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2 Fast 2 Wild 2944 2 Fast 2 Wild 2 Fast 2 Wild combines your two loves... hot babes and cars.
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2 Fast 2 Wild

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2 Fast 2 Wild

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2 Fast 2 Wild combines your two loves... hot babes and cars! This exclusive collection allows you to peek in on a naughty scavenger hunt contest where amateur cuties cruise around town flashing in public and getting wild in limos, and membership includes bonus access to 15 more adult entertainment sites for the same price!

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  • Quality: 0/15
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  • Quantity: 0/15

I was a little unsure about how exactly the hot topics of porn and cars would be brought together here at 2 Fast 2 Wild, and as it turns out, much of what you'll see involves some sort of scavenger hunt contest. The details of the hunt are never really explained, but it seems to have something to do with a car convention and the scenes often involve driving the models around to different places like car body shops and drive-through liquor stores and having them do certain tasks like pumping gas topless or buying a candy bar in the buff. The camera guy talks to the models, making jokes and chit-chat, and the employees and random people who pass by sometimes have pretty funny reactions to suddenly seeing a nude model.

Many of the outdoor fuck scenes feature the models posing with, in or on some pretty cool cars though unfortunately, I don't know enough about cars to say much else about them except that they sure are shiny! Some of the videos include segments of car and bike racing, but most of what I saw here involved posing, public flashing and masturbating in the back seat of limos! I could have done without the low budget hip-hop music played in many of the flicks, but if you like this kind of thing, it may make the videos all the more entertaining.

One thing I found odd about 2 Fast 2 Wild is the way the scenes are broken up and edited. There are 59 video/photo set combos available on the site, but the photo sets average only about five pictures each and the videos are just 5-10 minutes long. Each flick is offered in tiny clips only, sometimes as short as just 15 seconds. Often a clip ends in the middle of a conversation or stunt, but the next clip doesn't pick up where it left off, instead moving on to something different. I had the uneasy feeling that I was missing something as I viewed these public nudity clips. Updates appear to be made weekly, though there are some gaps.

The 2 Fast 2 Wild photos are 800 pixels on the long side and are about the quality I would expect from amateur candids. They aren't terrible, but they aren't exactly good, either. The videos are offered at 640x480 pixels, 1500 kbps. They're pretty nice considering that they weren't filmed in a studio setting, but I'd like to see the bitrate bumped up enough that these would be viewable in full screen without loosing too much quality.

Nav, Design & Features

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The tour pages for 2 Fast 2 Wild have a cool, sleek layout done in shiny red, black and silver, and you can view a few video trailers, preview pictures and a model index. There's also some info about the recent updates for the included network.

Once inside, you can easily navigate the site via the menu options. You can head to the adventures section where all the scenes are listed in date order, peruse the model list, or check out any of the included 15 bonus sites and a couple dozen third-party feeds filled with all kinds of XXX action. There are quite a few large ads throughout the members' area, but luckily it's pretty easy to tell what's an ad and what's an included bonus.

When you find a scene here that you want to view, you can click the link for the video or photo materials, and from there, things are pretty self explanatory. As I mentioned, the flicks are all offered in pieces only, and they're also steaming-only. I was unable to get the streaming videos to work at all in my usual browser, Firefox, but using Internet Explorer, I had no problems. Photos are offered for viewing in galleries or download in a ZIP file, though the ZIP downloads almost seem like overkill for sets that sometimes have as few as two photos each.



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2 Fast 2 Wild is a pretty unusual site. I really didn't feel like they combined cars and outdoors porn quite as well as they could have, and I think things would have been more entertaining with a little bit of background info on the models and the scavenger hunt and car convention. Still, fans of public flashing may want to take a peek, and the 15 bonus sites help with the value.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive public flashing scenes
  • + Videos look OK overall
  • + Seems to update about once per week
  • + 15 bonus sites included
  • - Clips skip around too much
  • - No downloadable vids
  • - No full length streams