Public Sex Adventures
Public Sex Adventures 5230 Public Sex Adventures Teen chicks on Public Sex Adventures may look innocent and nice, but trust me, that's just a ruse, they will do anything just for the thrill of it and here you get to see them try out all of the pleas
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Public Sex Adventures

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Public Sex Adventures

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Teen chicks on Public Sex Adventures may look innocent and nice, but trust me, that's just a ruse, they will do anything just for the thrill of it and here you get to see them try out all of the pleasures of sex in public places. No matter if there are spectators or not, the sensation of being watched and the fun of people hearing the chick moan and groan outdoors gets them all fired up.

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Theme of the site Public Sex Adventures should be pretty self explanatory, no? Here you can feast your eyes on chicks that are complete sluts and are not shy about it at all, broad daylight, public places, people walking by - nothing can spoil the mood for them, in fact, the thrill of being watched by people as they make these hot reality porn sex scenes makes them feel even better then they ever did while making regular porn! The girls all look pretty hot, they're supposed to be in their teens, but I'm pretty sure some of these ladies are in their mid twenties. From small chested kinky petite babes to busty blonds, you can find any sort of babe in here if you look hard enough. There's even a model index if you prefer to pick a scene by a babe, and not by location. As far as the content quantity goes, I can't say I'm too thrilled about what I see on Public Sex Adventures. There are barely 20 scenes in the archives, and since the scenes themselves are not tagged by date of posting, I can't say if the site is still active or not, but I think that it has stopped updating some time ago, there's just no telling what the update pace is and was it kept with no date tags. While number of scenes is pretty low, the number of hardcore kinks covered is certainly not, while outdoor and public sex is main niche of the site, it definitely isn't the only niche these girls know about, you can watch them in anal, fisting, hardcore, threesomes, lesbian, lingerie and many more editions - no kink goes unexplored with these wild enthusiasts. To sweeten the deal (because the site seems to be on hiatus and is pretty small), membership on Public Sex Adventures scores you full access to whole network dedicated to different reality kinks, you name it and they filmed it! You will never get bored with this bunch of sites, but the membership fee does look a bit steep compared to other high ranked porn networks.

Nav, Design & Features

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As for features of the site, they are pretty good, but there are some aspects that could be improved on. First and biggest complain is lack of date tags to go with the scenes, there's no telling just when scene was posted. The model list tool is pretty interesting and something every site should have, but it doesn't contain any model bio or info, it's just a list of models, I feel like Public Sex Adventures has missed a chance to make a great tool for people to enjoy hot babes and find out more details about them, especially since the chicks, while not popular porn stars, definitely look like they want to be part of porin industry from now on. The first page after log in gives you list of scenes on site, as well as bar that lets you see all of the sites that go with the WTFPass account, an account you get with membership on Public Sex Adventures. Some of the other reality sites that are part of this network are Private Sex Tapes, College Fuck Parties and so on, and you can access all of them with just one click of the mouse, fast and easy for anyone to use. Individual scene screen is pretty good, there are some scene details, short description, plenty of tags that you can use to find similar scenes through the network as well as a pretty good download list. The video formats range from standard definition AVI movies to high definition MP4 videos, and there's even a format for people that want to watch their scenes on handheld devices, like iPhones and so on. Every format is marked by quality and every download option tells you just how much space will you need to download this scene, and they range from 500MB to up to 4GB, so you better have fast internet connection ready, even with it it takes some time for scenes to be downloaded. Live streaming player is nothing special, standard flash player that gives us standard quality videos, and I'm a bit surprised that it doesn't allow for setting of different quality streaming settings. There are also zipped archives of image sets for each scene, with about 150 photos in each archive.



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This is a site that caters to a very particular niche, a niche that not everybody enjoys, but if you are fan of public sex adventures, you will have some videos to look at here. The low scene count and the fact that the site seems to be on hiatus will turn away some people, but high price tag with these shortcomings is definitely a deal breaker, I'd go for this site only for the network membership, not for the site itself.

Pros & Cons

  • + Good video download features
  • + iPhone format
  • + Hot porn models
  • + Network access
  • - Too few scenes
  • - No longer updating
  • - A bit pricey
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