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DVD Tube 1888 DVD Tube DVD Tube is essentially an online DVD archive, but what sets this one apart from others, is that this one is one of the most extensive I've seen around.
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DVD Tube

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DVD Tube

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DVD Tube is essentially an online DVD archive, but what sets this one apart from others, is that this one is one of the most extensive I've seen around. With an archive of epic proportions adding up to 4000! full length DVD titles, members are ensured quality porn viewing for many years to come. DVD Tube offers titles under a variety of well known production companies, all of which can be streamed, and downloaded to keep forever.

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Now I thought I've already seen some of the bigger DVD archives, but DVD Tube comes along and totally blows every thing out of the water. The site currently holds a daunting collection of over 4000 retail DVD titles, and as if that wasn't already enough, they add another 3 titles every single day without fail! Needless to say, members are set for life when it comes to porn, because there's no way in hell a single person could blow through that collection.

All up there are 68 different categories to choose from. However, having a quick look through the niches, I did find some of them kind of overlap, take for example gonzo, and hardcore were included, which are essentially the same niche. Either way there's still a very nice selection of categories to choose from, and it looks as though no body is left out of the loop. They've got every thing from lesbians, anal, young adults, and interracial. To the more kinkier niches including BBW, bisexual, bondage, hairy...Well you get the idea, pretty much every kind of porn you can think of is covered.

Now it goes without saying that the content is nonexclusive, but with a collection of this magnitude, who in their right mind would complain. The DVD titles provided derive from various production companies, some of which are well known to those of you who are familiar with buying retail porn titles. So you can forget about short crappy scenes, because these DVDs run for any where between 1 to 3 ball busting hours!

When it comes to DVD archives such as this, one of the main questions asked is whether or not the quality stays consistent through out the DVDs. This is asked due to the diversity of production companies, and there's bound to be a crappy DVD or three in the mix. Well I'd be here for months on end if I were to go through every single scene, but from what I've viewed, they're generally pretty decent in quality. Though it goes without saying that you probably will come across a few DVD titles with scenes that aren't overly hot. But I'm guessing these are heavily out weighed by the higher quality scenes.

To ensure the quality doesn't differ too much, the developers have encoded the individual scenes in formidable bit rates. It looks as though the DVDs are only available to download in full, which could make things a little intimidating for members on slower connections as the files can get quite large. It would have been nice if they allowed for individual scene downloads, but it looks like they've skipped on that option. Streaming the content is a little more convenient, as the option of streaming specific scenes is available.

Thankfully there's different quality versions of the various DVDs, this makes life a little easier for all types of connections. All videos on this site have been encoded in windows media format (Wmv) so they'll play perfectly fine through your standard windows video player. The highest quality videos on offer come in a bit rate of 2000kbps, this is for both streamed, and downloaded versions. Both these versions also come in the same screen size of 512x384. So as you can tell by those formidable specs, these videos are a very decent watch.

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When I first laid eyes on this site, I knew it was going to be special. Just the designs, and bright colors of the site are enough to make you want to join, let alone the tons of content on offer. Everything about the site just screams quality. From the great looking buttons, the awesome flash animations, the eye catching color scheme. Basically it's just an orgasmic site to look at, an awesome job by the site designers.

Apart from being pure eye candy, the site is also a pleasure to browse. From the homepage you're immediately treated with a cool flash animation filled with gorgeous hotties, and a whole heap of information in regards to updates, and the latest news. There's even a countdown timer on when the next 3 DVDs will be uploaded.

At the top of the page you'll find links which will take you to the new releases, most popular DVDs, and a link that will back track you to the homepage. Down the left hand side of the site is where you'll come across the search tools. There's a search box, the option to do an advanced search, a search tool which allows you to browse via pornstar, and a drop down menu consisting of the various categories.

Every single DVD has it's own dedicated page. Within this page you'll find a large picture of the front cover, plus the various download, and streaming links. There's also information on which pornstars star on the DVD, and how long the entire DVD runs for. Towards the bottom of this page you'll find various thumbnails which act as a storyboard of the DVD. Beneath these thumbnails are streaming links which will allow you to view the scenes on an individual basis.

So that's pretty much all I can say about how the site works. Although it looks nice, and a little complex, it's actually a very simple site to browse. A top notch job on the designers end, great looks, great search tools, and easy to access content.



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By now I'm sure it's blatantly obvious that this is one killer of a site. Apart from a few minor imperfections with the download options, this site is perfect. You've got a seemingly endless supply of porn, and a variety so diverse, you'll have trouble picking where to start. Not only is the content great, but the site itself is a pleasure to browse. There's no going wrong here people, I whole heartedly give this site my highest recommendations.

Pros & Cons

  • + Over 4000 DVD titles
  • + Daily updates
  • + Videos look great
  • + Great variety of porn
  • + Site looks awesome
  • - Could have more download options