High Def Lesbos
High Def Lesbos 536 High Def Lesbos WOW this was my first High def website to review. I watch TV in high def all the time but I never got to see a porno that was shot in High Def. From the moment you enter the site you can tell that
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High Def Lesbos

Reviewed 2008-07-01 l Last update on

High Def Lesbos

Short Review

WOW this was my first High def website to review. I watch TV in high def all the time but I never got to see a porno that was shot in High Def.

From the moment you enter the site you can tell that its going to be a killer of a site. The clear cut fresh images in the tours are amazing.

The site has been loaded up with 100's of High Def video for you guys to watch or download to your computer.

If you have a ipod or psp I would get it ready as they have so much porn for you guys to add.

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This is going to be a tough review cause there is just way to much good stuff to talk about and I don't know if I will have to time and space to talk about it.

Well let me start by saying there is plenty of porn sites around these days but there is hardly any High Def porn sites out there. So when I saw that I had the chance to review one I almost killed 2 guys to get to it.

Anyway lets talk about the sites content. Let me start by saying WOW.. This is without a doubt some of the best content your will ever get to see. Well I guess its got to do with the content and the High Def.

There is only one thing I am finding a little weird on this site and that is that there doesn't seem to be much Lesbo content around. I am finding a lot more MFF ( Male, Female, Female ) which I don't mind at all but I am not sure why they called the site "highdeflesbos" if it has a limited selection of nasty rug munching sluts. Don't get me wrong here, there is still quite a bit of High Def lesbo fucking and girls getting fucked by massive dildos to see, just not enough for a lesbo site.

Each girl that is sure on the site seenms to be between 18-22yo , so there is a nice young feel towards to models which i very much liked. Each girl is as dirty as the next when it comes to fucking, they all like there own styles to licking pussy and fucking with dildos, but the two girls i like the most was Lilian & Sarah , if you wanna see something hot then watch these two horny sluts go at it. There video goes for 25:17 mins and you will have to take a break after you watch these to babes go at it. Well i know i sure did.

The hot models that they are using on this site are 100% to this site so you will not see this content anywhere else on the net. So this will have to be your home of high def porno.

There is so many different styles of content this site can offer you. I have already told you about the high def porn for you computer , well now comes the high def porn for your ipod or psp. They have resized all the content so it will fit right onto your ipod or psp , all you have to do is pick with quality you would like to download then your as good as gold.

And guess what... Theres more..

You will also find that these guys have hooked you up with 8 video feeds that you are able to watch free of charge, and let me just say that i have check out each one of them and they are all smoking hot feeds.

The site updates every couple of days so you will also have new fresh content being added to the site so now you have no reason to ever leave the site.

Nav, Design & Features

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You will find the navigation on this site to be one of the easiest you have ever had to use while surfing a porn site.

Let me start from the beginning from the time you arrive at the site, just have your username and password ready in front of you. Ok now click the members area link and the password popup will come up and ask for you username and password. After you have entered it you will get taken straight to the members area page, ease right?

You will see what I mean by easy once you have reached this members area. Its all straight forward from here, I will still walk you through the navigation in case people get lost half way through plus if I stop now the boss wont pay me.

Ok if your anything like me you will head straight for the video section and see what goods they have got. Ok for this you will simply just have to scroll down the page and you'll find the videos right in front of you. Remember guys this site is still fairly new so they have a lot of high def porn thats yet to be added, but theres enough to keep your trouser snake happy for a while.

If you scroll back to the top of the site you will notice a red navigation bar, you will not really need to use this unless you are going to want to go and check out the Bonus content. This has all the bonus videos and image galleries that you might want to check out at a later date.



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I was very impressed with this site, it was my first High Def website to review and it went well, the content is amazing and is well worth a look if you haven't yet seem High Def porn before.

As for the website and design it was great, its got a nice clean cut design. Not to fancy or plain, classy, just about sums it up.

I would have like to have seen a little more lesbo porn then I did but I guess they will add it later in there updates.

But all in all I would highly recommend this site

Pros & Cons

  • + High Def Porn
  • + Hot Models
  • + Lots of pussy