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You get all kinds of wild and wonderful things to see and do at Vivid. This site, that's been around a long time now, is still stocking up on new scenes, celebrity news and sex tapes, with exclusive content and masses of bonuses too. There's a good line up of porn stars past and present, classic movie scenes, up to date and new ones and then all the background and news, info and candid vids from some top celebs as well. It's a great big collection of all kinds of wild stuff and can't be missed.
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Our total rating: 76/100

Detailed Review:


There is a lot to explore at Vivid, not least of all the hot porn, and you start off straight away on the home page with an advert for their other site, Vivid Celeb - there are some celeb tape excerpts in this site though, and lots of named porn stars. Scroll down to the updates and you'll see that the content is being added to every day; well, it was for the few weeks before my visit at least. To find everything else, use the Vivid Features tab in the menu and you'll the a drop down. It's here that the fun really starts.

Vivid Movies comes up first and here there's a collection of 1,284 movie scenes. There is a great mix of genres here: lesbians, black babes, women and grannies, Milfs, hardcore, BBW, threesomes, creampie, anal, orgies, you name it, it's here. Each scene is shown with a sample shot and a short description and a button to click to find the movie. This was a bit confusing at first as nothing appeared to happen. Then I noticed that the top of the page had changed and the film I'd clicked on was now available up there.

The downer here is that these are stream only movies and the screen is at 639 x 357 in size, which is not very big. You can go full screen though and there are four choices of resolution up to 1,920 x 1,080 on the recent movies. When you click the movies to play them, they start off by showing you a trailer. There is a link to play the full movie but it took me a while to find it. But there is no downloading here, it's all stream only. The quality is good though and the videos I saw (a lot of real amateur swinger action) were all fine for quality and runtime, with an average length being 20 minutes.

That was the first section of the Features list, next came the Vivid Celeb area with 28 set tapes. These are (apparently) celebrities caught on camera having sex, or celebs who have made their own sex tapes, but I have to say, I had only heard of Pamela and Tommy Lee, the other girls there could have been porn stars, and I am still not 100% sure about the Jimi Hendrix sex tape. Take a look for yourself.

The site also gives you some parodies, with 26 sexy micky-takes on the X-Men, Superman, the Hulk and others. It's an excuse to dress up and have some hardcore fun in costume and they are well worth seeing. The menu runs on with Classics, Alt for some alternative girls and then the Education department with 15 movies giving you sex guides. After an advert for the Vivid TV channel (check with your cable guy) there's a place for a model index where you can check out some of the girls who appear in the videos. There are also links here to their photo sets, but I didn't see a place in the menu for photos on their own and there weren't links from videos to image sets that might be related.

I did find lots of bonus content though and here there were well over 1,500 extra scenes, plus DVDs. These were again streaming only and there were no downloads, but there's certainly plenty of variety and loads to see.

Features & Navigation:

Vivid has won loads of adult industry awards and it's easy to see why with their hot scenes and well-made site and the gorgeous girls who hang out on it. I didn't have any technical problems with the site and I liked the magazine style look. I would have preferred downloads for at least some of the videos, and I would have also liked a photo index. I only stumbled on some images via the models index. There's a lot here and you might need to take a while to get used to the navigation of it all.

There is a search engine box but no detailed search page and that would really have helped my browsing experience. The bonus content is arranged in categories though so that's handy. I also thought there were a lot of adverts on the site; there was one on the way in a then a permanent top banner on the home page, plus other adverts.

Otherwise, the price is right and the site is stacked and stocked. You get a great deal of exclusive and non-exclusive content at this site, some neat extras such as the celeb tapes and the news, and, once you are used to how it works, have found the promised 1,072 image sets and go used to the stream only, you'll be having a high old time.


Award winning Vivid bring you a mass of original content on loads of themes, with streaming movies and bonus movies, celebrity antics and news in a large site that's updating regularly. The quality is fine here and there are some classic scenes and some right up to date ones at 1080p HD which look good. There are some adverts and navigation issues (for me) but otherwise, there's a great stock of Vivid's finest and it all comes in at a great price.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive movies
+ Award winning site
+ Masses of content
+ HD movies
+ Nice bonuses

- Too many adverts
- Couldn't find photos
- No detailed search
- Stream only movies
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