Cuties in Tights
Cuties in Tights 4939 Cuties in Tights Cuties In Tights is the name of this very self explanatory porn site that has a nice big collection of porn that will most likely please the lover of cute girls wearing tights and stockings.
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Cuties in Tights

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Cuties in Tights

Short Review

Cuties In Tights is the name of this very self explanatory porn site that has a nice big collection of porn that will most likely please the lover of cute girls wearing tights and stockings. The video quality is not high definition, but it still isnt half bad, and theres enough material on the site and the free network sites to keep you busy. Check the content to make sure you havent seen it before, and sign up if you like it

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Theres nothing quite like a hot girls lower body wrapped up in super tight pants, thus forming her ass and pussy into perfect aesthetically pleasing shapes. Cuties in Tights gives us a nice selection of girls wearing such outfits and playing and teasing for the camera, and its all very enjoyable.

Cuties in Tights has about 110 movies on its site, each one lasting around 15 minutes. The content is good for the most part, however it seems to come from multiple sources so the quality varies a little bit from video to video. There are a lot of hot ass girls here though, and damn do they look great in tights posing, teasing and getting fucked!

You cant stream any of the videos on the site, but the downloads are pretty fast and you can keep everything forever in a DRM-free format. The videos come in a few different formats, the best (and least common) size being the HD WMV (1280x720 @ 3200kbps). The remainder of the videos are available in a MPEG (640x480 @ 1400kbps) and they look pretty good considering.

If youre into still images youll be happy to know that there are over 450 galleries full of the things! There are a shitload of models to be found in this collection and the photography is pretty damn decent for the most part. Either browse through the images right online or download the full sets in nice big ZIP files.

If the cuties in tights content is not enough for you, dont fret, there is tons of bonus content available as well. You get access to a bunch of additional sites on the same network with the same login and password. There are a few different niches on the network including some mature porn, fat chick porn, more cute girls as well as couple tranny sites.

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Cuties In Tights and the additional sites from the same network have OK site designs that function decently, but they are a tad out dated and disorganized. The very first thing you see is a regular tour page that gives you more info about the sites movies and pics.

When you get into the members area, which is quick and easy from the main page, youll be taken inside of the site. On the top youll find a nav bar which will link you to the various sections of the site including the photography sections, movie sections and bonuses. Youll also see a simple listing of all of the network sites for quick and ez access.

All of the Cuties In Tights movies pages are very easy to use, you simply choose a video based on its preview thumbnail image and click to reach the download page. Here you will find a direct link to the video file as well as a way to rate the video out of 10 and a way to post a comment if youd like to contribute.

All of the image galleries are also very simply designed and easy to use. Pick out a gallery and then you are able to click on a series of thumbnail images to enlarge the photo and flip through the gallery. There is also a link to the image ZIP files that have all of the images in a set.

Theres isnt much else youll need to know about the site design and navigation system. The other sites all work in exactly the same way so youll have no probs with them. The only thing to watch out for is the random sprinkling of advertisements. The sites speeds are up to good standards too, as are the video download speeds



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Cuties In Tights isnt the most impressive or high quality tights fetish site out there, but at the end of the day it has enough going for it to be worth a look. There is enough content on this site alone to last you at least the month, and a whole lot more available for download on the rest of the site network.

Pros & Cons

  • + nice big selection of vids
  • + great site network
  • - site design could use work