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ATK Galleria 3706 ATK Galleria ATK Galleria has got to be one of the most extensive archives of soft and hardcore amateur content that I have ever see.
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ATK Galleria

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ATK Galleria

Short Review

ATK Galleria has got to be one of the most extensive archives of soft and hardcore amateur content that I have ever see. It's been around since 1997 and now has over 5000 videos all starring hot ass girls that you probably have not seen before as well as a collection of more photographs than you could ever manage to see in a lifetime. If you love amateur babes in hot videos, look no further!

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ATK Galleria has been around for 12 years now and it is still one of the best amateur porn websites available on the internet. Their huge archives dwarf most of the competition and there's a huge variety of stuff here that almost anyone can enjoy. Definitely read on if you're looking for great porn starring real looking broads in real looking sex.

So far on the site there are literally over 5500 videos available for your downloading pleasure. Within the thousands of video clips you will find a huge variety of sexy stuff including everything from some fully clothed girls teasing you to some dirty sluts taking cock deep into every one of their holes. The lengths of the videos as well as the quality of the girls and production value varies due to the nature of the beast, but I easily found a ton of top notch stuff that got my rocks off. There are girls of every shape, size, age and race around the site so you'll definitely find porn that you love.

The videos are available on the site in a few different files and formats; the newer uploads being of higher quality. A lot of the older updates you'll find come in an oldschool 90's MPEG (320x240 @ 1400kbps) which still looks good although it is obviously dated. The newer updates you will find in a much better looking MOV (640x480 @ 1600kbps) or a just as good Windows WMV (640x480 @ 1800kbps). All videos have small but non intrusive watermarks on them and there are no DRM restrictions!

Now if you're looking for photo content, you're in for a real treat! There are way over 1 MILLION images on the site, which by my calculations would be near impossible to ever get through. As with the videos, the content and quality ranges quite a bit, but there are a ton of great galleries in here so I'm sure you'll find something you like. If you want to view the pics online you can do that, otherwise there are ZIP files available that contain the same sets.

There isn't much else to the site after the movie and photo galleries, but if you're looking for bonuses after having had this much porn at your disposal you may have to seek medical help! 4000+ models site wide HAS to be enough porn for anyone and the membership could really last you for years.

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ATK Galleria has a shit load of content, and its decently designed website makes it nice and easy to look through and check it all out. The main front page is your standard tour page that will let you know all of the sites stats and give you a sampling of the content. Logging into the site only requires a few seconds and a captcha code which is not too bad at all.

The inner pages of the site are decent enough looking and its quite easy to figure the whole thing out. You will see all of the recently added material on the front page mixed in with a few subtle ads. The site menu at the top will link you to the sections of the site including the photo section and the movie section.

Click the movies link at the top to access the galleries. Unfortunately, there is no real organization or categories here which makes it a bit hard to find specific stuff. Instead you just have to click and browse through the many sections until you find something you want. From there you'll find a direct download link to the video files and a spot where you can rate the scenes out of 5.

The photo galleries are a bit more organized; they are sorted by soft and hardcore, but there are still no specific categories so again you must browse through them to find something that looks nice. The galleries you'll find are thumbnail galleries and clicking the images enlarges the jpg in your internet window. On the same page you'll be able to click the ZIP link to download the full sets.

Being such a big site, the web hosting they use has to be pretty damn good, and therefore everything loads up really fast. The downloadable files aren't too big and they download quick as well, so you won't be waiting around for hours with your dick in your hand.



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If you love amateur girls and want to sign up to the biggest and most established porn site on the net, definitely have a closer look at ATK Galleria. The site is stacked right to the tits with more content than one man could ever watch, and its all pretty easy to get to even though it isn't the most organized.

Pros & Cons

  • + Millions of photos
  • + Thousands of videos
  • + Easy navigation
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