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Stockings On Pornstars, thanks to the direct and straight forward nature of the site title I'm sure this site needs no explanation on exactly what it's all about, but I will either way because it is my job after all! So obviously the porn on offer features the lovely models (a lot of which are well known) wearing stockings as they get their famous pussies drilled and toyed with. The site provides videos though the scales tip towards the photo content so it's a surely site photo fans will love.
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I've only ever had the chance to review a couple of stocking porn sites in the past, I'm not sure if it's because there aren't many stocking sites out there, or whether I just haven't had the luck of them appearing in my list of reviews. If it's the former then site developers should definitely be making more stocking based sites as they are undeniably hot and they make the ladies look so much more seductive. Most of the stocking sites I've had to review in the past starred amateurs or lesser known pornstars, this site however brings us some of the more well known pornstars and damn do they look sexy in stockings.

Ok so now that we all know what the main concept of the site is all about lets check out what kind of steamy action we can expect to see the lovely stocking wearing ladies get up to. Apart from the fact that the models are wearing stockings the episodes are essentially general hardcore scenes with plenty of cock sucking pussy drilling and even anal fucking, of course the hardcore scenes also end with some sticky climaxes with the ladies getting a face or pussy full of cum. So needless to say there's plenty of hot sex to enjoy amongst all the sexy stocking wearing.

Stockings on Pornstars has been around since early 2008 with the first batch of content being launched in the month of March, so the site has been around for roughly a year now. The videos are quite overshadowed by the picture content as there are only 13 videos as opposed to close to 100 photo galleries. The numbers continue to rise even now with the latest update having been uploaded only a few days before this review was completed. The update patters are a little inconsistent however the developers try to get at least one update uploaded per week which is a pretty damn good effort. I'm not entirely sure how exclusive the content is though I'm sure not all of the stuff on offer is exclusive as I've seen a few of the picture sets around before.

The videos are of DVD resolution and have high kpbs rates making for some awesomely high quality videos to watch. All the videos are in wmv format and are encoded in video bit rates of (3000kbps @ 720x480) which in plain English means they look pretty damn good. What I did find odd though is that members can only download the scenes in short segments with the option of downloading an entire scene out of the picture, this may annoy members on fast connections who want to download entire scenes in one go but keeps thing convenient for members who don't want to spend massive amounts of time downloading an entire scene. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the videos aren't held back by DRM restrictions which means that members can keep them for as long as they wish.

There are 3 collections of photos on offer including solo photos, lesbian photos, and hardcore photos. Having these 3 available for members to enjoy makes sure that no one is left without some decent photo content. Photos on offer are quite high in quality, the clarity is top notch and the colors are nice and vibrant. Also the great photography work really do the models justice as they look so very damn fine in the photos. Another thing worth mentioning is that the photos also come in large dimensions of up to (1400x1000 pixels). They're certainly a welcome addition to the awesome video content on offer and I'm sure even the most hard pleased picture fans will truly enjoy these.

In addition to all the featured content available on Stockings On Pornstars members are also given full access to a bunch of bonus sites which are a part of the very same network Stockings on Pornstars is a part of. All up there are 21 exclusive bonus sites members gain access to, most of these are official sites of some popular pornstars, the main one which really caught my eye was Bree Olson's official site. Members also gain access to 4 non-exclusive sites which are based on specific niches.

Features & Navigation:

Upon entering the tour pages of Stockings on Pornstars your eyes will be treated with 2 lovely looking ladies showing off their tasty twats and of course donning a pair of sexy stockings. As you make your way down the tour pages you'll be further teased with luscious sample pictures taken out from the various episodes. A selected bunch of episodes have free trailers available on the tour pages just to give members a quick glimpse of what the content looks like in action. Overall with the great sample pictures and the ridiculously beautiful women the tour pages will reel in members with much efficiency.

As you make your way to the main members area you are immediately presented with the latest picture updates followed by the latest video updates. The updates are presented in thumbnail form with information in regards to when the content was uploaded, a brief description on what the content involves, and the general rating. Clicking on the thumbnails I mentioned will automatically take you to the main gallery if you're viewing a photo set, or the main videos page if you're viewing the video gallery. The bottom half of the main members area includes all the latest updates across the entire network which are easily accessed by a single click on the thumbnail links provided.

If you wish to view the entire archive rather than just the latest updates you'll have to utilize the main navigation menu found at the very top of the page. Within this menu you'll notice links which will take you to the 3 different photo sections, and the videos section. Down the left side of the page is a menu including a list of the exclusive bonus sites members have full access to. A single left click on these links and you will immediately be taken to the main members area of your chosen site from where you can proceed to access and view as much of the content as you want.

There's not much else to explain on how the site works as it has a fairly basic interface. As far as site presentation goes the site does look quite nice and dons a color scheme which is very easy on the eyes. Also worth mentioning is the fact that every thing is nicely spread out across the pages so you never get that cluttered feel you get on other sites. Overall the site looks great and it's also quite easy to navigate, and thanks to the bonus site quick links it's so damn easy to site hop.


Stockings on Pornstars certainly has a lot of things going for it. The main thing which impressed me however is the high standards of models on offer, seriously every single model you'll find within the members area is so ridiculously attractive. Further more the quality of the content is high and updates come in quite regularly. So in retrospect this panty porn site is certainly worth a join stockings fan or not.

Pros & Cons

+ High model standards
+ Content looks great
+ site is easy to navigate
+ Good site presentation
+ Access to great bonus sites
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