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From the Homegrown collection of sites comes Homegrown Outdoor Sex and once again there is no prize for guessing what the thrust of this horny offering is. You are looking at amateur folk who like to have sex in public places, and you're looking at a very nice tour with all kinds of offers from an award winning company. Once inside you find a range of hardcore videos, some photos, streams and choices for downloads, and the site is continuing to update. And it stays with its outdoor niche.
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Our total rating: 73/100

Detailed Review:


You log in to a home page where you can see the most recent additions to the video collection and then you find a top menu which arranges the main content in various ways. You will also notice that there is a section at the top of every page showing you what is currently being watched and, for me, this slowed the site right down. I've had this trouble with other sites from the same company, and maybe it is just me, but the pages took a while to load up here; something to watch out for. But that aside:

I counted 401 videos on my visit and these dated back to November 2010. They are set out, from the home page or from the Latest Videos Page, in blocks of 24 samples (beneath the currently showing and the staff picks sets). There are numbered index pages so you can easily click through to the earliest offering and start from the beginning if you want. Or you can just dip in, or use the other categories such as highest rated.

Whichever way you do it, you will finally come to a viewing page for your chosen video. I found good viewing and downloading options with these movies. The earlier ones were set up with three choices of Flash streaming and three for WMV downloads. The most recent ones also had these choices but had extra WMV files to take and the download speed was fine. These are full scenes so there are no clips, and you might find some files are quite large, but once you have a scene downloaded or ready buffered and running, you're not going to be disappointed. The top quality I found here was 2,000 kbps @ 720 x 480 in size, but no doubt there will also be higher formats and HD versions of these scenes before long, certainly for the new updates where you also have Mp4 files to take.

And that's a point: I checked around and found that a previous review of this site marked the video number at 400, and that was seven months ago. I didn't see any update news. The most recently added video, a sex session on a boat, came with no upload date, so it's hard to say if there is a schedule and if so, what it is. I can tell you though that movies tend to run for the standard scene lengths, at around 20 to 25 minutes.

But the most important thing is the action and that, I am very pleased to say, is exactly as I hoped. You've got sexy girls doing all kinds of filthy things outside, and even underwater at times, which is pretty impressive. You've got blow jobs in the street and park, hardcore fucking on the beach and behind the rocks, and all the public place antics you were expecting to see from the tour can be found with a bit of fun searching around. The quality of filming is fine, hand held at times, a bit jerky and rough at times, but always staying on the action, so there are no complaints from me about what the movies contain.

You also have a small amount of photo sets to view with 14 galleries holding various amounts of mid-range quality images. As far as I know these, like the videos, are exclusive to the Homegrown network, and on that note, your access details should also get you in to the Homegrown Video network where you've got loads more content on various themes.

Features & Navigation:

OK, so I did get a bit grumpy about the slow loading page sand I could only see that this was to do with the plug-ins for the currently being watched function and the staff picks functions; and to be honest I didn't think we needed these on every page. I was waiting a couple of minutes for the actual content to show up and each page, apart from viewing pages, seemed to be this slow. But that aside: there are some neat interactive functions her, the basic ones at least.

As a member you can comment on what you see and offer your feedback to the site that way. There are rates to give for each scene and you can add things to a favourites area. Scenes come with details and descriptions, though the upload dates are not always published. Photo navigation is a basic affair; thumbnail pages lead to images opening one at a time and you have to click, open, back button and start again each time.

The design of the site is OK, nothing special, but it works. There are a few adverts for other sign ups and sites though which we could do without. There is a search engine running if you want to find content via any kinds of keywords, and content on the index pages can be sorted according to various criteria. There is also a Community link in the top menu which led me to a page of profile pics, though no one had uploaded their own profile pic. From here you can, presumably, contact other members and hook up, send messages and, if anything has been added, share information. You can see, from another top menu, if you have any messages waiting.


A couple of issues: no definite news on updates, too many adverts, and slow to load pages. A few good things: Good download choices, always outdoor sex and decent quality. And lots of standard things; some interactivity and information, a nice number of scenes, standard filming, and easy navigation. So, Homegrown Outdoor Sex serves you well for the outdoor aspect of the set-up, and then it lets you in to a large network for a good, all-round, value membership.

Pros & Cons

+ Nice number of outdoor sex videos
+ Access to a large network
+ Reasonable quality
+ Good downloads options

- Slow pages
- Design could do with a tweak
- Adverts everywhere
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