annoying, espcially if your in the middle of rolling your rocks.

Well that's pretty much it, as far as the site mechanics go, it's really a simple site to browse, seeing as there really is only 3 different sections, being the main members area, the video section, and the picture galleries. You'll be hard pressed to find your self lost and in a state of confusion, cause it's just not possible with the set up they've got, my only gripe is the wacky color scheme, as the bright pink is a little much hehe, but hey this probably won't bother most of you, so forget I even mentioned it, I'm just being fussy.



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If your a big lesbian fan, then don't waste anymore of time, sign up right now! this site provides lesbian action at it's best, the videos are of fairly decent quality, but watching them is just oh so arrousing, good luck wanking over these for a long period of time, you'll probably spoof yourself after only a few minutes, yeah that's right, these scenes are that hot!

Pros & Cons

  • + Gorgeous well known pornstars
  • + Access to multiple sites
  • + Fairly easy to navigate
  • + Heaps of extras