Outdoor Backdoor
Outdoor Backdoor 516 Outdoor Backdoor Outdoor Backdoor is a relatively new site on the wonderful Pornstar Network that features, yea you guessed it, girls getting fucked in the ass outdoors.
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Outdoor Backdoor

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Outdoor Backdoor

Short Review

Outdoor Backdoor is a relatively new site on the wonderful Pornstar Network that features, yea you guessed it, girls getting fucked in the ass outdoors. The site features 23 videos that go from one on one to group sex, double penetration, and lesbians. All of the action is filmed outdoors on beaches, in parks, and in swimming pools and is very good quality footage. These videos are a great addition to any outdoor anal enthusiasts collection.

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After being inside most of the day and getting every hole filled by huge cocked porn guys, I'm assuming these sluts need to go out for a walk and get some fresh air. The problem is the girls can't handle not having a cock in their ass for too long. And thus Outdoor Backdoor exists. They aren't going to let these girls down.

At the time of writing the site has 23 outdoor sex videos, around 20 to 30 minutes each. The videos are well done considering that it's all outside. You have a choice of streaming the videos in high or low quality with the option of downloading the full length video, which is my preference. I like to save the videos for later viewing. But do what you want ok? You have your own free will, use it. You have the right to stream.

Each video has a little loose story line as well. This is what porn needs, a bit of character development. Two guys are working really hard and they see a naked woman in the lake. They go over to see whats happening and then they fuck. Not oscar material by any means but I like it better than no story at all. I think so anyways.

Theres a good variety of footage in here too. Some one on one sucking and fucking. There's some 2 and 3 on 1 girl scenes with some nice double penetration action. There are some nice 2 girl on 1 guy in a lake scenes which I particularly enjoyed. All, or at least most of the scenes feature anal of course as the site suggests. Along with the videos you get a photo gallery, but these are just screencaps of the video. They are, however, useful for a better preview of the video, or to check out while you wait for your full video to download.

If the 23 videos (with weekly updates) aren't enough for you that is not a problem because with a membership you get access to a network of 40+ premium sites. A lot of these sites are really good, and should keep you busy.

Nav, Design & Features

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On the main page to Outdoor Backdoor we are given a nice simple and easy to use site. Standard intro page with a tour shows you the latest videos, screenshots from those videos, and thirty second trailers. Before I go into the members area I usually check out the tour to make sure its not full of lies, and in this case its accurate to the contents.

Inside the Outdoor Backdoor members area, you see a very simple front page that shows you the sites latest updates, a poll about the site, and then some nice simple links to videos, a store where you can buy DVDs, and a links page. I quickly click videos of course, as theres not much else to see here.

The videos page is a simple layout. There are about 5 pages of videos here with 5 videos per page so it takes a while to go through it all but this doesnt really matter, the pages load quite fast and I have no problem with it. From this screen you pick the video you want to watch according to the video screenshots and descriptions, and youre taken to the page for that particular vid. You can choose to view the videos in small parts or download the full video and theres no problem finding the links. You can also bookmark certain videos if you want to jerk to them later.

At the header of every page when you are logged in, there is a small convenient flash menu. I like this feature because at any time you can check out any of the 40+ sites on the brainpass network in one click. This is also where you access your bookmarked videos, again with one click.



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Outdoor Backdoor is a great little addition to the Pornstar Network. It now has enough outdoor porn content to satisfy and all the footage is quite good, the girls are hot, and the cum is aerodynamic. Weekly updates and a great network of sites will keep you coming back for more. I'm going to go ahead and recommend this site to most any public sex lover.

Pros & Cons

  • + Well shot outdoor sex
  • + Sluts get some fresh air
  • + Easy to navigate site
  • + Great site network