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Xcore Club 2656 Xcore Club Here is a network of sites which hammers down on three of the most important aspects a porn fan hunts for, gorgeous models, ridiculously hardcore episodes, and what they really hit for home on is qual
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Xcore Club

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Xcore Club

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Here is a network of sites which hammers down on three of the most important aspects a porn fan hunts for, gorgeous models, ridiculously hardcore episodes, and what they really hit for home on is quality! If you find yourself having a hard time looking for sites which excel in those three areas then the 4 sites which make up the Xcore Club certainly won't disappoint. If you're still not convinced read the review and I assure you by the end of it you'll already be half way through signing up!

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With the massive amounts of porn networks out there it's become quite the task to pick one out of the thousands. Obviously a network will have to pull out the big guns to take a slice of that attention from porn fans, so does the Xcore Club bring something to the table worthy of your hard earned cash? Well from what I've seen so far it's a definite yes, but as always lets dive in to the juicy numbers and naughty shenanigans which makes this network of sites a worthy join. Ok so first off the network makes a point that they specialize in Hi-Def porn as they classify their 4 exclusive sites as "Hi-Def Sites". The sites are as hardcore as can get covering niches such as interracial, teens, toys, and pantyhose.

The Xcore Club is a relatively new site having only been launched late last year. Don't let that fool you into thinking the network has hardly any content because it boasts a decent 105 scenes spanning across all 4 sites, these scenes are of full length running for a good 30 minutes each, also note that the videos and photos on offer are all exclusive giving the collection a lot more credibility. It doesn't stop at the 105 episodes however because they have promised to update the network with 8 new episodes per month, and looking at their update patterns it looks as though they have been true to their word.

A large chunk of their models on show look to be teens, they're all fresh faced, adorably cute, and have firm supple bodies. The models on show look to be new to the porn industry because none of their faces look familiar to me, one things for sure though they certainly put up a good show and can fuck with the best of them. I noticed that most of the ladies look to be of European heritage, there are only blondes, brunettes, and redheads to be found amongst the sites, a little disappointing yes as I would have liked to see some Asians and Latinas, but being as hot as the current models are I'm sure you won't be complaining.

Alright lets see if the video specs stack up to their claim of Hi-Def shall we? First off let me just say that having viewed quite a few of the videos first hand I could tell that they are of Hi-Def quality even without having seen the specs, the video screen is nice and large but the clarity of the video is immaculate, also the motion is nice and fluid with no motion blurs during the rapid action so before I even checked out the specs I was very impressed. The videos are available in various qualities to allow members on slower connections to enjoy the episodes without having to wait for days on end to download the larger files of the Hi-Def vids, however you'll want to stick with the Hi-Def vids either way as they are well worth the wait. The highest encoding rate clocks in at amazing (4000kbps @ 1920x1080) now I'm sure all you tech heads out there are drooling right about now in anticipation. The developers also haven't held back when it comes to video options as the videos come in both wmv and mp4 format. Episodes come in both full scenes and short chapters and can either be streamed straight off the site or downloaded with no DRM restrictions which in plain English means once they are on your computer you won't have to delete them as they are yours to keep.

In addition to the videos the episodes also come with photo sets which are equally as drool worthy as far as quality goes. Each photo set comes with roughly 200 pictures which are so clear you can make out the individual strands of hair on a model, the colors are also vibrant, and the photography work is excellent. The photo content really do the models justice as they look so damn gorgeous in the photos, the photos involve the same action found in the video footage but members are also treated to some softcore photos where we find the models striking tasteful poses showing off their mouth watering bodies. Another impressive aspect of the photos are the large dimensions they are available in, the larger pictures measure in at (1280x850 pixels) which is a perfect size in my books as they fill up the screen but aren't so damn large you are forced to scroll around forever to see the entire picture. Certainly a worthy addition to the awesome video content on offer.

Obviously with porn networks like these the selling point is variety of porn for the price of one site. Xcore Club is no different as the 4 sites on offer allow members to experience a diverse smut experience. To further give you a better idea on what kind of content you'll be in for, here's a list of the sites and the categories they cover. Nylon Spunk Junkies (teens, anal, pantyhose), Teens Want Black (teens, interracial, anal) Drilled Sweeties (toys, hardcore, teens, double penetration), Spear My Pussy (teens, hardcore). Well there you have the complete list of 4 sites, and word has it that the people behind the Xcore Club tirelessly develop new sites for the network so I'm sure we'll see more additions to their network in the near future.

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Prepare yourself for an information overload as you hit the tour pages of Xcore Club as the tours are packed to the brim with information in regards to the content, niches, and models on offer. Just below the eye catching top banner is a section dedicated to the network specs including how many scenes are on offer, the specs of the hi-def videos, and their update schedules. Going further down you'll come across the three latest updates, and just below 8 of the highest rated episodes across the 4 sites. The bottom section of the tour pages includes information on the 4 sites including a few sample pictures, detailed descriptions on what the site is all about, and links to their individual tour pages.

Upon logging in you will immediately be taken to the main members area, you can pretty much treat this area as the main hub for the Xcore Club as you can access all the content it has up it's sleeve from here. You'll be greeted with a hot brunette staring right back at you in the top banner, below this is a large picture of the latest update including links to both the picture and video content. Below the latest update you'll find the 6 previous updates, and at the very bottom of the members area is where you'll notice pictures and information for the next 3 updates lined up.

Members can choose to browse through the entire collection of episodes through out all 4 sites by clicking on the "all episodes" link found just below the top banner. Doing so will take you to the archive which has the episodes organized from latest to oldest spanning across 27 indexed pages which includes 5 episodes per page. Members can also choose to view the episodes via porn star which is great if you've found yourself a favorite model and wish to view all the scenes and picture galleries she has starred in.

Once you've found the episode you're looking for simply click on either the picture of video links provided depending on which type of media you wish to view. From there on out it's pretty straight forward as it's all self explanatory, videos are downloaded by a simple click on the links provided, and pictures can be viewed straight off the browser. All very simple stuff and I'm sure if you've ever browsed a porn site before you'll find everything to be quite familiar.

To wrap things up I would have to say that the network is a breeze to navigate, having the main members page include content for all four sites makes accessing the content a breeze as you won't have to visit the individual sites. The layout is simple yet effective, and they also haven't held back when it comes to site presentation as the site itself looks gorgeous. All in all I was very pleased with how the site works and looks, certainly no issues here.



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Xcore Club's trump card would certainly have to be the gorgeous HD quality the videos are available in, though the standards of their hot models is certainly up there, see what I loved the most is that their models are natural beauties so you won't be seeing and fake titties or botched up faces here. To top it all off the sites are always being updated to keep members entertained with fresh content, you simply can't go wrong here folks, definitely a worthy join!

Pros & Cons

  • + Models are natural and very attractive
  • + HD quality videos!
  • + Regular updates
  • + Photos are stunning
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Network is easy to navigate
  • + Great site presentation