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Pantie Land 2765 Pantie Land To those of you with a fetish for panties this site is your calling! Pantie Land boasts one of the most extensive panty orientated collections I've seen thus far.
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Pantie Land

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Pantie Land

Short Review

To those of you with a fetish for panties this site is your calling! Pantie Land boasts one of the most extensive panty orientated collections I've seen thus far. With a seemingly endless supply of high quality videos and pictures all of which are 100% exclusive to this very site panty lovers won't ever have to join another site again. Other than the kinky panty niche of the episodes, the content also covers both the self masturbation and toys category.

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I can't say I'm crazy over women's panties but I certainly don't look away when they're laid out in front of me, also I'm quite the big fan of self masturbation porn and seeing as all of the episodes available on Pantie Land involve the hot ladies pleasuring themselves with naughty toys and their fingers I was more than pleased with what Pantie Land had in store. That being said I wouldn't fully recommend the site for those of you who are in to all out gonzo porn because the episodes are on the tamer side of things, however I'm sure even hardcore fans will find it more than a little arousing watching the gorgeous ladies get themselves off.

Speaking of the lovely ladies there's quite the buffet of different types of pussy on show. Not only does the diversity of the women come through the sizes and ages they come in, but they've also provided a line up which includes different races, from sexy Caucasians of the brunette, blonde, and redhead type, to more exotic ladies from Europe, bubble butt ebony babes, horny Asian ladies, and feisty Latina girls. From what I've seen the ladies look to be new to the porn industry as I didn't come across a single familiar face. Overall though I felt the line up is ridiculously delicious, and there wasn't a single homely face amongst the bunch.

There's no present information as far as update logs go, meaning I have no solid source of information to give readers an idea on how long the site has been up for and how well it's doing for content numbers. Judging by the latest news it looks as though the site is still being updated, though that wasn't logged with a date either. What I can tell you though is the site currently boasts over 40 videos and over 50 picture sets. Seeing as they're all exclusive to the site you'll be hard pressed finding this content anywhere else on the net.

As far as quality goes the site is doing quite a decent job, the highest encoding rate on offer clocks in at (1500kbps @ 1280x720). All episodes are available to download in wmv format, also worth mention is the fact that the videos aren't held back by DRM restrictions so you won't have to delete them off your hard drive after a set amount of time. The episodes run for roughly 10 minutes each and are only available to download in full scenes, this may make the task of downloading videos a little daunting on members with slow connections as the video files can get upwards of 100MBs each. So if you didn't already know, with specs like that the videos can be deemed as HD videos, need I say more?

I was more than a little impressed with the photo content on offer, and it's good to see that the developers have gone through the effort of providing actual photo content rather than just crappy screen captures. The 50 plus picture sets contain approximately 120 images each which can get as large as (1500x1000 pixels) in dimensions. Apart from being nice and large the photos are also very clear, so clear to the point you can make out the individual strands of hair on the model. The colors are also great, and the photography work awesome. These nicely compliment the video content that's for damn sure.

The developers were generous enough to indulge their members with bonus photo sets, these sets are on par with the featured photo sets and for the most part they're also of the same panty porn niche. What I did find quite impressive is that there are quite a few well known pornstars which star in the bonus photo sets. A nice addition no doubt though it would have been nice if they also included some bonus videos, but hey who are we to complain if we've been given free content which is of good quality right?

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The developers have certainly tried to point out the fact that their videos are in HD quality, straight up you'll find some information stating this situated within the top banner of the tour pages. There's also large amounts of information in regards to what the site is all about, and a brief insight on their models. As potential customers make their way down the tour pages they will be bombarded with sample pictures and better yet free trailers which will certainly have them begging for more. In retrospect the tours will certainly have many a potential customer joining the site.

The tour pages may look quite flashy but once you make it in to the members area you'll find that the flashiness dies down a little. Pick and blue are the main colors used in the color scheme which seems to be quite popular amongst porn sites nowadays but to be fair these colors are quite easy on the eyes. Pantie Land has the barest bones of them all and have only included the necessities within the main members area which makes the task of browsing through the episodes a damn easy one. Members are immediately presented with the 2 latest videos along with the two latest photo sets just below. At the bottom of the members area you'll come across banner links to other panty sites.

To view the rest of the video and picture archive you'll have to use the provided links found within the top navigation menu of the site. At the moment the video archive spans over 12 indexed pages containing up to 4 thumbnails per page. The thumbnails I just mentioned represents the individual episodes and features a screen shot taken from the video to give members a fair idea on what they can expect to see in the episode. A single click on this and you'll be taken to the download area which contains a single screen shot along with the download link, click on this and you're good to go.

The picture gallery has a similar layout to the video archive. This particular one spans across 9 indexed pages with up to 6 thumbnails per page. It's pretty straight forward using these as the picture galleries work just like any standard one, clicking on the thumbnails will take you to the main picture. One stand out feature is that members can choose to download entire sets in a zip file, having provided this will give them the option of offline viewing, very convenient indeed.

Well there's not much else to be said about the site, as you can most likely tell it is very simple and has a basic layout. In my books though this is a perfectly good thing as it makes navigating a breeze. They could however give the site a make over as it does look quite dull, but if you aren't too fussed about how the site looks, and are just after a site which is easy to navigate then I'm sure you'll have no qualms with this site what so ever.



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Panty fans owe it to themselves to check this site out, not only does it have a decent amount of content up it's sleeves but the content also looks awesome in all it's HD glory! Still a big question mark on whether or not the site is being updated still as the updates haven't been logged, but at the moment the site does have enough content to keep members entertained for a while. In retrospect the site is very well off, and I highly recommend this one to all you panty fans out there!

Pros & Cons

  • + Very hot models
  • + Decent amount of content
  • + Gorgeous HD quality
  • + Picture content looks awesome
  • + Very simple layout
  • + Exclusive content
  • - Updates haven't been dated