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Public Sex Japan 6304 Public Sex Japan Being part of the All Japanese Pass, you will be able to access 22 sites when you sign up for some naughty, public Asian hardcore.
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Public Sex Japan

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Public Sex Japan

Short Review

Being part of the All Japanese Pass, you will be able to access 22 sites when you sign up for some naughty, public Asian hardcore. Public Sex Japan is a large site with non-exclusive movies from Japan and they mostly fit in to the public sex niche. There are streams and downloads, galleries of thumbnails to go with them, updates and then access to loads more horny stuff from the other sites in the list. Go for a longer-term membership and you really get excellent value for money.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

When you log in here you find a site that is really interactive and packed full of extra functions and features; it's great to use, but we will get to all that later. First off, the home page shows you the most recent addition to the video list, and when I was in the site, this had been added very recently. So, it looks like the update schedule is good and staying good. The top menu will show you the last updates, if you are coming back to the site and want to see what is new, or the Videos area will take you to the movies. The galleries of images are also found on the movies viewing pages, so you only need this one place in order to find all the content.

There were 173 scenes in the Videos area dating back to 2010 when the viewing options were the same as they are now: Three choices for Mp4 download and an HD stream. (Which was actually at around 720 s 576 in size.) The quality is OK here, kind of DVD and below if you go for lower resolutions. These are movies from DVDs and not exclusive, so I wouldn't stick my neck out and say they are top quality HD, but they are certainly decent enough for viewing and give no cause for complaint in that department.

The streaming player comes with a set of thumbnails beneath in a slider, which makes it easy to skip through the video if you want to, and the download files are not huge, up to around 500Mbs at tops, so you should not have any trouble actually viewing the content. The screen caps, as that's what they are, are found beneath the viewer by clicking the film-reel icon. They then open up in a small section of whats available with pages to flick through after that, you click one pic and it opens in the same window to 720 x 544 in size. These open one at a time, which is a bit cumbersome, and these diffidently are screen caps.

The content is all Japanese and it mainly happens in public. These public places may not always be outdoors, but there are usually people looking on. A quick view of one of the index pages gives you: Sex on a train, group sex in a warehouse, sex in a sex shop with onlookers, sex on a bus, in an office and in a shop. There was a lot of sex on public transport actually and some scene that don't seem to be public at all.

One of the slight downsides to the content here is that some of it seems to be shared with other sites in the network. So, although you have 22 sites to explore, you may find repeats. That's because they group the content according to site and some scenes will fit into outdoor sex, schoolgirl sex, oral, and so on. We could do with some kind of category list here. There is a search engine to run with keywords, and there are linked tag words beneath each scene, so you can find similar content through those, and that all helps you find more of the same kind of videos.

And the other downside about this content is that some of it quite a lot in fact, is censored. That's the way of the world with a lot of Japanese porn, especially that that has been on sale in stores it seems; the pussies and dicks, the interesting hardcore stuff is all fuzzed out and pixelated, so you really do have to use your imagination to enjoy a lot of what you only half-see.

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
  • Navigation Ease: 0/10
  • Features: 0/10

But, on the up-side, you have loads of bonuses to view. Your other sites are found in the Network Sites page on your site, or from the home page, and they cover all kinds of neat Japanese and Asian sex: teens, bib boobs, bukkake, shaved pussies, teachers, sex in the office, costume play, nurse, Milfs, flashers and more. You simply click one for the page to change and there you are in the site. They all work in the same way and have an excellent layout and design.

And that design includes: A home page that brings you up to date news on whats new, a members' poll, and a link to the mobile version (included) so you can take Public Sex Japan and all the other sites with you wherever you go. There are some adverts, but they are pretty discrete and there is a schedule of updates. The viewing pages for videos give you a chance to rate them, add them to a favourites area and make comments. You can also click into your social networking sites from here, read descriptions and see and use the linked category and tag words.

The only dodgy navigation element comes with the galleries of screen caps where one pic at a time opens in the same window so you lose the stream, if you were running it, and you have to keep using your back button to open and close pics. There are though zip files for easy download so if you want the whole gallery it's easy enough to take it.

The top menu is static and stays with you and contains a drop-down list of sites for easy network navigation. I had no technical troubles with this site and liked the functions it contained.



Members Area Screenshots


So, the content here is non-exclusive, it's DVD quality at best and it comes with screen caps only. But there is a decent amount of it and most of it has some kind of public sex element to it. You then have a further 21 sites in the network to go and view and you certainly get your moneys worth when you sign up. Some of the porn is censored, which is a shame, but it is all on-niche, and certainly all Japanese.

Pros & Cons

  • + A good stock of Japanese sites
  • + Interactive
  • + Good design and functions
  • + Mostly public sex
  • + 22 sites included
  • - Screen caps only
  • - Non-exclusive
  • - DVD quality at best