3681 This site is basically your typical online DVD archive sporting thousands of titles which derive from various adult production companies and starring a nice selection of some of the hottest pornstars
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This site is basically your typical online DVD archive sporting thousands of titles which derive from various adult production companies and starring a nice selection of some of the hottest pornstars around. The site covers quite the diverse selection of niches to keep member's porn experience as entertaining as possible. The site boasts over 2000 DVD titles available in high quality videos which are available for members to download and keep.

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Online DVD archives such as are a dime a dozen nowadays and with so much competition around the developers need to pull out the big guns to be noticed in the crowd. So straight to the question, does have what it takes to be recognized? Well from what I have seen so far it certainly has the potential to be, I have to say that it doesn't bring anything new to the table which to be honest is pretty hard nowadays but at least it does excel when it comes to numbers as the site currently has over 2000 full length DVD titles available and if you do the math there that's enough to keep members going for the next decade or so, not to mention the fact that the site is still being added to on a regular basis. Quite a change from most DVD archives does have some DVD titles which are exclusive to the site however the bulk of the titles aren't exclusive. But like I always say when it comes to online DVD archives, with that much porn at your disposal who in their right mind would complain right?

The great thing about online DVD archives is that there is never a shortage on variety and the same can be said for The site covers 33 different categories ranging from mainstream favorites such as legal teens, lesbians, and hardcore, they even include a nice selection of fetish based titles to keep their kinky members happy. Not only does the site do well on providing a nice selection of categories but there's quite the variety of women to boot ranging from well known pornstars to lesser known pornstars in all ages, shapes, sizes, and nationalities so it goes without saying that no matter what kind of ladies you are in to it's more than likely that you'll find more than a few here which will strike your fancy.

Members have the option of downloading the individual scenes from the DVD titles which can run from anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes each. Each scene is available in three different versions including wmv, mov, and for those of you who like to watch porn on the go they have included mp4 versions of the episodes which can be played on portable devices such as iPods and PSPs which support video playback. Out of the three formats the wmvs are available in the highest encoding rate being 2000kbps with a resolution of 640x480. Quite average as far as standards go nowadays however the high kbps rate does allow for decent viewing even if you were to blow the videos up to full view despite the mediocre resolution. Also the fact that they have no DRM means members can keep the videos for as long as they wish and by the end of it all I am sure they'll have quite the collection to show off to their friends.

Nav, Design & Features

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Everything is pretty basic as far as site layout goes, if you've ever browsed a DVD online archive before then you'll more than likely be quite familiar with making your way through this one. Content is displayed via box covers which once clicked on will take you to the main download section. This download section is filled with the needed download links for the various scenes and video formats along with the thumbnailed screen shots which will give members a rough idea on what the scene involves. Right on the home page members are immediately presented with the most popular DVD titles. There is a menu however which will allow you to browse thought he content via newest releases, most watched, and highest rated scenes. Clicking on these links will replace the box covers with your chosen criteria on the homepage.

Members can choose to view the content via categories, this can be done by utilizing the links which are located down the right border of the site towards the bottom. Clicking on anyone of the categories will bring up all the DVD box titles which cover your chosen niche so members can be specific with what they are browsing. Other search tools include the option of browsing through the content via pornstar. Overall I felt that it was quite an easy task to hunt down the exact type of content you're after thanks to the category links, plus the pornstar search makes it easy to track down a pornstar if you fancy seeing only the titles they star in.

Well at the end of the day I certainly had no qualms with how the site works as it is pretty damn simple to find the content you are after. Besides the easy navigation the site also does quite well as far as site presentation goes, the light colors used are very easy on the eyes and the site does look quite impressive without being overly flashy. I also found the layout to be quite neat as all the items on the page have been nicely spread out so the pages never look to cluttered. So all in all I certainly had no gripes with both the navigation and the presentation of the site as the developers have done a great job on making the site look great and a breeze to navigate.



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So as you can see does certainly have the potential to have the crowds looking its way rather than other online DVD archives out there just so long as it keeps up with updates because the numbers they are currently boasting are pretty standard amongst online DVD archives. What it does have in it's advantage however is that there are a number of exclusive titles within it's archive which is always a plus.

Pros & Cons

  • + Includes some exclusive titles
  • + Decent amount of titles
  • + Easy to browse & good site presentation
  • + Nice search tools
  • - Videos could have higher res