XMovies 49 XMovies X Movies is the type of site that makes adult and video stores redundant, as all of your porn viewing needs will be met on this colossal online DVD archive.
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X Movies is the type of site that makes adult and video stores redundant, as all of your porn viewing needs will be met on this colossal online DVD archive. This brand new site offers thousands of DVD titles under all the niches you could ever think of, so there is definitely something here for everyone. Join up and say good bye to those awkward trips to the video store and those seedy porn sites that offer only a few blurry short scenes. The great news is that you can join for just $9.95/month!

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Lets see where should I start, first off let me just say that this site is HUGE! In fact it's so big that it renders almost all the competition obsolete. Anyway lets get down to business, Xmovies is essentially your online DVD archive with class, and there is definitely no shortage when it comes to adult content. Just to give you a brief insight as far as numbers go, there are currently over 3000 DVDs up for download that's about 3 terabytes worth of porn my friend amounting to nearly 12 thousand scenes!

Now what impressed me the most was the fact that their content consists of actual DVD titles, meaning a full hour or more of intense hardcore action. There's hundreds, if not thousands of site's out there which promise to provide movies, when all they're really doing is providing a scene which was cut out from a movie, but here at Xmovies.com you get the full deal, so don't settle for those tiny sites, which offer a couple of blurry short scenes, when you can get the whole DVD.

The adult titles have been divided between 28 different categories the bigger categories include anal, gangbangs, gonzo (hardcore), interracial and girls aged 18 to 19, they've done a great job on mixing things up, and it's safe to say that there's definitely something here for just about everyone, they've even provided shemale content if that sort of stuff rolls your rockers.

The videos which are the largest in size and the best in quality are the xvids, these are available to download in full scenes which can get up to 250MBs in file size, so obviously these are better suited for members with fast connections. The xvids are awesome to watch, as for the most part the image on screen is crisp, with smooth fluid motion, though I will mention that quality through out the different movies and scenes, do differ, and this was kind of expected from a DVD site of this magnitude, as the quality really is, in the hands of the various production companies, which provide Xmovies with the content they have on offer, so it certainly helps if the quality of the original DVD was of high quality.

The next step down in quality and size are the mpgs, like the xvids these are also available in full scenes, the average file sizes for this particular format can range from any where between 100 to 150Mbs, the quality is mid-range and is still very easy on the eyes. Last of all we have the wmv format which are available in full scenes divided into 5 equal parts. Members can choose between two different wmv formats, which are tailored towards 256k and 512k connections, it goes without saying that these files are going to be inferior to the the previous formats as far as quality goes, but they're still viewable, either way they're really only here to better accommodate for members on slow connections.

So it's good to see that they haven't alienated anyone as far as connection speeds go, so no one will have to worry about downloading for days on end, just to view a single scene. They've also included the feature of being able to stream your videos directly off the site, and streaming as of late is becoming increasingly popular due to the fast internet connections internet server providers have to offer nowadays.

There isn't any picture content on offer at Xmovies, but seeing as it is an online DVD archive, they weren't really needed, and with over a thousand perfectly fine DVD titles to view they some what seem, obsolete. The only pictures you'll find on this site are of the DVDs front and back covers, and several small thumbnails from the individual titles which represent the scenes. These thumbnails are video stills of the scenes, so they should give you a rough idea on what you can expect to see in a particular scene. I should mention that the thumbnails look as though they've been tweaked in photoshop, which is a good sign that the development crew is really pushing for the best quality, even in all the smaller aspects of the site, and this sort of drive can turn a good site into an excellent one.

At the end of the day, there's enough porn available here to last you an entire lifetime, that is unless you watch porn 24/7, and even if you did somehow manage to watch all the DVDs, there will always be a new DVD title added every day, so there's always something new to look forward to. Like I said earlier, with a site like this, no self respecting porn fan, should settle for sites which offer mere scenes, rather than a full blown DVD movie, I give the content side of this site a big fat thumbs up.

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Alright I'm going to mention this straight up, navigation isn't gonna get any easier then this folks, you are literally spoon fed the content Xmovies have on offer. The front page is just oozing with all the information you want to know, new updates, top downloads, the days featured DVD and at the top of the page you will notice a star with the number of movies they have up for download. This star is dynamically updated each time new content is uploaded, and if things go according to Xmovies plans the number should change everyday as their updates are daily!

On the side bar you will find a number links to the various niches, click on one of the links and you will be taken to a gallery of box covers which are linked to the movie files, too simple huh? Just below the niche links you'll find extra search tools, lets pretend you know the title of the particular movie your looking for, you can simply type it in the search engine and download away, or say if there is a particular porn studio that you really like, there is a drop down menu with 28 well known porn companies clicking on the company name will take you to an archive of all the studio's current movies Xmovies have on offer.

Lets say you want to view the latest movie of a series you really enjoyed, the select a series drop down menu will help you out with that dilemma the menu will bring up an extensive list of all the different series the site has for download, or maybe there is a Pornstar your just itching to see click on the select a Pornstar drop down menu and select away, now can you see why I said that navigation just can't get any easier than this?

Every single movie has it's own page which includes all the essential information, there's a detailed description, the starring Pornstars, how many times the scene has been downloaded, categories the movie falls under, how many scenes in the movie and how long they go for plus you can even view the front and back covers, you just can't go wrong with all this information at hand.

The layout and color schemes of the site has a very professional feel to it, the layout is simple and straight forward but effective and everything is nicely spaced out so you don't get that cluttered feel you get with other sites. Another great feature Xmovies has is the ability to browse the site as a non member which is sure to pull in a lot of potential customers, non members can browse the site as if they were a member but instead of being able to download a full scene they are instead treated to a 10 second teaser which will leave them hangin for more. Their server speeds are pretty decent, but can get a little laggy at times, probably due to the fact that their servers are being thrashed by so many members downloading, but this happens very rarely and shouldn't really be considered a problem.

So once again, the site is very user friendly, and I'd even go as far as saying that a person who hasn't even touched the internet before could find their way around the site quite easily, and even if they did run into any troubles, there's always live customer support to steer them in the right direction, easy simple and straight forward, exactly how we all want it.



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With their extensive collection of full downloadable DVDs and their user friendly interface, Xmovies has the potential to dominate in the porn site battle royale that has been raging on for a few years now. This site has a bright future ahead of it and I'd recommend Xmovies to anyone who's looking for a huge amount of porn and amazing value for money. Normally, XMovies costs $29.95 per month but because your read about it on ReviewPorn.com, you get the special Review Porn price of just $9.95!

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive ReviewPorn.com price
  • + Just $9.95 per month (usually $29.95)
  • + Over 2500 DVDs (over 12,000 scenes)
  • + Heaps of info
  • + Great design
  • + Awesome value for money