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Outdoor Flasher 790 Outdoor Flasher Ah yes there's nothing quite like outdoor nudity huh.
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Outdoor Flasher

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Outdoor Flasher

Short Review

Ah yes there's nothing quite like outdoor nudity huh? Gorgeous women frolicking about, with their titties bouncing all over the place, and their legs spread wide open, is seems as though they don't have a thing to worry about, and you know what, with their to die for bodies, they shouldn't in fact they're doing society a favor in showing as just how beautiful the naked body of a women is, and even more so in public!

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You gotta love content like this, when girls are out in public, flashing their goods, it's just so arousing, and the thought of them getting caught, makes things even more interesting. It looks as though there's quite abit of content available on this site, but the only problem is, the majority of the videos, are feeds, so they can't be downloaded, which is a big downfall, as I know this would turn a lot of potential customers away.

The 23 video feeds provided, involve big events like spring breaks, wet t-shirt comps, and mardi gras, they've even thrown in content which is a little more low key, such as people getting caught doing it, or girls who simply like to strut around naked in public, good on them I say!

All the scenes provided, have been cut into short clips, and are available in high, low, and medium, quality. Being amateurreality content, you can't really expect too much as far as quality goes, that, and the fact that they're video feeds. As I predicted the quality isn't all that great, they're definately watchable, though they are a tad grainy, but hey I suppose that comes with reality content anyways, so it's not all bad.

The lucky members are bombarded with a massive collection of bonus video feeds, the line up of bonus feeds is very diverse, they've included sites which cover all your faveorite mainstream niches, such as lesbians, anal, and 18-19 year old babes, they've even thrown in a number of fetish sites, and judging by the size of their collection, it could take you a year or so, to view every single one, maybe even longer!

What impressed me most, as far as quality goes, were the picture galleries on offer. They've provided their members with a mix of outdoor nudity, and a huge variety of other picture galleries, which cover just as many niches, the bonus video feeds do, in other words the selection is huge! The pictures themselves look awesome, they're clear, big, and bursting with colors, all the essentials to a perfect picture.

On sign up members acquire full access to over 70 other adult sites! All of which are on par, if not better than this one. These sites are a part of the huge network, this site is on, and they cover a nice variety of niches, so that members will never get bored, of seeing the same kind of porn over, and over again. Other than that, members are treated with a number of extras, including adult games, and an online adult shop, for all your sex toy needs.

Nav, Design & Features

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The gorgeous pictures on the tour pages of this site, will have you whacking off in no time, but wait! don't get your rocks off just yet, cause there's plenty more content inside. That's right once you set your eyes on the stunning pictures provided you won't be able to resist floppin out your wang and flogging it, and the free teasers will really help you finish things off.

It looks as though this site, hasn't been fully completed yet, because a few of the sections aren't working, there are links on the main navigation menu, which indicate that they intend to have these sections up, and running in the future, so don't get, too worked up when these links don't work. The unfinished sections include, what's new, m/w/f updates, ask tondra forum, audio and text stories, online casino, xxx adult ezines, and the lastest on news and sports.

There are currently 7 sections on Outdoor Flashers, which are currently up and operational, all of these sections, can be accessed from the navigation menu, situated towards the very top of the site. These sections include the main members area, outdoor photos, outdoor porn videos, hardcore pics, live chatrooms, adult games room, and adult shopping

The main members area, is where you will find the 23 featured video feeds, each of the video feeds, are presented by a small thumbnail, of the gorgeous pornstar, clicking on any of the thumbnail links, will open a new window, that will automatically direct you to, the main page for the video feed, from there you can proceed to watch as much of the content available.

The outdoor and hardcore picture sections, are obviously where you'll find the various photo galleries. The individual galleries are represented by small thumbnails, which is a link that will take you to the main gallery, for that picture set, further down this page is where you will find links to the other niched galleries.

The outdoors video section is pretty much the same, as the main members area, the page is jam packed with thumbnail links, which direct you to the bonus video feeds, and let me just say, with the amount of video feeds on offer, your going to have a hard time picking out where to start, cause I certainly did, and it would probably take you a couple of minutes, just to eye over their entire collection.

The last section on the list, is the adult games room, which is more of a novelty than anything. This area, is where you go to kill some time, there are a number of card games such as strip poker and blackjack, and you'll find other quirky games, that'll remind you of those old school coin operated arcade machines like, asteroids, and space invaders, only these games are more suited towards adults, as they feature porn, which makes for some very arousing gaming.

Well that's all I can say about the site mechanics, there's quite a few sections on this site, which currently aren't working at the moment, but like the adult games room, they aren't as important as the other sections, and could be just a way, to make the site look bigger than it actually is, everything else seems to work fine though, and most of the content can be accessed from the front page, making things a lot more quicker to find.



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So there's quite a bit of content here right? With over 70 sites to browse through, and hundreds of bonus video feeds, it seems as though this is one great deal! unless of course you were planning on joining this site purely for outdoor flashing content, cause there just isn't that much on offer here, plus none of the video can be downloaded. If you like porn in general, and don't mind video feeds, then you might like this site, but there are better outdoor flashing sites out there.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tonnes of bonus video feeds
  • + Access of over 70 sites!
  • + Picture galleries are great
  • + Easy to naviate
  • - Some areas aren't working
  • - Needs downloadable vids