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If you love seeing luscious women get themselves off, then the content on this site will be right up your agenda. Watch as the lovely models coax themselves to an earth shattering orgasm, they'll moan, groan, and if you're lucky, you might just see them squirt! Playful hands has a current collection of over 100 exclusive episodes, and is updated on a weekly basis! So what are you waiting for? Cum check out these ladies with playful hands!
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Masturbation porn content, this is the type of porn just about anyone can enjoy. With no sleazy dude in the way to block the beautiful view, all you'll be seeing is pussy, pussy, and more pussy! And the pussy you'll be seeing on this site is just so tantalizing, you'll cream your pants before you even start watching the videos. That's right, there's no shortage of eye candy here, as every single one of the models is drop dead gorgeous.

For the most part, the ladies get themselves off using only their hands. They probe their asses, pump away at their delicate pussies, and some of the hornier ones even go the full fist. The use of toys is some what limited on this site, as it is named "Playful Hands" after all. However I did come across a few scenes where the girls were accompanied with their favorite toys, but they were few, and far between. Either way, the girls really know how to play with themselves, and it's arousing as hell watching them get off.

Playful Hands has been providing the world with masturbation content since the start of October in 2005, so it been up for almost 2 years now. The 102nd episodes was uploaded on the 8th of September '07, so the site is still active on updates. Plus with news on future updates, this makes it even more evident that they aren't slowing down on updates. Looking through the update logs, it looks as though a new update is released every 7 days, and so far they haven't missed a beat.

All episodes come with videos which run for approximately 30 minutes each. The videos can be streamed off the site, and downloaded in short clips which have no DRM restrictions. The streamed videos are available in Wmv format, this version clocks in at (1000kbps @ 448x336). The downloadable videos on the other hand are available in two formats. These include Mpeg, and Wmv. Out of the two formats the Mpegs came out highest in bit rate (1300kbps @ 512x384). The Wmvs are just as easy on the eyes, this particular version comes in a bit rate of (1100kbps @ 400x300). There's not a whole lot of difference between the different formats, so you can expect to be up for some quality viewing, no matter what format you opt for.

In addition to the videos, episodes also come with gorgeous photo sets, with roughly 140 images each. It looks as though these were taken along with the video footage, as you'll notice the photos follow along with the action. The great part is that all galleries include a few posing shots at the start of the galleries, great for those of you who love softcore photos. All in all I was very impressed with the quality, plus the images are decently sized, available in dimensions of up to (1280x834 pixels).

Members who keep their memberships live are in for a big surprise. Every month you'll have the option of unlocking 2 out of the 30 exclusive bonus sites available. Every single one of the sites are top notch, some of which are just as impressive as this one, and some even more so. The 30 sites all cover a unique niche, and cover a huge array of popular categories, and kinky fetishes. This deal will definately keep members coming back for more.

Features & Navigation:

After logging in through the tour pages filled with eye candy, members are directed straight to the homepage. I found the site a breeze to navigate, that and every thing just looks so great. From the mild color scheme, to the simple, and neat layout, all the big, and little aspects of the site just ooze with quality. The navigation menu provided will definately come in handy. This consists of links to the featured content, and bonus sites. There are also links which will access third party services like live cam shows, and adult shops.

The homepage mainly consists of information on updates. From here you can check up on the latest, and most recent updates. There's even a section on the future update, this will definately keep members happy knowing that there's always something new to come back to. Scrolling further down the page will land you on the most popular episodes section, and just below you'll find the bonus sites area. All 30 sites are presented by great looking thumbnail links. Obviously these will direct you to the homepage of your chosen site.

If you wish to view the entire archive of episodes, simply utilize the link marked exclusive content. This link is situated within the top navigation menu. Once clicked on you'll be taken to a section made up of 17 indexed pages, each page contains up to 6 episodes. Each episode has it's own section within these pages. This section includes 4 thumbnails, a rating, information on when the episode was uploaded, and a short description. You'll also find the links to the video, and picture galleries within this area.

The photo galleries are fairly straight forward as they work just like any other gallery. The only standout feature, is that you have the option of downloading entire sets in a zip file. The video galleries are also self explanatory. A single click on the download links provided, and your download should automatically start. Simple as pie!


All in All, Playful Hands is an all around great site. All the important, and little aspects of the site are outstanding. Every thing from the quality of the videos, to the sexy masturbation scenes, and gorgeous ladies is top notch. Plus with a new episode added every week, we're sure to be in for plenty more of these sizzling hot episodes. The final verdict is Playful Hands gets my full recommendation, two thumbs up!

Pros & Cons

+ Very arousing episodes
+ Drool worthy models
+ Decent sized archive
+ Media looks great
+ All exclusive episodes
+ Constant updates
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