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Are you sick of those sites that only provide mere scenes rather than a full blown DVD title? Well I know I am, then I stumbled across DVD Unlimited this hot site has a seemingly endless supply of adult DVD titles which you can download and keep forever. Who needs those seedy adult stores and those awkward trips to the video store when you got 2467 DVDs right under this one site.
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It seems like more and more porn site companies are uncovering the potential of these huge online DVD archives and being as successful as they are who could blame them right? So the aspects that sets them apart from one another is the amount of DVD titles they have, the quality of their content, the categories they've covered, and whether or not they include some exclusive content as well. All up there's a total grand total of 2467 DVD titles to choose from, needless to say that's enough content to last you a life time, and with information stating that they update up to 5 times a day, you won't be running out of porn any time soon!

Just as impressive as their extensive collection is the wide range of categories they've covered, they've included all of the popular mainstream niches such as, lesbians, 18-19 year olds, and anal, and they've even got some of the more fetish based categories like BDSM, foot fetish, and BBW. Keep in mind this is only a few of the categories as the list is way too long to write here, but you can take my word for it that there's something here for just about everyone.

They haven't held back as far as video options go, and they've also tried to make things as convenient as they can for members who have slow net connections. You can download the videos in wmv, mov, and mp4 format, I should also mention that the mp4s are compatible with most portable media players such as iPods and PSPs these will definately keep you entertained on those long road trips.

Members also have the option of what quality they want to view the scenes in whether it be high, medium or low. The high quality scenes can get upwards of 400MBs in size so obviously they're tailored towards broadband connections, where as the low quality scenes can get as little as 7MBs making them perfect for dial-up connections, but if your after quality then I suggest you stick with the higher quality vids even if they do take quite some time to download, as it's all worth it in the end.

There isn't any picture content included on this site, but with a huge collection of full DVD titles who needs them right? So I can honestly say that I was quite impressed with their content and the amount of DVD titles they have is just mind boggling, like I said it could take you an entire life time to finish watching all their DVDs, that being said you won't have to join another porn site ever again.

Features & Navigation:

The great thing about this site is that you can pretty much browse the whole thing without having to be a member, this is convenient in that members can check it out first hand on what they're signing up for, of course the only difference is they won't be able to download the scenes, but they can pretty much do everything else.

By default the DVD titles are organized by upload date, so that the newest titles will be found towards the front of the bunch. Personally I thought they could have included more search tools than just by categories which is what they currently have. It would have been nice if you could search by title name in alphabetical order, or by pornstar name.

The site is made up of a huge 247 pages with 10 DVD titles included on each one, the DVD titles are represented with thumbnails taken from one of the scenes and the box cover. Clicking on the link marked "view this titles scenes" will take you to the download area for that title where you can access the download links of the various video formats.

Well there isn't much else to say about how this site works, you can take my word for it that it's damn easy to navigate, though if I were to change or add anything to the site's mechanics, it would have been to include a few more search options like the ones I mentioned earlier ie. porstar names, and alphabetical order, but I suppose searching by categories should help you out just fine, other than that though I had no problems with the site, oh and I should also mention that the site looks pretty nice to boot!


DVD Unlimited is one of the bigger DVD online archives around, and by the sounds of things it's only going to keep growing. They've got a great collection of titles under a wide variety of steamy categories. Definitely check this one out if your looking for a bargain, cause bargains don't get any sweeter than this, access to 2467 scorching hot DVDs for only $39.95 a month! this is just way too hot to pass up check it out now!

Pros & Cons

+ Huge amount of DVDs
+ Nice array of categories
+ Very frequent updates
+ Easy to navigate
+ Great bargain
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