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Domingo View 6457 Domingo View Here's the site of erotic and porn photographer Higinio Domingo, a site that is filled with wonderful images of great looking girls, galleries that you can view online and photos that you can take one
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Domingo View

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Domingo View

Short Review

Here's the site of erotic and porn photographer Higinio Domingo, a site that is filled with wonderful images of great looking girls, galleries that you can view online and photos that you can take one at a time. It is a very simple site, but a very high class and professional looking one with excellent quality images. The price is set at a decent amount for a photo site and the monthly membership reduces after your first month. Updates are promised.

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The tour here is the same as the members' area so when you have logged in you will see no difference. In fact the join now link is still here I the menu, but only after joining will you be able to get to see the great models and the excellent quality images. It's all about photos here, though there is at least one video clip. Actually there were three videos when I was in the site and 47 galleries.

Looking at those videos, quickly, they were available to stream and to download in MP4 and were displayed on very simple pages, like everything else here. You can see all the content currently spread over three pages, and the sample images are large and clear, with a filmstrip image on those which link to movies. There is a small Flash player screen which goes full screen and a visual link to the download, right click as save to get the MP4 file. The quality was great, the files were quite large for sort clips or around eight minutes, and the movies showed very sex girls masturbating. It's all about solo work here with girls posing and/or playing, and each video or gallery opens in a new tab.

Images galleries are the main thrust of the site though and these hold various amounts of images each. They are all shown on the sample pages, as you see on the tour, with the featured girl well represented, so you can see exactly who lies behind each one. Then the gallery will open in a new tab and you get good sized thumbnails to browse. Click the first one and the image appears; from there you can easily click through the set and you can also run a slideshow.

For a site that specialises in images I was surprised to see that I couldn't download all of them. In a few sets I could take the thumbnails, at 166 x 250 and I could view online with no trouble, but there was no way I could find of saving the images, or of seeing them full size. They opened up in the slideshow to not much bigger than the thumbnail. Having said that, they are excellent quality, beautifully taken and there are decent numbers per set, around 100 to 150, often around 130.

But, with most of the galleries, I could click on and individual images and produce an enlargement (at 600 x 899) which could then be downloaded individually. These are high resolution images and though we've seen much bigger sizes, they are fine at this size. They could though stand up to being bigger as they are clearly taken with a top of the range camera and set up. Great lighting, simple poses, good close ups, nothing is missed, and some great models are appearing. For photos you do well visually though the access and navigation side of things could do with some mild alteration.

The only other part of the members' area, really, is the model index and there were 37 girls here all shown with a great portrait. Click a girl and you have her entry in the index which comprises of her name, some basic stats and links to her shoots. There is no other information than this.

There is a blog for Domingo View, as you see on the tour, but this simply reads coming soon. I should mention that the site only started up a few weeks before my visit and so it is going to take a little while to settle in and get running. So far there has been no update news, but there have been updates with image sets being added to the members' area. (Upload info for recent content is on the tour/home page.)

Nav, Design & Features

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Like I said, a new and simple site. It looks fine, as you will see from the free pages, and it works well though I thought there could be some improvements made to the layout, design or function of the pages. When you open a gallery a new tab opens, which is fine, and you have a slideshow to use, easy enough navigation through the set and then you close the tab when done. No problems there. Video viewing is also a simple affair as is downloading. But some galleries open solo images and require back button use while others run the slideshows and don't let you download, so a bit more consistency would be nice.

It would also be good to have some interactive options, as most adult sites have these days. Somewhere to rate the content, say what you think of the girls and get your voice heard would be good; perhaps there will be a comments facility with the blog when that is launched.

And a bit more information would be very nice. Something about the girls and the upload dates, more details to go along with the galleries. Where were they shot, what camera was used, technical info as well as some personal stuff.

But, that aside; the site worked well, it was easy to use, I had no actual technical problem with it and it is still new. It looks fine and the models are the star attraction and easy to get to and see.



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Domingo View showcases the work of a very talented and professional photographer, no doubt about that, and the work here is stunning. The girls are great to look at, they are shot in solo strips and masturbation scenes, with tree videos now added to the collection of galleries. It's easy enough to use though not very interactive, and should give you no technical troubles. It's a very new site and still growing in size, but the price is right.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive photography
  • + Great quality
  • + Excellent content
  • + Easy to use
  • + Good price
  • - Not interactive
  • - Not a lot of info