Solo Stunners
Solo Stunners 565 Solo Stunners Solo brings you the hottest, most horniest and sexiest looking babes from around the world, and presented them on this hot little site.
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Solo Stunners

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Solo Stunners

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Solo brings you the hottest, most horniest and sexiest looking babes from around the world, and presented them on this hot little site. These perfect women love stripping in front of the camera, pulling out their favorite sex toys and banging themselves senseless, for your viewing pleasure.

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Solo girl masturbation is without a doubt my favorite kind of porn, merely due to the fact that you won't be witnessing sleazy looking guys pulling their moves on the gorgeous women, and personally there is nothing more arousing then seeing a gorgeous chick get herself off.

The weren't lying about bringing you the hottest girls they could find, cause all of their models look deliciously sexy, and their line up of models, is pretty diverse. They've included redheads, latinas, blondes and brunettes, too bad they don't have any exotic Asian hunnies, but seeing as they still update, we could be watching a sexy Asian babe, getting herself off in the future.

All up there are 44 models to choose from, each one as gorgeous as the next. All the models come with a set of Hi-res Photos, screen captures, and of course a video clip. All the videos have been split into short chapters in order to keep the file sizes down, also this way around members can choose to skip the boring bits, and go straight to the more arousing segments if they want. All of the videos on this site are in wmv format, so you can watch them through the standard, windows media player, without having to stuff around with codecs and all that other technical crap.

If you know what screen captures are all about, then you know to skip them and go straight to the Hi-res photos, if you don't then let me tell you a little bit about them. For starters screen captures and porn don't really mix well, due to the rapid motion usually involved in porn. Rapid motion comes up as blurs on a screen capture, so most of the times, your left with either blurry or distorted images. Anyway now that's all cleared up, lets see how the Hi-Res photos look.

The Hi-Res photos look great, the images are crisp, and the colors are bright and vibrant, with not a hint of blur or distortion to be seen. Pictures come in varying dimensions, but for the most part, they're generally quite large. If you find that the pictures are a little small for your liking, then you can always download them, so that you can zoom in on them through a picture viewer.

Members are given full access to the other sites on the network. All up there are 12 of these sites to choose from. The sites provided fall under various niches including, blondes, big titties, internal cumshots, pov, and anal. All these sites contain just as much content as this site does, and are great if a member needs a break from the babes, on this site.

Nav, Design & Features

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From the moment you arrive on their tour pages, you get a feeling that the content on this site is going to be good, cause the tour pages are littered with photos of hot looking babes, plus the presentation of the page, really works for the site, giving it a hot kind of feel.

The presentation of the members area, is just as eye catching, everything is nicely spaced out, the top banner looks great, and the background wallpaper is very subtle, with hypnotic patterns. The first thing you'll notice on this page, is a large thumbnail representing their latest update, including the links to the videos, and pictures, for the new episode. Towards the top left of the site is where you will find information regarding their past updates.

Further down the main members area, you'll come across several thumbnails of their starring models. These girls are their latest additions to their line up, and each thumbnail takes you to that girls media downloads area, where you can access all the media, that model stars in.

To see their entire line up of models, click on the button labeled Our Girls situated on the navigational menu, found under the top banner. This should direct you to a page, consisting of several thumbnails. These thumbnails are of close up shots, of the models faces. Clicking on a thumbnail will direct you to another page, which includes information about the model, and the links to the videos, and picture galleries, that model stars in. Members have the ability to rate all the available videos, so that new and fellow members, know exactly where to look, for the good stuff.

To access all the other sites on this network, simply click on the button marked Bonus Sites. This will direct you to a page which contains the links to the 12 sites, members have full access to. Clicking on any one of the thumbnail links, will take you directly to that site's members area, where you can proceed to download, as much of the content available.

That's pretty much it, the sites very simple to navigate, and that's exactly how we want it, cause lets face it, no one wants to deal with a confusing site, while they're in the middle of getting their rocks off, right? Well with a simple site like this you could get your rocks off, and have a three course meal at the same time.....well maybe not, but you get the idea.



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Definitely a site worth checking out if your into solo girl masturbation porn, actually let me re-word that, this site is worth checking out if you like porn in general. The vids look great, the girls are hot, and there's not a cock to be seen, truly a site for the masses.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot models
  • + Videos are great to watch
  • + Solo girl masturbation porn rocks
  • + Very easy to navigate
  • + Access to multiple sites