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Skin Video 3155 Skin Video Skin Video could only be classified as a variety site providing DVD content, amateur videos, and just porn in general.
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Skin Video

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Skin Video

Short Review

Skin Video could only be classified as a variety site providing DVD content, amateur videos, and just porn in general. The collection of videos is of epic proportions and I'm sure members will have a hard time picking where to start due to the massive amounts of content on offer. Quality of their content is very high and the variety on offer is very diverse to say the utmost least. Fans of porn in general should definitely read the review to see if it's a site for them.

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At first this site reminded me of youtube purely because of the setup which had me worrying that members could not download the episodes but alas members can and they're also of surprisingly high quality. Anyway like I said in the short review this site has a mind boggling selection of different types of porn on offer, the main categories include fetishes, sex acts, style, age, body features, ethnicity, and gay. Aside from the main categories there are 86 sub categories spread across the main ones, so yeah there is quite a buffet of smut to indulge in, plus with gay content on offer just about everyone can enjoy this site.

Just to give members a quick idea on the massive scale of content there is on offer there is close to 40,000 scenes available and that's only the tip of the iceberg because apparently this site gets updated on an hourly basis! Yup so ever hour there's something new for members to check out which basically means members are set for life when it comes to porn. In addition to the videos members also have a collection of 462 photo sets to go through which are just as diverse as the video content on offer. I should mention that the content is not exclusive to the site, but with a massive collection like this on offer I am sure not too many people will be complaining about this issue.

Ok lets check out just how good or bad the videos on offer look. First off the bulk of the videos run for approximately 15 minutes each, members can choose to stream the content off the site in flash format with resolutions of 720x480. Members also have the choice of downloading the videos in avi files which are the highest in quality clocking in at (2000kbps @ 720x480) and there are also mp4 versions of the videos so that members can enjoy viewing them on portable devices which support video play back. The mp4 version has an encoding rate of (800kbps @ 320x240) which isn't as high in quality as the others but these were specifically designed to be played on a small screen so they do look quite decent.

In addition to all the other videos there's a total of over 2000 DVD titles to check out. The scenes within the DVDs can be downloaded and streamed individually and are of the same quality as the other videos. Like the featured videos the DVD titles aren't exclusive to the site as they derive from various production companies. Also as a side dish to the featured content are the great photos however members have to fork out an extra $4.99 just to view them which is worth it in my opinion if you enjoy your photos as the photos on offer are excellent.

Nav, Design & Features

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There's no real tour page to Skin Video as potential members can basically browse through the entire site as though they were a member. This is good in that potential members can see exactly what they will be paying for and I am sure that they will certainly be pleased with what they see making a sign-up almost impossible to resist. Like I said earlier in the review the site does look reminiscent to a tube site, it does look a little dull to be brutally honest however the site does look neat at least.

After logging in members are taken immediately to the latest update section from where you can pretty much view the entire collection of videos which have been organized over a span of indexed pages from latest to oldest. On default each page contains 40 thumbnails but members can customize that number to up to 100, the size of the thumbnails can also be changed as well. Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to the main media section of your chosen episode from where the video will automatically start streaming. From here you can also access the download links for the various formats.

Members have quite the selection of search and browsing tools to help them out with being more specific on their porn browsing. First off there's a search engine provided which I'd imagine could only be helpful if you have a certain model you are looking for because links to the various categories are organized in a list just below the search engine. Members can also use the model gallery from where they will be presented with thumbnail links featuring a portrait of the pornstar, obviously clicking on these will take you to a page which consists of all the content that particular model starred in.

The set up of the DVD archive is similar to most online DVD collections you may have come across before, all the content is presented via the DVD box cover which once clicked on will take you to a page including the download links for the various scenes. The image gallery is also quite easy to use as it works just like any other garden variety photo gallery out there, only this time members can choose to download the sets in zip files to view them offline.



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As far as content numbers and quality goes this site is pulling out all aces and with the epic diversity of different types of porn on offer this is certainly a site just about any type of porn fan can enjoy. Seriously though this site just doesn't do any wrong and has hit the nail on the head for all the things that count. If you consider yourself a porn fan you owe it to yourself to check this site out.

Pros & Cons

  • + Insane amount of content
  • + Updated on an hourly basis
  • + Excellent media quality
  • + Great search tools
  • + Very easy to navigate
  • + All around great site