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Pinky Lounge 3737 Pinky Lounge Here at Pinky Lounge all you'll ever see is pussy as there is not a cock to be seen.
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Pinky Lounge

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Pinky Lounge

Short Review

Here at Pinky Lounge all you'll ever see is pussy as there is not a cock to be seen! Yup Pinky Lounge is all about lesbian and intimate solo play so if you're not a big fan of seeing ladies getting pounded by random dudes but are a big fan of ladies than this site certainly won't disappoint. The site currently boasts 44 exclusive videos starring a wide variety of extremely horny and attractive ladies giving it their all for your viewing pleasure!

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Pinky Lounge combines my 2 favorite types of porn to make a site which I obviously thoroughly enjoyed! Like I said in the short review the site is filled with pussy only providing members with saucy lesbian scenes and arousing solo masturbation scenes where the ladies rub themselves and use their various toys of pleasure to coax themselves to toe curling orgasms. From what I've seen it looks as though all the ladies on show are amateurs as this is the first time I've seen them before. I also found that with the lesbian scenes some of them actually look like full blown lesbians rather than eating pussy for money. Models standards are pretty high as there wasn't a single average looking lady in the bunch, this is quite an accomplishment for an amateur site that's for sure!

Unfortunately the site does not give much information away when it comes to dates so it's pretty much impossible to gauge just how well the site is doing as far as content numbers go. Usually the reason why a site doesn't provide date information is due to the fact that it hasn't been updated in a while and if this is the case with Pinky Lounge than I am somewhat concerned as there are only 44 episodes on offer, sure it will keep new members occupied for some time but it's the old members who'll be scratching their heads in boredom. On the plus side all the content on this site is exclusive so chances are you've never seen this content before. The site also offers a nice collection of photo galleries with a total of 46 photo sets containing 120 pictures on average.

To make up for the average sized collection of episodes the site does quite well as far as quality goes. Videos come in an encoding rate of 2000kbps @ 720x480 standard DVD resolution so yes they are quite eye pleasing. Most episodes run for roughly 16 minutes on average and can be downloaded in full scenes or short segmented clips in wmv format. With no DRM restrictions members can choose to keep their videos for as long as they wish and with no download limits members can download as much as they want in a single day, though with 44 episodes on offer I would personally ration it out. They didn't skip on quality when it comes to the photos either as they are looking superb! Not only are they crystal clear and feature vibrant colors but they also measure in quite nicely getting up to 2000x1300 pixels in dimensions which is quite impressive to say the very least.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
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Pinky Lounge is a very easy site to navigate thanks to the simple layout, there's really only 2 sections to the site so you'll never find yourself lost within the pages as it's just so simple to make your way around. Besides being really easy to navigate the site itself looks quite nice to boot. The homepage presents members with the 10 latest updates in thumbnail form which are basically links to the main content area. Next to each thumbnail is a detailed description on what the episode involves. If you wish to view the entire collection of episodes you can utilize the "videos" link found within the top navigation menu.

The video archive spans across 9 indexed page which carry up to 5 episodes per page. The episodes on these pages are pretty much presented in the same way they are on the homepage. A single click on the thumbnail will take you to the main downloads page from where you can access the full scene download along with the segmented clip downloads. The segmented clips are presented via thumbnails which feature a screen shot that is a part of the segment. The photo galleries can be accessed via the same navigation menu using the "photos" link. This archive basically has the same set up as the video archive with the only difference being there are 10 indexed pages to this archive. The photo sets are organized in standard thumbnail format so if you've ever browsed a gallery before I am sure you'll have no problems with these.

There are a few other sections accessible through the top navigation menu. There is a bonus section but unfortunately there is nothing in it as of yet which is quite disappointing. There's a section dedicated to the models which includes background information on each of the lovely ladies allowing members to get to know the models on a more personal level and inform them on what they like to get up to when they're not showing off their goods in front of the camera, definitely a nice personal touch that's for sure. So that's pretty much it as far as site mechanics and layout goes, as you can tell it's a very simple site to browse.



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Pinky Lounge is an excellent site though there's just one thing which is preventing it from being perfect and it's the fact that it no longer looks like it's active on updates. It does great on just about every other aspect though, the models are attractive and know how to put up awesome shows and best of all the quality of the content is excellent! I hope I am wrong about the site being dormant on updates but with no date information it's hard to tell.

Pros & Cons

  • + Episodes are very arousing
  • + Hot amateur models
  • + Site is simple to browse
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Top notch quality
  • - Updates aren't dated