Lesbian Panty Fetish
Lesbian Panty Fetish 108 Lesbian Panty Fetish Do you like lesbians? Sure you do everyone loves lesbians, what about panties do you like them? I'm sure everyones had a sniff in some point of their life.
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Lesbian Panty Fetish

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Lesbian Panty Fetish

Short Review

Do you like lesbians? Sure you do everyone loves lesbians, what about panties do you like them? I'm sure everyones had a sniff in some point of their life. What do you get if you combine both of these together? A lesbian panty fetish that's what, which is what this site is all about, lesbians and their never ending fetish for smelly panties.

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It was only a matter of time before someone decided to create a site dedicated to lesbians and their smelly panties, to some this may sound like a winning combination, to others it'll probably sound way too weird, personally I'd have to go with the former cause I found that the sound of a lesbian panty fetish was too good to pass up.

The scenes available on this site are fairly short, running for about 10 to 15 minutes each, from what I've seen the girls on this site are all very hot and there's a wide variety of different flavors to choose from, so far the only type of girls they don't have are Asians, hopefully they'll keep this in mind for their updates and upload a few scenes with saucy Asian lesbians starring in them. For the most part the scenes are fairly softcore, but towards the end you'll notice that there is a lot more finger action going on and I suppose that the only difference between these scenes and standard lesbian scenes is that the foreplay consists of the starring ladies playing with each other panties, other than that the scenes fan out like usual lesbian scenes with a bit of fingering and toy fucking.

Currently there are 26 scenes full of smelly lesbian panties, all of the video files are in wmv format and are available to download in full scenes, there's no option on downloading the scenes in shorter clips, but this would probably be unnecessary as the scenes are fairly short to begin with. Viewing quality of these videos aren't too bad, motion seems to be a little jumpy and the image looks a little grainy, they definitely aren't the best videos I've seen, but they aren't the worst either, lets hope that they improve on their video quality in their future updates.

I know that some of you may be thinking "26 scenes is that all there is!" cause I know thats exactly what I'd be saying if I read this review. Don't fret though cause there is an extra 412 scenes worth of bonus videos to go through. The bonus videos include random hardcore scenes and I'm pretty sure there'd be a couple lesbian scenes thrown into the mix as well, these bonus vids definitely stretch the value of their membership and should keep members entertained well after they're done with the featured videos.

All of the featured videos come with a picture gallery, these picture galleries include large still photos which would have been taken around the same time they shot the video. Let me just say that these pictures are pure eye candy, the images are crystal clear with no hint of blurring or distortion and the colors really stand out but not to the point that they're saturated, plus lighting is good and fairly consistent throughout the different photo shoots, these are certainly worth a look at.

I really enjoyed watching the featured content available on this site, I mean who wouldn't like watching a bunch of horny lesbians playing with each others panties while going down on each other, no one that's who!

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I really wasn't impressed with the general presentation of this site, the color scheme is very dull, everything looks to be all over the place and is some what lacking that proffesional feel other sites have. Now I don't know how many times I've said this before but I said it again in the hopes that the site developers might take the hint and start putting a little more time and effort into the general presentation of their sites.

Members can keep themselves up to date with all the newest uploads to the network all of this information can be found on the home page, which includes thumbnail links to the last 7 uploaded videos on the network and the next 7 videos they intend on uploading in the near future, there aren't any exact dates on when they plan on uploading these videos but judging by their updating patterns, they seem to update quite frequently, so we should see these vids up for download within a matter of days.

All of the lesbian panty episodes can be accessed from the featured videos area, this area consists of thumbnail links to the various episodes that are available. These thumbnails are video captures taken from the video file of the scene, so they should give you a good indication on the quality of the video file itself and what kind of girls you can expect to see in a particular scene. Clicking on one of these thumbnails will automatically start streaming the video on a new page, on this new page you'll also notice the download link if you wish to download the video to your PC. Links to the picture galleries can be found below the thumbnails I was talking about earlier, clicking on the view pictures link will direct you to that episode's picture gallery, where you can enjoy viewing all of the great picture content on offer.

The bonus videos section pretty much has the same layout as the featured videos section, the only difference is that there are more thumbnails for each scene and the view pictures link isn't present, obviously this section includes a lot more pages then what the featured videos has cause there is a lot more content to be viewed here. Well that about sums up the navigational side of this site, there wasn't anything overly bad other than the fact that the site could do with a touch up presentation wise, but other than that the site works well.



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I was really hoping that there'd be a lot more content on this site than what there is at the moment, I'm just hoping that they keep updating this site cause I can't get enough of those horny lesbians and their stinky panties, the only thing that let the site down was the underwhelming general presentation and layout, to some people this may not matter, but at the end of the day we want a proper professional looking website if we're paying for it.

Pros & Cons

  • + Great featured content
  • + Loads of Bonus content
  • + High quality picture content
  • - General presentation of the site