Lezbo Honeys
Lezbo Honeys 1871 Lezbo Honeys Lezbo Honeys takes us into the naughty world of kinky Lesbians. This site provides lesbian content at it's best.
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Lezbo Honeys

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Lezbo Honeys

Short Review

Lezbo Honeys takes us into the naughty world of kinky Lesbians. This site provides lesbian content at it's best. You can forget about those sites featuring playful lezbo licking, the content on this site goes full on, involving steamy strap on scenes, extreme dildo play, ass licking, and all the other kinky things these raging lesbians get up to. Members are treated with over 100 exclusive episodes, with a brand new scene added every week!

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Lesbian will forever be the ultimate tease to man. Watching them play with each other is the most arousing thing ever, but usually that's as good as it gets, as most lesbians don't do cock. Of course those are real lesbians, but most of us know that the lesbian scenes in porn usually star girls who love cock just as much, making the content that much more arousing. Personally I love this type of content, in fact it could very well be my favorite type of porn, because there's not a cock in sight, and all you see is pussy!

Lesbian Honeys does an awesome job on bringing the variety. Not only is the drool worthy line up of models diverse, but they get up to all sorts of dirty deeds as well. Members are treated to the usual lesbian lickings, and finger fucking, but the dirty acts don't stop there, because the lesbians on this site go all the way. They'll take out their trusty strap ons for a run, and use an assortment of kinky toys. Some scenes also involve rim jobs, and anal play for those of you who like all things hardcore, and kinky.

Lezbo Honeys has been up and running since July 2005. Ever since then the site has been pumped with over 100 exclusive episodes, which run for a solid 20 minutes each. A new episode is added every 7 days, with the last update logged on the 7th of September '07. That being said, it looks as though they don't plan on stopping any time soon, because there is always information on the upcoming episode. Keep in mind that these episodes are all 100% exclusive, so you won't find them anywhere else on the net.

Members have a nice selection of options as far as streaming, and downloads go. All the episodes have been cut into short chapters, with the option of full scenes kept open. Streamed videos have been encoded in Wmv format, coming in a bit rate of (1000kbps @ 448x336). Downloading options are a little more varied, members have a choice between Mpeg, and Wmv videos. If you're after the best of quality though, you'll want to stick with the Mpeg format. This version comes in an encoding rate of (1300kbps @ 512x384). The Wmvs are also a decent watch, these clock in at (1000kbps @ 400x300). Overall the scenes are a great watch, plus the consistency of quality is great.

Picture lovers are in for quite a treat, as the photo content provided is outstanding. The photos on offer are counter parts of the video footage, meaning they feature the same scene. The girls still wear the same outfits, and the location remains as it was in the video. The only exception being the few images at the start of the galleries which have the models posing. The images themselves are spectacular, they're as clear as a sunny day, and feature vibrant colors.

Every month a member keeps their membership open, they will be granted access to 2 new sites to indulge in. All up there are 30 of these sites to be unlocked, each one just as impressive as the next. Also take into consideration that most of these sites are still being updated on a daily basis. So if you do the math, you'll find you've got yourself a shit load of porn to go through. Just like this site, the bonus ones are dedicated to a specific niche. Just about all the popular niches are covered, plus a few kinky sites to keep the fetish lovers entertained. Just another great reason to join this awesome site, or should I say network.

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Once potential customers lay eyes on the tour pages of this site, they'll have a hard time not joining. These pages are strewn with mouth watering pictures of lesbians getting each other off, and if the pictures don't do it for you, then the free trailers definately will. Anyway, after you've had an eyeful of the great tour pages, it's time to enter the site.

After logging in, members are directed straight to the homepage which is just as eye catching as the tour pages. Situated below the site banner is the navigation menu, with the rest of the tour page mainly consisting of information on updates, the most popular episodes, and future updates. From the homepage, members can also access the bonus sites I mentioned earlier. These links are situated at the very bottom of the homepage, a simple click on these, and you'll be directed to the homepage, that is if you've unlocked them of course.

If you wish to access the entire archive of exclusive episodes, there's a link found in the navigation menu which will allow you to do so. After clicking said link, you are taken to an area made up of 19 indexed pages. These pages contain 6 episodes each, including 4 thumbnails taken from the scene, a short description, and links to the videos, and picture galleries.

Both the picture, and video galleries are fairly standard outings. There's not much to the picture galleries other than the option of downloading the sets in a zip file. Other then that though, they pretty much work like any gallery you've used before. Downloading videos is also a very simple task. All you need to do is click on the links provided, and you're on your way. The same can be said for streaming the videos, a simple click on the links, and wouldn't you know it, your video starts playing. All very simple stuff!



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Now this is one damn fine site! Not only does it provide my favorite type of porn, but it delivers it by the truck load, and the scenes are just so damn ball busting. Stir in the fact that the models are drop dead gorgeous, and you've got a recipe for an awesome site. If you're hard pressed on finding "hardcore" lesbian content, then I highly suggest you check this site out right away!

Pros & Cons

  • + Lots of hot lesbians
  • + Content looks great
  • + Awesome hardcore lesbian scenes
  • + Exclusive episodes
  • + Frequent updates
  • + Site looks great