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Meat Members 3510 Meat Members Meat Members is a network pass site that grants members access to 48 individual collections. Many of these collections have been online for five or more years, some of them for over a decade.
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Meat Members

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Meat Members

Short Review

Meat Members is a network pass site that grants members access to 48 individual collections. Many of these collections have been online for five or more years, some of them for over a decade. The Meat Members sites are well known among fans of extreme hardcore content, and while they have toned things down over the years, extreme hardcore remains their focus to this day.

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Many of the Meat Members sites have been around for quite some time, and the network site here has gone through several design changes and various incarnations over the years. When I visited in mid October of 2013, I found a collection of 2600 scenes for the network as a whole. 1100 of these video scenes also include a set of digital still photos. While the network lists multiple updates every day, I don't believe new materials are actually being added to these collections. Most of these "new" scenes appear to be older scenes from previous years that have been added back to the collection with new dates.

This is a decidedly hardcore network with a focus on extreme hardcore action, but there is a considerable amount of variation within the extreme hardcore theme. There are collections dedicated to Asian women, blow jobs, anal sex, double penetration, black chicks, gang bangs, MILFs, and much more. Most of what you'll see here is pure action without a lot of dialogue or plot to get in the way. Sometimes an entire site's worth of materials seems to have been shot in the same living room on the same couch with the same art on the wall and the scenes can sometimes start to feel a bit repetitive, especially within the same collection.

Since the Meat Members collection does not seem to be actively filming and adding new scenes, it came as no surprise that none of the materials here are offered at HD quality levels. Since most hardcore sites these days are offering HD flicks, that means that the overall quality level of the collection here is below average when compared to similar collections. Most of the scenes look at least okay for the time they were filmed, but a high quality level is definitely not a selling point here.

Nav, Design & Features

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All of the materials from the various Meat Members sites can be accessed from a central network members area. Upon logging in, the entire network's list of videos are displayed beginning on the first page. You can also narrow the collection to just one of the included sites. Photos are found in their own section. Most of the menu options lead to ads and up sells for other sites and services, but luckily the site does offer a basic keyword search box as well as an advanced search page that allows you to get pretty specific with finding certain things within the collection. You can combine various keywords and phrases, exclude certain keywords, narrow your results to include only video or photo materials, and search by category from this advanced search page.

Each video here can be downloaded in your choice of MPEG, WMV, or MP4 format. Each of these formats is offered at a single quality level. Streaming in Flash format is also available at a single quality level. Download speeds were pretty nice, but several of the video files I downloaded had some kind of technical issue and I was unable to play them on any of the standard video players I typically use. I also had trouble downloading the ZIP files for some of the image sets.



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The Meat Members network still has a large collection to offer and probably still holds a lot of appeal for fans of extreme hardcore action. Although it's well known among fans that some of the most extreme stuff from the collection disappeared years ago, this is still one of the most unwaveringly dedicated extreme hardcore collections out there offering a collection this size.

Pros & Cons

  • + 48 collections for one price
  • + Mostly exclusive scenes
  • + Streaming and download supported
  • + Advanced search page
  • - Below average quality
  • - Some technical issues
  • - Rotates rather than updates scenes