Asses In Public
Asses In Public 2061 Asses In Public Asses in Public is brought to you by Brazzers network, a collection of sites well known for producing some of the hottest porn starring models with unparalleled beauty.
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Asses In Public

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Asses In Public

Short Review

Asses in Public is brought to you by Brazzers network, a collection of sites well known for producing some of the hottest porn starring models with unparalleled beauty. This site in particular takes you along with naughty sluts who love to show off their bodies in public, of course it doesn't stop there as they proceed to indulge themselves with some cock. All the content you'll find on this site is 100% exclusive, plus all members gain access to all the sites the awesome Brazzers network has to

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Here's the newest addition to the renowned Brazzers network, a site exclusively starring sexy exhibitionists who want to share their gorgeous bodies with the whole world. Being as horny as the girls are they don't stop at just flashing their girl bits, no they go all the way and make it their prerogative to get fucked on the streets in broad day light! Needless to say this site falls under both the reality and public nudity niche and if you're a fan of both then you're definately going to love what this site has on the menu.

The episodes start off with the lovely exhibitionists roaming the streets flashing off their goods for anyone lucky enough to be in viewing distance. After a while the girls settle for a guy or two and seduce them in to some sexual activities in public. Being as hospitable as the lucky fellas are, and not wanting to hurt the gorgeous lady's feelings they can't help but accept the invitation and plough her holes raw. Some episodes feature one on one encounters while others involve steamy threesomes including two guys or two girls.

Seeing as the site has only been up for a mere week the collection of episodes is still quite small. The site launched with 10 episodes on it's first day of being live which was on the 6th of December 2007. There's no information on future updates just yet, but being a part of the Brazzers network I'm sure they definately won't be stopping the updates just yet. Besides the episodes they do have on offer at the moment are awesome, so where they lack in quantity they certainly make up for it with quality.

Scenes on the site have been encoded in HD quality videos so members are definately in for some quality porn. The episodes are available in short clips and full scenes which can be streamed in the browser or downloaded with no DRM restrictions. Obviously quality isn't going to be an issue on this site as the videos are in HD quality after all. The videos come in Mpeg and Wmv format, while the downloadable versions are available in flash. The highest encoding rate the episodes come in is (2200kbps @ 640x480) some truly stunning videos to indulge in.

All 10 episodes so far include 2 sets of photos, these include screencaps and high quality pictures. The screencaps turned out quite nicely thanks to the high quality videos, however the sizes they come in are fairly standard for screencap images they measure in at (640x480 pixels). If you're fussy about picture content and absolutely must have immaculate images then you'll want to indulge in the high quality pictures on offer. The clarity of these are amazing plus they come in decent sizes of (900x600 pixels).

Asses in Public offers a seemingly endless supply of extras and bonus items. First off you've got access to over 30 third party bonus sites which are a mix of niche and DVD archives. But the best bonus of all is being granted full access to all the exclusive sites on the Brazzers network. Currently there are 18 sites to choose from each one dedicated to a specific niche, the fellas behind Brazzers are constantly working on new sites so I'm sure they won't be stopping at 18. Like Asses in Public these sites also offer high quality content and star only the most beautiful girls. Certainly one of the most prestigious networks around today.

Nav, Design & Features

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The site of Asses in Public certainly has a very professional and clean look, this can also be said for all the other sites on the network as they essentially feature the same layout and site presentation. The tour pages do a great job on portraying the main niche of the site as you'll see sample images of the various models flashing their bits in public. If the pictures don't convince you however check out the free trailers and you'll be sold.

You'll notice that there are 2 navigation menus provided on the site. The menu situated at the top will allow you to access the various sites on the network, check out the third party bonus sites, access a section dedicated to the pornstars starring on the network, and check out third party services like live cam shows and online personals. The menu down the left side of the site includes links to the forums, upcoming episodes, highest rated scenes, and a personal menu which includes information on your account and your saved favorites.

The main members area is where you'll come across information and links for all of the past updates. Seeing as there are only 10 episodes at the moment the list isn't exactly long and all fit quite snuggly within the main members area. There are a few search tools which members can play around with but at the moment it's much easier just scrolling down the page as there's not a whole lot to browse through. Each episode is portrayed with a large thumbnail, a detailed description of the scene, and links to the main media section.

Within the media section of each episode you'll first come across a large thumbnail featuring the main star of the scene. Below the thumbnails are the links to the picture galleries including the screen captures and high quality pictures. Further down you'll notice a large streaming screen in where you can stream the full scene in, just below the video screen is the download link to the full scene. The bottom part of the media section is made up of various thumbnails representing the different chapters of the episode. Below each thumbnail are the streaming and download links for that particular segment.

Overall Asses in Public and the entire network for that matter is a joy to browse. You shouldn't come across any problems here as all the links and sections work perfectly and make the tasks self explanatory. The site itself also looks really good and even with a heap of information featured on the pages the site never gets too cluttered. A great looking site, with a user-friendly interface.



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For a new site Asses in Public is coming along just fine, and judging by the content they've already included this site certainly has huge potential. With high quality content, gorgeous models, and full access to the entire Brazzers network one simply can't go wrong by joining this site. So if you're a quality buff and enjoy hardcore alfresco fucking then this is definately a site you'll want to keep your eyes on.

Pros & Cons

  • + All exclusive content
  • + Gorgeous models
  • + Excellent media quality
  • + Access to the entire Brazzers network
  • + Plenty of bonus sites
  • + Plenty of video options