Lesbo Ass Lickers
Lesbo Ass Lickers 3500 Lesbo Ass Lickers The naughty little lesbian sluts that await you at Lesbo Ass Lickers will leave you dreaming of a wet, sticky starfish. These sluts love to lick assholes clean and they do a damn good job at it.
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Lesbo Ass Lickers

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Lesbo Ass Lickers

Short Review

The naughty little lesbian sluts that await you at Lesbo Ass Lickers will leave you dreaming of a wet, sticky starfish. These sluts love to lick assholes clean and they do a damn good job at it. The tour also promises extremely high quality of videos and inside you will find just that. While there is not a lot of site exclusive content, you do get a decent amount of bonus content to keep you wanking while the site grows.

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  • Quality: 0/15
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  • Quantity: 0/15

There are as many lesbian sites out there as there is sand in the sea. Well, that may be a little exaggerated but I'm damn sure it's not that far off. Whatever the case, whenever I hear the words lesbian, dyke, rug muncher, muff diver, etc. I know I'm in for yet another lesbian site with the same 'ol content. But when I heard of Lesbo Ass Lickers, I was intrigued and eager to see if the action followed the name and wasn't just another catchy title. On top of it, there were all the promises on the tour as far as the great quality I would find inside. And the verdict, is not quite yey nor ney but rather smiley face and slightly sad face. Why? You ask, allow me to elaborate.

The good news is that the quality of the content is as promised, AWESOME. The videos all come in full files and smaller segments ready to download in WMV. There are 3 qualities available, MID (640x360 @ 1500k), HI (960x540 @ 3000k) and one of the best HD's out there (1920x1080 @ 7000k). What's more, the naughty lesbians depicted here are young, hot and make each others asshole their bitch for the whole 15 to 20 minutes each clip lasts. Not much more you could wish for is there? Well, actually that's where the slightly sad face comes in, I could wish there were more than the 18 episodes of this exclusive, high quality content available. Don't get me wrong, they do offer 48 bonus videos in the lesbian category, most of them do get to slurp on some ass but not exclusively and the best quality available in these clips is 720x480 @ 2600 which is actually very decent for filler content.

We kind of run into a similar situation with the pictures. Each of the 18 exclusive scenes come with a set of Hi-Res photos as well as a set of great quality screenshots. The Hi-Res sets, average around 100+ photos each. You can download the Hi-res and Screenshot sets to a zip file. The best quality on the pictures while browsing on the site is 1024x683 but you can download the Hi-Res ones which are 2048x1365. There is also a section with just Bonus Pictures that are also available in Hi-Res although not as big, these come in 1600x1200.

One more thing worth mentioning is that although the site claims to be updated, daily, most updates are made up of the bonus content. After the updates go live, they are no longer dated so we would just have to take their word on how often it goes up. Being a member of the site should make this an easy task though.

Nav, Design & Features

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If I were to say that the features and design on the tour alone of Lesbo Ass Lickers is great, it would not quite do it justice. Not many tours out there let you download a 35 second sample trailer in high quality, this alone tells you they are confident their shit is that good, well... actually it's better. Inside is not much different as far as design and ease of navigation goes. The best and easiest way to navigate around is through the tabbed bar at the top of the site.

The "Exclusive Section" tab is where you will find movies, Hi-Res pics and screenshots of the content you came here for. Once you choose a particular scene, you are taken to the view page which has a description, some sample images and information as to length of clip and number of pictures. Just below, you will see three sub-tabs for video, pictures and screenshots. Clicking on each tab allows you to view or download the content. The "Bonus Movies" and "Bonus Pics" tabs have this same navigation. The "Bonus Sites" tab simply has the clickable logos to all 5 sites on the network.

The home page is the only part that may have you a little confused as to what it is that you are seeing here. If you take a minute to read the top of the page where the site owners have taken the time to write a small and to the point tutorial, then things will make more sense. Basically, there are three sections on the home page, Coming Soon, Latest Updates and Previous Updates, the updates are arranged in an image gallery where each image is framed in either a red or blue box and there is a small graphic on the bottom of the image. Sometimes you will see 3 boxes of the same update but what this graphic means is whether it was a movie, picture or screenshot update (pointed out by the graphic). The red boxes means exclusive content while the blue boxes mean bonus content. If you think that's a little confusing, I agree, but since the exclusive content is not abundant at this time, I guess this is a way to make the site seem bigger.



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The dirty, teen lesbian sluts at Lesbo Ass Lickers surely seem to enjoy giving and receiving a good rim job. The exclusive content on the site is bar-none and while there is not an abundance of it just yet, the ones that are there are certainly worth a closer look. Top this all off with a healthy amount of closely related bonus content which in itself is not that bad when it comes to quality then you have yourself a good site that with growth, can become a great site.

Pros & Cons

  • + Great Quality Videos and Photos on Exclusive Content
  • + Related Bonus Content
  • - Not a lot of Exclusive Content