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Granny Pokers 3426 Granny Pokers If you're a fan of Scotch then you understand that the more it ages the better it is. At Granny Pokers they apply a similar theory to their women.
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Granny Pokers

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Granny Pokers

Short Review

If you're a fan of Scotch then you understand that the more it ages the better it is. At Granny Pokers they apply a similar theory to their women. These sexy senior sluts have been sucking and fucking decades longer than any young, inexperienced pussy you're likely to bang. These experienced sluts take these young studs for a ride they are not likely to forget. All of this delivered in high quality and with tons of bonus content.

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Let's be honest, sex is the last thing that comes to my mind when I think of women over the age of 50. But realistically, there is no reason why women at that age wouldn't be just as horny as they would be at any other age and according to Granny Pokers that's just what they are. The sexy, old sluts here look and act hungry for cock and if their dripping pussies were not proof enough, you should see the way they handle a hard cock. Usually you would see old ladies sitting in the porch looking as if they would break a hip if they bent over, well I don't know where they get these flexible birds from but wherever that is, that's where I want to go when I get old.

There are currently 23 episodes available and even though the tour promises that the network grows weekly, the scenes are not dated so there is no real way to know when they were added and with what frequency. Each episode averages 30 minutes in length and you can stream or download the episodes in DVD quality WMV 4000k, 1280x720, or HD 852x480. When it comes to quality, it doesn't get much better than this. For the three most recent episodes, there is also an embedded FLV player as well as additional download options in MP4, and Quicktime MOV for Mac users.

The matching 23 sets of Hi-Res photos average 200 pictures each. Since a lot of the scenes don't really have much of a story behind them, the pics follow the action so you can see granny's teasing and stripping frame by frame.

Even though some of the scenes go straight to the action, there are others that make the buildup more exciting. Take Elke for example, after the handyman fixes her TV, instead of making him some cookies she offers him her cookie instead to see if he can add some cream to it. So much for the sweet old lady routine, this site is full of horny old ladies and they are not afraid to show it.

If you think there is not much content here to keep you busy for a while, think again. There are 10 other sites that come with your membership including another one focused on mature ladies called Spicy Matures. All of these sites have the same high quality content as in Granny Pokers and they don't stop there, they also have 5155 bonus video feeds in their database.

Nav, Design & Features

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As soon as you get to the members home page, there is a welcome note that says among other things: "Before you rush into the video and pictures take a moment to look at all the links on this page. Every one of them will lead you to more of the hot porn that this site has to offer. Many of these links will follow you through the site and any time you want to come back to this page just hit the 'Home' link". Although this proves to be very true the first thing I notice is that the design and navigation of Granny Pokers can be described in one word, LONG!

The home page displays every single one of the 23 scenes available with a massive Hi-Res 852x480 image followed by one row of thumbs, each showing more stills of the action. If that weren't enough, below all that scrolling you'll have to do to get to the last piece of content you will find a listing of the bonus sites. Instead of having say one thumb per site, there is a thumb of the last six scenes the site offers arranged in two rows. Keep in mind that there are 10 bonus sites. If you think that's all, think again, because underneath all of this there is also a section for bonus movies that in addition to having clickable links to the different niches they cover, you guessed it, more thumbs. This time, there are over 10 more rows of thumbs.

Despite all of this, the site is very easy to navigate around; there is a tabbed menu at the top of the page. The Bonus Sites and Bonus Movies each have a tab so I'm not sure why they felt the need to add these to the home page. Not that it's such a bad thing unless you happen to have a slow internet connection. There are also tabs to go to live cams, dating, troubleshooting and contact. But as the welcome note said, Home tab is where you want to head to see the content you are here for. Once you decide which granny you want to view there are two links, one to play movie and the other to view the picture sets, both will take you to the same page. This page will have a description followed by download/stream options. If you want to save the movie to your hard drive, right click the link and "Save Target As ..." The three newest episodes as of this review have a couple more download options and an embedded FLV player.

Below the movie options you have the gallery of pictures that match the set. Each picture opens in a separate window and you have to go back to check the next one since there is no navigation to go from photo to photo. There is also no easy option to save the entire gallery.



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If you are into mature women look no further than the content available to you at Granny Pokers. The quality of the content is as good as it gets. The navigation, although not hard to get used to could present problems if you happen to have a slow connection, other than that you will breeze through it in a flash. If you also enjoy a wide variety of porn, the bonus sites and feeds that come with your membership are alone worth the price.

Pros & Cons

  • + Great Quality Movies and Pictures
  • + Abundant Bonus Content
  • - Could Improve Navigation