Ripped Pantyhoses
Ripped Pantyhoses 2695 Ripped Pantyhoses Sexy pantyhose and rough sex is all you're going to see here on Ripped Pantyhose and if that sounds down right arousing to you then you'd best read up on this review to see if this is the kind of site
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Ripped Pantyhoses

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Ripped Pantyhoses

Short Review

Sexy pantyhose and rough sex is all you're going to see here on Ripped Pantyhose and if that sounds down right arousing to you then you'd best read up on this review to see if this is the kind of site you've been looking for. Ripped Pantyhose brings you a collection of 15 exclusive episodes boasting both video and picture content. So if you're in to a bit of rough sex and find yourself aroused by a sexy broad in pantyhose this ones definitely a site you'll want to check out.

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Well the pantyhose theme has been used before but this is the first site I've come across which is based on ripped pantyhose, not only that but the kinky sex tends to be a little on the rough side of things. You'll see the beautiful models in their sexy pantyhose looking all seductive, eventually the couple engage in a play fight where the model's pantyhose gets ripped to shreds, afterwards things start to get a little hot and heavy to say the very least. That's the main gist of what goes on in the kinky episodes on offer and if it sounds more than a little arousing to you then you're going to go nuts over what this site has in store.

From what I can gather it looks as though all the models on this site are amateurs as I've never seen them before on any other sites or porn movies for that matter. One thing I felt the site did fall a little short on is diversity of models as they've only included blondes, brunettes, and redheads so far. Not that it's a bad thing because I have to admit that all the models are quite attractive, it's just that a bit of variety certainly couldn't hurt, lets just hope the developers keep this in mind when the continue to bring in the updates.

Unfortunately the site doesn't give away much information as far as update dates go, none of the past updates have been logged with dates so I can't give you an accurate answer as to how active the site is on updates or how long the site has been up and running for. What I can tell you however is that there are 15 episodes available on the site, obviously this isn't going to last members long enough to keep them satisfied so here's hoping the site hasn't completely stopped on updates just yet though the lack of information has got me concerned. On a brighter note all the episodes are exclusive to the site which is always a good thing as you won't be able to find them any where else on the net.

Video quality is quite nice with the highest encoding rate available in (1300kbps @ 640x480) this particular quality comes in Avi format. They've also included lower quality videos which clock in at (300kbps @ 384x288), this quality comes in Mov format, they are significantly lower so if quality is a must for you I recommend you stick with the avi videos. Members can download both versions in full scenes only which can run for anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes each. Also worth mentioning is that the videos aren't held back by DRM restrictions so once you've downloaded them you won't have to delete them after a given amount of time.

In addition to the videos each episode comes with a set of photos with an average amount of 80 images each. I'm guessing that the photos would have been shot around the same time they took the video footage as the action looks the same. Quality wise the photos look fairly good, they're definitely clear though I felt the colors were a little dull at times. They are decently sized available in dimensions of (1024x768 pixels) so they aren't small by any means. All in all I was fairly satisfied with the photo content, it's just the colors could have been a little more vibrant.

It goes without saying that 15 episodes isn't going to last forever, the developers obviously knew their members weren't going to be satisfied with just a handful of videos so they've been generous enough to give their members access to the network Ripped Pantyhoses is a party of. Like this site all the bonus sites revolve around a particular niche and for the most part the niches are quite kinky, take for example rope bondage, and spanking porn. All up there are 2 exclusive bonus sites members acquire access to and each one offers exclusive content.

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Immediately you'll know that the content available on this site is going to be a little rough as you feast your eyes on the tour pages of Ripped Pantyhoses. There are plenty of pictures of the cute models getting man handled as their sexy lingerie gets ripped. A little different I must admit though I'm sure fans of this kinky kind of porn will be more than a little intrigued in what they will be paying for and the tour pages will show them exactly that. I was a little disappointed to find that there aren't any video samples, though I'm sure the kinky pictures will more than likely convince most fans in to joining.

To be brutally honest I felt the site presentation is a little tacky, it's certainly got an amateur feel to the looks of the site, though I have to say it does reflect on the amateur models and darker nature of the content. It's not the flashiest site around though I'm glad to say that it's a breeze navigating through the different sections. After logging in you will be taken to the main members area which hardly consists of anything. This page basically consists of thumbnails and banner links to the two bonus sites, so you can pretty much treat this page as the portal page.

If you want to check out the entire archive of episodes you can either use the link found within the members area marked "click here to view our content" or the links within the top navigation menu marked "videos & photos". Doing so will take you to the archive which is made of 2 indexed pages with up to 10 episodes per page. The episodes are organized from latest to oldest and all are presented via 5 screen shots, one large screen shot and four smaller ones. Besides the 5 screen shots you'll also come across a detailed description on what goes on in the scene, along with information on how long the scene goes for and how many photos there are in the set.

Just below the 4 small thumbnails you'll notice the avi and mov icons, clicking on these will automatically start your download. You'll probably notice that some episodes have two sets of download links marked "video 1 & video 2". Video 2 is basically the same episode only in a different angle, something which I haven't come across before and I suppose it's always nice to get different angles of the hot action going on. If you wish to view the photos within the browser simple click on the clearly marked link. Doing so will take you to the main gallery which is in flash format, I feel members are better off downloading the photo sets in the zip file provided as the pictures don't come out in full size if you were to view them in the browser.



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Ripped Pantyhoses isn't with out it's rough edges though I have to admit it does have a few things going for it which make this pantyhose porn site still worth a join. For instance the quality of the videos is decent, also all the content on offer is exclusive, and most importantly the site offers content which is quite original as this is the first pantyhose site I've come across which is based on ripped ones. More updates are a must.

Pros & Cons

  • + Unique niche
  • + All exclusive
  • + Content quality is decent
  • + very simple layout
  • - No update information
  • - Still a little small
  • - Needs more diversity in models