Fuzz Bumpers
Fuzz Bumpers 2037 Fuzz Bumpers At Fuzz Bumpers they promise that all their lesbian models are stunning! From what I've seen that fact couldn't be more true.
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Fuzz Bumpers

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Fuzz Bumpers

Short Review

At Fuzz Bumpers they promise that all their lesbian models are stunning! From what I've seen that fact couldn't be more true. All the saucy lesbian ladies you'll see on this site could make you cream your pants with a simple wink, but the lucky members on this site will be able to enjoy them in hardcore lesbian scenes involving fingers, tongues and toys. It's a big old lesbian fest up in here, cum join in!

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  • Quality: 0/15
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Fuzz Bumpers does an awesome job on finding the most gorgeous lesbian porn stars around. Yep they've really delivered on their promise of starring only the most stunning models they could find, just one look at their line up of horny models and you'll be hard pressed trying to keep your soldier down. All the content provided on this site is exclusive to this site so you won't find the episodes any where else on the net. So the site is definately worth a look if you're looking to add to your collection of lesbian porn.

If you're looking for a diverse collection of lesbian content then you'll definately appreciate the variety of different types of lesbian scenes the site has on offer. Sure most of you may be thinking a lesbian scene is a lesbian scene but they've definately mixed up the performances here to keep members entertained. The lesbian models use strap-ons, dildos, their fingers and tongues, you'll see them in scorching hot threesomes, outdoor scenes, playing in the swimming pool, and plenty more. Not to mention the diversity of the lesbian models on board. All in all the sheer diversity of the lesbian content will guarantee that members won't get bored.

I couldn't locate any information stating how long the site has been up and running for, but judging by the looks of the site design and graphics I'm guessing it's been around for a little while. Though don't quote me on that because there really isn't any solid information on that aspect of the site. Currently there's a total of 39 episodes. Certainly not the biggest collection of lesbian content but at least the content they have provided is exclusive, and with information on future updates I'm sure we haven't seen the last of these saucy episodes.

All 39 episodes are up for streaming and download in full scenes only. The videos don't have any DRM restrictions so you've downloaded them you can keep them for as long as you wish. Members on slow connections may dread the fact that the episodes are only available in full scenes, however the developers have included lower quality versions of the episodes to keep the file sizes down. I personally felt the videos could do with a little tweaking as the quality isn't that great, they're still watchable though there's definately room for improvement.

Wmv: (700kbps @ 720x480) download
Wmv: (700kbps @ 720x480) streamed
Mpeg:(700kbps @ 352x240) streamed

The developers definately kept fans of picture content in mind as they've provided a wealth of photo galleries consisting of gorgeous images. The collection of picture content is noticeably smaller compared to the video archive however where the photos lack in quantity they certainly make up for it with quality. So far there are 31 photo sets to indulge in, each one containing an average of 50 images each. Obviously from what I said earlier these images look stunning, plus they're decently sized with the bigger images measuring up to (1200x800 pixels).

Besides all the saucy lesbian content in store on this site, the developers have been generous enough to give their members access to their entire network of sites at absolutely no extra cost. In total there are 24 sites to browse through, each one based on a unique niche so members have a diverse buffet of porn to eat away at. Categories range from hardcore, reality, young adults, to the more kinkier niches like bdsm, shemales, and pregnant porn. Overall no matter what kind of porn you're into, you'll definately appreciate the diversity of this awesome network.

Nav, Design & Features

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The pink tour pages of Fuzz Bumpers is littered with sample pictures of horny looking lesbians giving each other a grand old time. Just by looking at the screen shots on these pages will give you a good idea that the content within is going to be damn hot. Unfortunately there aren't any free trailers provided but I'm sure the pictures of hot lesbians will definately get you interested. To make things even more enticing for potential members there's an entire section dedicated to the bonus sites, this is found at the very bottom of the tours.

Once you're a member and go through the login process you'll first be directed to a page which consists of specials on other porn sites. Now this area isn't in anyway related to the content on this site so if you wish to go straight to the main members area simply utilize the link clearly marked continue to the main members area, this is situated at the very top of the page.

The members area of the site also has a pink color scheme. The homepage includes a section dedicated on the next two upcoming episodes, the information includes dates on estimated time of arrival and sample thumbnails which feature screen shots taken from the episodes. You'll also notice links to the 24 bonus sites situated within the mid-section of the home page. At the very bottom are thumbnail links to the bonus scene of the day.

If you wish to access the featured media of the site you'll have to use the links found within the top navigation menu. Included in this menu are links to the photo and video content, clicking on these will take you the main gallery. Both the video and picture galleries essentially have the same layout. They're made up of indexed pages which comprise of up to 8 thumbnails each. The thumbnails are linked to the main downloads area, or if you're in the picture collection you'll be taken to the main picture gallery.

Well that's pretty much it as far as the navigation of the site goes. As you can probably tell from what I've said, the site has a very basic interface which no one should have troubles with no matter how much experience you've had with the internet. Overall the site is damn easy to browse and jumping between sites on the network is a breeze.



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Being lesbian episodes they're obviously hot, but the strongest aspect about their collection is the diversity of the scenes on offer. The lesbians themselves are as hot as can get, and they certainly know how to please each other and make it look so damn arousing at the same time. The site does have a few short comings, the most prominent one being the fairly average quality of the videos, plus the site could definately do with more videos.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot lesbians
  • + Nice variety of lesbian scenes
  • + Exclusive content
  • + Site is easy to navigate
  • + Info on future updates
  • + Access to 24 sites
  • - Video quality is average
  • - Collection could be bigger