Penetration Circus
Penetration Circus 379 Penetration Circus Tired of the same old solo masturbation porn, want something a little different, a little more extreme? Well look no further cause the content on this site is far from normal.
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Penetration Circus

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Penetration Circus

Short Review

Tired of the same old solo masturbation porn, want something a little different, a little more extreme? Well look no further cause the content on this site is far from normal. Thats right these chicks shove some of the most extreme toys up their little twats that they're talented enough to join the circus. Watch these hot ladies slowly inch some of the largest toys you'll ever see all the way up their tight little pussies.

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After a while you'd think that these women would have the loosest pussies ever cause the size of some of the toys they use are humongous. I didn't even think it was physically possible to be able to fit objects of this size up their tight pussies, but then again I suppose a babies head is meant to fit through there, so I suppose it isn't overly surprising. I was really hoping to see more content available on this site and I was a little disappointed to find that there are only 4 scenes available for download.

All the pornstars starring in their vids look to be milfs, very attractive ones I might add, so far they've got blondes and brunettes, but here's hoping they upload more of these crazy masturbation video the near future. That being said, there really isn't any solid info in regards to their update patterns, or if they're even updating at all, so I can't really give you solid backed up answer, only time will tell.

All video files on this site are in the format of wmvs so you can enjoy watching them through the standard windows media player which eliminates having to screw around with codecs and all that other crap you don't want to bother with. The featured episodes are only available in whole scenes, which will probably turn potential customers that are still on dial up away, especially knowing that their server speeds aren't the best and could take them ages just to download a single episode. It would have been nice if they included short chapters of an episode to keep the file sizes down.

I was surprised to see that the featured videos on this site are actually quite decent as a lot of the websites, this company has created had some really crappy featured videos. But anyway lets forget about that as the videos on this site are very viewable. For the most part the image is clear and the motion is fluid, though I wouldn't recommend watching some of these vids through a full screen as too much of the quality is sacrificed and you'll start to notice that the vids become very blurry and pixelated, but I'm glad to say that this applies to the minority of their collection of featured vids.

Now the thought of having only 4 videos will probably steer a lot of you away, but don't leave just yet cause even though there are only 4 featured videos, there is still a shit load of porn to check out in the form of bonus content. Ok so their collection of bonus content is massive! and really boosts the value of their membership, in fact I'd even say that the bonus content can be treated as the main dish as these vids severely overshadow the featured ones. Anyway before I start blabbing on about how much bonus content there is I'll tell you a little bit about them.

So far there are over 150 bonus videos available for download. These bonus vids cover a wide array of the different categories you can expect to find in the porn world, such as straight hardcore, lesbians, threesomes and 18-19 year old girls, they've even got bonus vids that are a little on the extreme side which include bizarre fetishes and bondage. Needless to say there's something here for just about everyone and seeing as there are so many of them, members won't have to worry about running out of porn to view.

But wait it doesn't stop there, as members have full access to over 70 porn related websites, these sites are strongly dedicated to providing video feeds only, so don't go thinking that you'll come across any downloadable content. There's a wide selection of different sites to choose from and like the bonus downloadable vids they cover a wide variety of different niches.

Currently there aren't any penetration circus picture galleries available, though there are a number of picture galleries to check out, it's just that they don't fall under the site's dedicated niche. But I will say that the picture galleries they have provided are great. I can't say they're the best pictures I've seen as some of the pictures were just a tad grainy and a little small for my liking, but then again I'm probably being too picky here as you can hardly tell that it's grainy at all. Apart from the 4 picture galleries available on this site, members have full access to 2 porn orientated sites which are dedicated to providing pictures only and knowing that one of the sites include over 31,000 hardcore images, it goes without saying that there's definitely no shortage of picture content.

Well their collection of adult media is very well rounded, they've got great bonus vids, video feeds and nice crisp pictures, though they really could do with a few more featured videos as there just isn't enough penetration circus content to keep the fans busy for a decent amount of time. Other than that though they're doing just fine as far as content goes.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

Now the site isn't all that flashy as most of the interface is just solid color so the site doesn't really have any aesthetic value, which may not mean much to some people, but personally if I was paying a monthly fee for a site, I'd expect it to look somewhat eye pleasing, but at the moment the site just looks really bland and unprofessional. The layout of the homepage is questionable as their content is all over the place and the layout is impractical, the first thing you'll notice is that there are like a thousand and one links on the home page that are named videos then you'll also notice video links and thumbnails sprawled down the length of the homepage, which is kind of confusing I mean there are videos here, there and all over the place, can't I just have 1 link for the featured videos and one link for the bonus ones at least that way it'd be a lot less confusing. Anyway you'll know what I mean when or if you check it out.

Ok like I said earlier there are thumbnails sprawled down the length of the homepage, the first ones you'll come across are the thumbnails and download links to their 4 downloadable scenes. Each scene has 5 thumbnails a short description and a video download link to access the video file of a particular scene. You'll find more bonus content as you scroll down the homepage including more videos, reality videos, downloadable videos, web cams and more downloadable videos, these will probably confuse some new members as there are just too many video sections and they aren't very specific when it comes to naming them, as members are left to guess what the video sections comprise of, for example there are two sections named, downloadable videos, now how am I meant to know how they differ or if they differ at all, only way is to look into each of them, but some people don't have the time to do that as they want to get right into the porn, it's just simple things like this which can make or break a members porn experience.

Everything can be accessed from the homepage, but this way can get a little confusing at the best of times, the easiest way to explore the site would have to be utilizing the navigational menu which can be found at the top of every page on this site, keep in mind that not all the sections on this site have been included in this menu and can only be accessed from the homepage. You can access all of the available video feeds by clicking on the videos link on the navigation menu, this should take you to a page which provides the 70+ sites worth of video feeds. Each site is represented by a thumbnail of either the banner, logo or a porn star, beside the thumbnail is a short description on what you could expect to see on the site. Clicking on anyone of these thumbnails should take you directly to that site's content area, where you can download away like there's no tomorrow. It's good to see that they've eliminated the process of having to re-enter your password every time you enter a new site as this task would have become very tedious.

There are a few fun extras to check out on this site which include various mini games that are a little on the erotic side, always great fun when you need to kill some time, although after a few goes I can see people getting tired of them as I did, but they're always nice to have around. Other than that there's not much else I can say about the features and navigation of the site, although the site does look nice and pretty the layout just isn't practical and may confuse members, though after time everything becomes second nature and you'll fly around the site, it just takes a little getting used to and screwing around.



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The one thing this site is lacking is featured videos, sure they've got a shit load of bonus content on offer, but at the end of the day people are going to join up for the penetration circus content, as a solo masturbation porn site there really isn't enough content to keep members going, but as a porn site in general there's a shit load here on offer.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tonnes of bonus content
  • + Access to multiple sites
  • - Needs more masturbation content
  • - Navigation can get confusing
  • - Layout is impractical