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Lesbian Factor 2606 Lesbian Factor The Lesbian Factor is all about the pussy, certainly a site that both fellas and the ladies can enjoy.
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Lesbian Factor

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Lesbian Factor

Short Review

The Lesbian Factor is all about the pussy, certainly a site that both fellas and the ladies can enjoy. The developers claim that they only star true lesbians and not hot ladies who get paid a shit load of cash to reluctantly lick pussy. There's a current total of 19 exclusive DVD titles featuring back to back scenes of scorching hot carpet licking action. The site also provides photo sets and a massive collection of bonus content members can indulge in.

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Porn developers know men absolutely love the lesbian niche and in knowing this they hire extremely hot ladies which when not working in porn are straight laced ridiculous amounts of money to get down and dirty with another gorgeous lady and hey it works both ways the ladies get their cash and us lesbians are kept happy. Sorry if I burst your fantasy lesbian bubble but not all lesbians are feminine and girly, you know what I mean the butch ones? Where have they gone right? Ok so here on Lesbian Factor they star true lesbian and bi ladies who genuinely enjoy munching on pussy and are attracted to other girls. Keep in mind amongst all the feminine lesbians you will come across stars which are a little more on the manly side, that being said this is a site gay ladies will love, and with the feminine lesbians also on show male lesbian lovers can enjoys what's in store as well.

In essence Lesbian Factor is basically a niched online DVD which obviously covers the highly popular lesbian niche. At the moment Lesbian Factor doesn't have the largest collection of DVD titles around, in fact I was a little underwhelmed that there's a current total of only 19 titles which isn't much at all. Though in the site's defense it has only been recently launched and I'm sure the developers have a massive line up of lesbian DVDs just waiting to be uploaded so even though the site currently has a humble collection of DVDs I'm sure in the near future we will find this site's collection a little more sizable, especially seeing that the developers plan on adding a new title on a daily basis.

Members have quite a few video options so play around with, they can either download the movie in two different qualities being HD and low quality, or they can stream them straight off the site. The scenes within a DVD can be downloaded individually saving members having to download the entire DVD when all they really wanted was one scene saving them a truck load of bandwidth in the long run. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the videos aren't held back by DRM restrictions so once they're on your computer you can keep them for as long as you want. The highest quality videos are in wmv format clocking in with an impressive video bit rate of (2147kbps @ 720x480) in other words they're looking damn fine!

I was quite surprised to find that the site provides picture content which isn't very common amongst online DVD archives (pleasantly surprised of course). Although there may not be a whole heap of picture sets on offer at the moment you've got to give the developers credit for going through the effort of actually providing picture content. At the moment the site has a total of 5 photo sets with an average of 50 images per set. The images are proper photos taken with a still camera so when it comes to quality the photos are top notch, not a blur to be seen as they're super crisp with great color and lighting to boot. They're also decently sized coming in dimensions of (800x1200 pixels), all in all they're a nice addition to the video content and seeing as the site has only been live for a few days I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty more of these great photo sets in the near future.

As members are waiting for new updates to the site which isn't going to be that long at all seeing as though the site does get updated daily. Either way members gain full access to 17 other great sites which are on the same network as this site. The bulk of the bonus sites are official websites of well known pornstars take Sylvia Saint and Tera Patrick for example, they've also included quite the line up of niched sites to keep all kinds of porn lovers entertained. Overall the bonuses members gain access to are off the charts, oh and I should also point out that the content on the bonus sites are in par in quality with the content available on this site.

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Something a little uncommon the tour pages of Lesbian Factor is half made up of images and half made up of text, rather than 99% images. This isn't a bad thing as it does make the tour pages very informative and having access to the DVD archive and a free trailer non-members can get a sneak peek on exactly what they're paying for, even though non-members can check out the archives it doesn't mean they can download the content. Basically non-members can browse the entire site but will be asked to join if they try to access the actual content. Aside from being very informative the tours look nice, in fact the entire website looks nice because in essence the tour pages is pretty much the websites just with restrictions.

Once logged in members are taken straight to the members area, at the very top of the page there's a horizontal bar which includes two arrow links and a drop down menu. The drop down menu consists of quick links to the 17 bonus sites the next and previous arrow buttons will direct you to the next site. Under the great looking top banner there's a navigation menu which will take you to the different types of content on the site including the videos and picture content. There's also the latest update section to keep up to date on all the latest, there's a girls section where you can find out more about the ladies, and a friends section where you'll find banner links to other adult related sites members may find interesting. One of the more interesting sections on the site is the "sexy tips" section where members can contribute their sexy ideas to please your lesbian partner.

The movie archive currently consists of 3 pages with up to 8 DVD box covers on each page. The DVD box covers are links to the main download and stream section of the DVD where you can browse through the screen shots of the different scenes to get a rough idea on what the DVD is like. There's also a heap of information on the DVD including when the DVD was uploaded, how long the DVD runs for, which categories the DVD covers, and the names of the starring models. Obviously this is where the streaming and download links can be found. The picture gallery is only made up of one page with all 5 photo sets represented on this page via thumbnail link. Clicking on these will take you to the main gallery for the set where you can access the picture through the thumbnail links, simple as that.

So that's pretty much all that can be said about the site, as you can most likely tell it's a very easy site to navigate and hopping through out the network has made so damn simple with the drop down menu at the top. Apart from being straight forward and user-friendly the site itself looks mighty fine. Overall I was quite pleased with the site's features and navigation as a whole, and I'm sure you will all find it a pleasure to browse the site.



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This brand new site certainly has some high expectations from me in the future, and if they stick with their daily updates I'm sure it will surpass those expectations of mine. A great site for the lads and equally arousing for ladies who are attracted to other girls. In addition the videos look amazing, the photos are top notch, and as a side dish you have an extensive network featuring big name pornstars. Since we value our readers so much we have a special price of $14.95 for Review Porn!

Pros & Cons

  • + High quality content
  • + Frequent updates
  • + Access to great network
  • + Great lesbian content
  • + Site looks nice
  • + Easy to navigate
  • + Exclusive content