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Short Review:

Gushing Lezzies is a relatively new site that just launched in July of 2011. This collection focuses on well known porn stars lezzing out with each other and squirting all over the place. The action includes plenty of outdoor shoots and wet and messy lesbian group sex sessions. Membership to the site includes free bonus access to two other lesbian themed sites in the network.
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Detailed Review:


Gushing Lezzies offers a collection of nonexclusive video scenes. Most seem to be taken from various lesbian squirting themed DVDs such as Scuba Squirters and Wet Lesbians Weekend while others are even older, probably originally from VHS releases from the 90s. The collection currently stands at 64 videos, and it's hard to get a handle on the level of growth here since nothing is dated. I do believe updates are coming, but probably not more than once or twice per month. The site has only been around for a couple of months, so I'd definitely like to see them step up the rate of growth, at least for a while, to build up the size of the collection. Although the collection doesn't include any photos, there are some images in the form of low-quality screen captures taken from the flicks.

The gals here at Gushing Lezzies get pretty adventurous in their squirting sex scenes. These scenes don't just take place in regular indoor settings like bedrooms and bathrooms, but also in dungeons, nightclubs, and hotel lobbies. They also venture out into lots of exciting outdoor locations. You'll see these gals getting down and dirty next to the pool, in the backyard, and even on moving motorboats as they speed across the lake. Most of the action is pretty straightforward one-on-one or group lesbian sex with the added element of squirting, that some of the action here also includes bondage and spanking. Some of the materials that are obviously older appear to star amateurs were at least old-school pornstars I don't recognize. The more recently produced flicks feature well-known performers such as Brandi Lyons, Annie Body, and Kelly Wells.

Although all of the flicks that I downloaded were available at up to 720 x 480 pixels, 4000 kbps, the actual quality level I experienced while viewing these videos was all over the map. Some of them are crisp, clear, and well lit. Others are grainy, blurry, washed out, or have strange wavy lines throughout. Some of these scenes seem to have been taken from VHS releases from the 90s which probably explains the low quality level.

Features & Navigation:

The blue and splashy tour pages for Gushing Levees offer some streaming video trailers and preview images to fill you in on the kind of lesbian squirting scenes you'll find inside. They also link to the other network sites which are included as a free bonus for members. Missing are hard facts about the size of the members collection and the update status.

The members area here could use some work. The videos are all found in a single list, and the only real navigation or search tool to speak of is a keyword search box. The results here seem to depend strictly on the words found in the title of each video. While it can help you to find all of the scenes from a single title, for example all five scenes from Wet Lesbians Weekend, it's not much help beyond that. You can't search for certain physical attributes of the models or certain sex acts, so you'll just have to find those on your own by browsing.

Each Gushing Lezzies video is offered for your choice of download or streaming in WMV or MP4 format. The WMV option is available in your choice of two different quality levels, including the highest available quality level on the site, while the MP4 versions come in only a single quality level suitable for iPods or other portable devices. The screen capture images are available for viewing in thumbnail galleries or for download in ZIP files.


In the end, I just couldn't get too excited about Gushing Lezzies. The non-exclusive nature of the materials, the varying and sometimes quite low quality level of the videos, the overly basic members area, and the lack of transparent update info are all fairly major problems for the site to overcome. The inclusion of the bonus sites helps, but on top of everything else, the price here is significantly above average. I think I'd probably look elsewhere for my squirting lesbians.

Pros & Cons

+ Sticks to lesbian squirting theme
+ 2 bonus sites included
- Quality varies
- Non-exclusive materials
- Too expensive for what you get
- Needs better search/navigation
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