Girly Love
Girly Love 1775 Girly Love Obviously by the site title this site is dedicated to those horny lesbians we all know and love.
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Girly Love

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Girly Love

Short Review

Obviously by the site title this site is dedicated to those horny lesbians we all know and love. There are over 430 scorching hot lesbian scenes, and hundreds more which fall under 4 other popular categories. There's also a mountain of picture content to go through, so as far as content numbers go this site is definately not lacking. So if you want to feast your eyes on more lesbian porn than any man can handle, check this site out!

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Where would the world of porn be without good old lesbian content. Now in the real world most of us would associate lesbians with short hair bulky bodies and arms covered in mean looking tattoos right? Thankfully when it comes to porn all the lesbians are the girly type, you know perfect bodies long flowing hair, flawless to put it simply. You'll find plenty of these types of lesbians right on this very site, not to mention the mouth watering variety there is on offer as well. Eye candy is definately not an issue when it comes to this site.

Not only are the models diverse but the collection of scenes available is quite the lesbian cocktail. You'll see the ladies use strap-ons, indulge themselves in raging lesbian gangbangs, having a bit of shower love, mature lesbians on young adults, lesbian lick outs, dildo play, basically it's an all out lesbian fest. To further add to the diversity of content the developers have also included videos which fall under 4 other categories. These include Amateur, hardcore, solo girls, and young adults.

All the content available isn't exclusive to this site, they derive from retail DVD titles produced by various porn companies. If you're a little iffy on non-exclusive content then the fact that there are over 430 scenes and counting will probably change your perspective, and that's only the lesbian scenes available. If you were to include the other 4 categories there's a grand total of over 3400 individual scenes to go through! Now it goes without saying that amount is going to take quite some time to go through.

Now the main downfall with the site is the consistency of quality. This is mostly due to the fact that the scenes come from various DVDs and further more from different production companies. The fluctuation of quality can be lessened if they were to encode all the scenes in the same bit rate, but you see this is where the developers went wrong. See there are two formats which these videos are available in, these are Wmv and Avi. Now the problem is that the videos aren't available in both, they're either Wmv or Avi, and seeing as they both come in different encoding rates it further dents the consistency of quality.

All scenes can be downloaded off the site with no DRM restrictions. They have all been cut into short chapters to make the task of downloading convenient for all types of connection speeds. The Wmv videos clock in at (700kbps @ 640x480) while the Avis are twice that encoding rate clocking in at a formidable (1300kbps @ 720x480). So even though the consistency isn't too strong, overall the videos are still great to watch.

The site isn't without it's fair share of picture content either. In fact there's so many picture galleries to go through you'll be hard pressed trying to view every single one. The lesbian archive includes over 490 galleries to sink your teeth in. Like the video content there are picture galleries which fall under 4 other categories. Across the 4 other categories there's a whopping 4700 plus individual galleries. Fortunately consistency through out the galleries is a lot more stable compared to the videos, however it's the dimensions that tend to vary quite a bit. Overall though the images never get too small in size.

Nav, Design & Features

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To be perfectly honest Girly Love is down right easy to yse and the site's layout is nice and simple to boot. However, by the looks of things the site's graphics and designs some what look dated, you'll know what I mean if you check out the screen shots I took of the page. But if you aren't one who's fussy on how the site looks, you'll be glad to know that at least the site works.

Once you've made it to the homepage you are immediately presented with the latest updates. Judging by the information provided it looks as though they update on a daily basis with 4 new scenes uploaded in a single day. Pretty damn impressive though it was to be expected from a site which provided non-exclusive content. There's also a section dedicated to future updates, this will definately keep the member's morale up, and keep them coming back for more. The navigation menu towards the top includes links to the various media, plus an assortment of third party services like live cam shows, adult stores, and online personals. You can also access the nice little extras like erotic stories, and bonus video feed sites.

You'll notice that there are two more navigation menus down the left side of the page. These menus include links to the videos, and picture galleries, and are organized via category. Clicking on the category links will direct you to an area prominently made up of thumbnails. Each one of these thumbnails is linked to the main download area, or the main gallery of your chosen content.

Both the video, and picture galleries have a fairly standard interface, so if you're familiar with porn sites you should have no troubles working these ones. The video section is basically made up of thumbnail links, each one will access a download to a different segment of the scene. The picture galleries are also a breeze to use, all images are organized within a number of indexed pages. Clicking on the thumbnails will bring up the full sized photo, that's all there is to it.



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Where this site certainly excels in is it's content numbers. With thousands of scenes and picture galleries to go through members are assured they will never run out of steaming hot porn to get off to. Plus with a nice variety of categories to choose from asides from the main lesbian niche, members will never get bored of seeing the same old shit over and over again. The only thing I would change is the file structure of the videos, as it does tend to hurt the consistency.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tons of content
  • + Good variety of porn
  • + Site is easy to browse
  • + Daily updates
  • - File structure could be stronger