Lesbian Secrets
Lesbian Secrets 1779 Lesbian Secrets Lesbian Secrets are something that should be shared with the whole world, and here is a site which is not afraid to bring you them.
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Lesbian Secrets

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Lesbian Secrets

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Lesbian Secrets are something that should be shared with the whole world, and here is a site which is not afraid to bring you them. The lucky members are treated to hundreds of steamy lesbian scenes starring some of the hottest models you'll ever lay eyes on. Content consists of non-exclusive scenes ripped straight out of retail DVD titles, so expect to see some lengthy, good quality videos. Lesbian Secrets also provides an assortment of other scorching hot niches.

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In the perfect world, lesbians would share their secrets with everyone. Unfortunately though, some of these ladies keep it with them to the grave, luckily for us guys who are left out of the loop, there are sites like this which gives us Lesbian content on a grand scale. Although the domain name makes the site sound as though it's a reality one based on lesbians, it's really more of a general lesbian site. On offer is a wide variety of different types of lesbian scenes, deriving from many DVD titles. Needless to say the content isn't exclusive to the site, but in all honesty, does that really matter when you've got hundreds of scenes to choose from?

Apart from all the great lesbian content, the site also covers a nice selection of other popular categories. These include blowjobs, general hardcore, solo, and young adults. This makes the site a worthy join for just about any porn lover. There's not much information in regards to past, and future updates, which was a little dis encouraging. But currently there's a total of over 450 episodes, and over 500 picture galleries. This information definately lightened my mood. Also keep in mind that these numbers are in regards to the content as a whole, and not just the lesbian content. However the bulk of the content is lesbian porn.

With no DRM restrictions, members can feel at ease with keeping their downloaded episodes forever. All the episodes can be downloaded in short chapters, and are available in a variety of formats including Mpeg, Avi, and Wmv. With a huge amount of scenes, coming from various DVD titles created by different production companies, consistency of quality was always going to be an issue.

Thankfully the developers have done a decent job on keeping things looking as good as they do, mostly due to the good encoding rates they've encoded the videos in. One thing I should point out, is that the structure of their video files could be a little stronger. You'll find that some scenes are available in Avi, but aren't available in any of the other two formats. This somewhat eats away at the quality consistency, because the different formats are encoded in different bit rates. Luckily all the formats are encoded in decent bit rates, so it's not all bad. Here are the specs for the different formats.

Mpeg (1300kbps @ 352x240)
Avi (1300kbps @ 320x240)
Wmv (700kbps @ 320x230)

Lesbian secrets also offers a massive amount of picture galleries. Like the video content, the images are also quite varied. Aside from the lesbian galleries, they've also included blowjobs, hardcore, solo, and young adults. Picture lovers will be glad to know that these are by no means screen captures, that's right each one of the 500 plus galleries are filled with proper photo content. Needless to say the images look great, but do differ if only slightly, especially in the size department. Overall though, these look great, and are definately a worthy addition to the awesome video content.

Nav, Design & Features

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Although the site doesn't give away too much as far as dates go, I'm going to go ahead and presume that it's been around for quite some time. The designs, and general presentation of the site definately shows it's age. Most of the site is filled with solid colors, and as far as graphics go, there really isn't a whole lot to look at. They have however kept the site looking tidy, as every thing is nicely spaced out, and the simpleness of the design does make it feel clean, so I suppose it's not all bad.

The navigation menu provided mostly consists of links of third party services, these include live cam shows, personal ads, and adult store, and a phone sex service. Keep in mind that these services aren't covered with your membership fee, so you'll have to pay extra if you want to use them. There are also links to the pictures, and video content, you'll also find a link to the bonus section. This consists of third party sites which are dedicated to video feeds, and DVD archives, well worth a look at if you need a break from the content on this site.

The homepage also consists of information on today's newest updates, and a coming soon section. However I'm not entirely sure on how accurate this is, and clicking on the newest update thumbnails brought me to a page stating that I wasn't authorized to view the page. Kind of weird, so I wasn't too sure whether the site is still active on updates or now. As I mentioned earlier, there's a lack of information on updates, this is also apparent in this section.

All the content is organized via niche. These can be accessed from the links provided on the main page. On clicking these links you'll be presented with a number of indexed pages covered with thumbnails. Each of the thumbnails represents a scene, or a photo gallery depending on which section you're in. Clicking on these thumbnails will take you to the main content area, from there you can proceed to view the images individually, or if you're in the video section, access the download links to the different chapters of the scene.



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What I loved about the site was the sheer diversity of porn available. Not only does it deliver on great lesbian content, but having the other categories on offer makes this site ideal for just about any porn lover. Great porn, a nice amount, and a diverse selection to choose from. Definitely the formula for a great porn site, check it out if you're after a broad selection of porn.

Pros & Cons

  • + Lots of content
  • + Great variety to choose from
  • + Videos look good
  • + Site is easy to navigate
  • - No update dates