Deep In Her
Deep In Her 678 Deep In Her If you want to screw a chick with a dildo, but not to sure how to do it, then you might learn a thing or two from this site.
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Deep In Her

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Deep In Her

Short Review

If you want to screw a chick with a dildo, but not to sure how to do it, then you might learn a thing or two from this site. Girls don't like quick shallow strokes, they want long hard strokes, they want that dildo so far up their pussies, to the point of no return!

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

I've really come to appreciate this kind of porn, solo girl masturbation would have to be the most arousing type of porn in my books, why is that you wonder? Well I don't know if it's a personal fetish, but I just love seeing chicks getting themselves off with their toys, which is what I would rather watch then seeing some random dude ploughing away.

Although they have a humble collection of 14 exclusive episodes, the line up of starring ladies, is surprisingly diverse. They've included blonde bimbos, fiery redheads, spicy latinas, and grogeous brunettes, I was kind of hangin for an Asian bird, but it doesn't look as though they've starred any yet. Let's hope the developers keep this in mind when it comes to updates.

Exclusive scenes can be streamed, or downloaded in both low or high quality formats. Let me just say that your better off ignoring the low quality videos, cause they look really crap. The default screen size is tiny, the images is pixelated and grainy, and they're just generally unpleasent to watch. Either way they're really only for members with slow connections, but I suggest even they should stay away from these vids, and endure the wait of downloading the higher quality vids.

The high quality videos are a little superior in quality, the obvious differece is with the size of the screen. These videos are double the size of the lower quality videos, and the quality is somewhat better, but they are a tad grainy though, all in all they're a decent watch, but if your looking for flawless, top quality videos, then you may be a little disappointed.

Ok so the thought of 14 exclusive videos, probably didn't win any of you over, but don't make your mind up just yet, cause there's still a tonne of porn available on this page. It looks as though the extra content available on this site, overshadows the exclusive content, and with a massive number of scenes to download, it didn't really come as a surprise. Currently there are over 2400 of these videos on offer, split into 31 categories, needless to say their collection of porn is quite diverse.

Picture lovers will love the galleries, they've got on offer. There are currently over 1000 individual picture galleries to browse, these galleries have been organized into 15 categories, which are based around the solo masturbation niche. Quality of the pictures, vary throughout the different galleries, but for the most part they're generally pretty good, though you will come across a few galleries with grainy photos.

So that's pretty much it for the content to the content on this site, they could do with a few more exclusive videos, but with a monstrous collection of bonus content, it doesn't seem so bad. With over 2400 videos, and 1000 plus picture galleries, there's enough content here, to keep the members happy, while they get more exclusive videos uploaded, if that's what they intend on doing.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

The pictures you'll find on the tour pages are big, bold, and tell you exactly what the site has to offer, sexy babes plunging dildos down their tight little snatches, and if the pictures aren't enough to win over potential customers, then the free trailers surely will.

Exclusive content can be accessed straight off the main members area, you can also find the thumbnail links to the two bonus sites, and information on their latest updates, and news on this page. To access the bonus downloadable mpgs, and the rest of the content on offer, simply use the members menu provided, which should direct you to the section you want.

The exclusive episodes are presented on the main members area, by large thumbnails, and a short description on what the scene is about. Clicking on the large thumbnail will take you to the main streaming area, where you can proceed to view the videos.

The downloadable mpg section, is a lot easier to navigate. The various scenes are represented by 4 small thumbnails, which act as a storyboard of the episode, the download links are situated just below the thumbnails. On the left side of the page you'll find a menu, with 31 categories to choose from. This makes finding the content your after a whole lot faster, if only they gave the exclusive videos area, the layout.

All of the extra content like XXX online games, adult stories, and online magazines, can be accessed from the members menu, and there are also links to free dating services and live chats. So the site's pretty easy to navigate, the exclusive content is easily accessed of the main members area, and the interface is very user freindly, which makes one handed porn browsing a whole lot easier.



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The only thing this masturbating porn site can really improve on, is the amount of exclusive videos they have, and the videos could do with a bit of a makeover, the high quality videos are decent enough to watch, but there are still some rough edges which need to be smoothed out, everything else seems to be fine though, and the site's real easy to navigate.

Pros & Cons

  • + over 2400 bonus vids
  • + over 1000 picture galleries
  • + Site is easy to navigate
  • - Could do with more exclusive vids
  • - Quality of vids could do with improvement