Naughty Best Friends
Naughty Best Friends 681 Naughty Best Friends Naughty Bestfreinds, is home to the freindliest lesbian babes, your ever likely to see, all they really want is to have a good time with all their other lesbian babes, which is a real good thing for y
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Naughty Best Friends

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Naughty Best Friends

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Naughty Bestfreinds, is home to the freindliest lesbian babes, your ever likely to see, all they really want is to have a good time with all their other lesbian babes, which is a real good thing for you and me, cause we'll be treated to some of the steamiest lesbian action available on the net.

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I love lesbian porn, it's the kind of content that just about anyone can enjoy, cause they aren't too hardcore, yet they aren't overly softcore either, they're sort of in between, which makes them just right for the likes of me, and I'm sure it's the same case for many of you out there as well.

The line up of lesbian babes on offer is diverse, they've included blondes, brunettes, redheads, and exotic Asians, it would have been nice if they included some ebony lesbians, but I suppose we can't win em' all.

As of now there are currently 43 exclusive episodes to check out, each one has been split into short chapters in order to keep the file sizes down, for their members with slow connection speeds, this is also convenient, in that members, can choose to skip the foreplay sections if they wish to dive straight into the hardcore pussy licking.

The exclusive videos on offer can be streamed or downloaded, in either high or low qualities. The low quality videos are very small in file size, making them ideal for members on dial up connections. Although the file sizes of these videos are relatively small, quality is surprisingly good, so even watching them through a full screen isn't half bad, effectively eliminating the issue of a small screen size.

Now the high quality vids are even better, they too play in a tiny screen of 400x300 and are also very decent to watch through a full screen, as for the most part the image is clear, and the motion runs smooth, I'll be honest though, and tell you that they aren't the best looking videos around, though they are very decent.

The developers obviously thought that 43 videos isn't going to cut it for their beloved members, so they've showered them with a tonne of bonus scenes, which fall under 31 different categories, the porn world has to offer. Like the exclusive videos, these scenes have been split into short chapters, to make downloading a little more convenient. All up there are over 2400 of these scenes to check out, and seeing as they fall under 31 different categories, it goes without saying that you'll have a hard time deciding where to start.

Picture lovers will be ecstatic to know that there's a decent amount of bonus picture galleries to delve in. All up there are 431 individual picture galleries to browse through, all of which have been sorted in to 12 lesbian sub-categories, such as lesbian anime, and lesbian BDSM, so there's a nice variety to choose from here, plus the pictures themselves aren't half bad to look at either.

Well there's certainly a whole lot of porn available on this site, the exclusive lesbian scenes, are some what over shadowed, by the collosal amount of bonus content on offer, seeing as there are over 2400 bonus scenes, it really wasn't that big a suprise, that they'd steal the spotlight away from the exclusive vids, but hey with all this porn available, I ain't complaining, in fact it's almost as though your ripping the developers off, with this much content available.

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All your lesbian dreams will cum true, once you step foot on their deliciously steamy tour pages. The tour pages are covered with pictures of horny looking lesbian freinds getting down and dirty as per usual, and if potential customers wanted to get a rough idea whether or not the content on this site is for them, they can always treat themselves to a few short teasers of their exclusive videos, which will certainly land them new members.

Exclusive content can be accessed straight off the main members area, along with the thumbnail links to the two bonus sites, and information on their latest updates, and news. To access the downloadable mpgs, and all the other content available, simply use the members menu, to take you to the section you want.

The exclusive episodes are presented on the main members area, by large thumbnails, and a short description on what the scene is about. Clicking on the large thumbnail will take you to the main streaming area, where you can proceed to view the videos.

The downloadable mpg section, is a lot easier to navigate. The various scenes are represented by 4 small thumbnails, which act as a storyboard of the episode, the download links are situated just below the thumbnails. On the left side of the page you'll find a menu, with 31 categories to choose from. This makes finding the content your after a whole lot faster, if only they gave the exclusive videos area, the layout.

Extra content like XXX online games, adult stories, and online magazines, can be accessed from the members menu, and there are also links to free dating services and live chats. so that's pretty much it, as far as the site mechanics go. It's all very simple, and straight forward, so there should be no excuse for getting lost within the site, cause it's litrally impossible to do so.



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How could you possibly go wrong with lesbian porn? If your a big lesbo fan, which you probably are, then I recommend you give the site a trial, just to get a taste of things, but I can almost gaurantee, that you'll be coming back for more, and if members ever need a break from all that pussy licking, then they can always treat themselves to the 2400 plus bonus scenes.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tonnes of bonus content
  • + Decent amount of exclusive videos
  • + Site is easy to navigate
  • + Picture galleries are great