Orgasm With Me
Orgasm With Me 3121 Orgasm With Me Orgasm with me is a combination of lesbian and male on two girls threesome type scenes, in other words you will always see two girls enjoying some sort of sexual act.
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Orgasm With Me

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Orgasm With Me

Short Review

Orgasm with me is a combination of lesbian and male on two girls threesome type scenes, in other words you will always see two girls enjoying some sort of sexual act. The site has a decent amount of picture and video content which are fairly high in quality. Also as a part of the Muffia network members gain access to all the great exclusive bonus sites! So if you love seeing more than just one girl getting off you'll certainly appreciate what this site has on offer.

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  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
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If you are anything like me and can't help but feel a little jealous of the guys starring in porn which get to enjoy the company of two hot ladies then half the episodes on this site probably won't interest you, however if you are also like me in that you love seeing two hotties getting down and dirty with no cocks involved then you will love the other half of the content available on this site.

Well there is certainly a nice mix of ladies on show, members can expect to be feasting their eyes on quite the buffet of pussy ranging from blonde bombshells, exotic Asian ladies, feisty Latina babes, elegant brunettes, fiery redheads, and voluptuous ebony babes. The bulk of the models look to be new faces though there were a few well known pornstars in the mix. Most of the ladies are very attractive though there were a few ugly mugs in the mix but all of them have gorgeous bodies.

Orgasm With Me is a fairly new site with the first ever episode being uploaded on the 15th of January this year in '09, since then the site has been filled with 76 episodes which is pretty damn impressive for a site that has been up for just over 4 months and even more so considering that they are all exclusive to the site. Updates come in every 7 days and sometimes up to 3 episodes are uploaded at a time which is extremely good but the question is how long can they keep it up for if it is all exclusive content.

Quality wise the site does alright though I would have to say it's above average at best nothing out of the ordinary which isn't entirely a bad thing in my books. First off let me tell you about the video options. Ok so members can either stream or download their videos, the streamed version comes in flash format and has a resolutions of 600x400. The downloadable versions are available in both wmv and mpg, out of the two formats the mpgs are higher in quality clocking in at (2000kbps @ 640x400) while the wmvs aren't too far behind with an encoding rate of (1100kbps @ 640x480). Also the downloadable versions are available in both full scene and short segments with no DRM restrictions so once they are on a member's hard drive they are as good as theirs to keep.

As a side dish to all the great videos on offer the site also has a sizeable collection of photo sets which contain an average of 80 pictures per set. Like the videos these are exclusive to the site and the updates occur just as regularly. I would have to say though the picture galleries are more lesbian orientated rather than two female on male threesomes but I am certainly alright with that. Quality of the pictures is pretty good though I feel they are a tad blurry but that's probably me just being too fussy as it really isn't that bad. Colors are pretty good and they measure in quite nicely at 1000x700 pixels, overall they are above average just like the videos.

You may remember me mentioning that members also gain free access to the Muffia network on signing up to this site, well I wasn't kidding! Yup on sign up members also get free access to a further 10 sites not including this one, and given the fact that they all cover a different category means members can enjoy the luxury of enjoying a diverse selection of porn. Most of these sites are fairly new and are just as regularly updated as this one so if you do the math there, there is quite a bit of porn members have at their finger tips.

Nav, Design & Features

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  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

I initially thought this site was a lesbian only site due to all the photos in the top banner with lovely ladies going down on each other and prodding each others pussies with dildos, but as I made my way down the tours and checked out the various sample pictures of the episodes I learned that not only is it a lesbian site but a threesome site as well. There's a generous amount of sample pictures on offer though there is only one free trailer which at least is very hot and will certainly have more than a few potential customers interested.

The first thing members will probably notice apart from the eye catching top banner is the navigation menu. This includes links to the blog, calender, favorites, models, photos, movies, and bonus sites section. There are also a few links to third party services such as an online dating site and a video on demand stream site. There's also a search engine provided to help members find the exact type of content they wish to view, keep in mind that this search engine will not only search the collection of content on this site but all the other sites on the bonus sites. Speaking of the bonus sites, accessing them is as easy as making your way to the bonus sites section via the link I mentioned in the navigation menu and clicking on the banner link of your desired bonus sites from where you will be taken to the home page.

Just below the navigation menu is a section dedicated to the upcoming update. This section includes a thumbnail of the episode giving members a sneak peek on what's in store in the near future. Further down the members area is where you'll come across the latest updates section along with the rest of the updates, this includes both the video and picture updates. If you wish to view only a particular media you can use the links in the navigation menu being the videos and photos link.

The updates are presented in thumbnail form and have been organized from latest to oldest over a span of indexed pages. Each page contains up to 16 thumbnails per page which features a picture of the model or models starring in the episode. Below the thumbnail is the title of the episode along with the date the episode was uploaded and the general rating of the episode according to other members. A click on this thumbnail will take you to the main media section of your chosen content.

Downloading the videos and viewing the picture galleries is pretty self explanatory as they have a standard setup, the only feature which does stand out is that the picture galleries can be downloaded in zip files to view offline if a member wishes. That's pretty much all there is to the site, other than that all I can say is that the site does look quite nice and that it doesn't have a very neat layout. I had no gripes with the features and navigation of this site what so ever so a thumbs up from me.



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If the site excels on anything it would have to be the rapid rate of updates, I mean seriously up to 3 updates every 7 days and they are all exclusive! That's a bang up job right there if you ask me. Quality could have been better though, this goes for both the video and photo content but I am glad to say that they aren't horrible, above average in my books so it's not all bad. If they keep going the way they are with their updates this site is going to be huge!

Pros & Cons

  • + Updates very regularly
  • + Nice mix of lesbian and threesome scenes
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Good site layout
  • + Good site presentation
  • + Access to the Muffia network